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Damage is the name for the affliction caused when a Pokémon uses an offensive move against the foe. It cuts down the foe's Hit Points by varying amounts.

Damage modification

Main article: Damage modification

The damage that a move does varies heavily by the stats of the Pokémon as well as by certain items.

Stats can be adjusted using in-battle stat enhancers, such as X Attack and X Defend, or moves, such as Swords Dance or Acid Armor.

The type of an attack can also be a factor. Certain types of attacks are either "super effective" or "not very effective" against a Pokémon of another type. A full table of these effectiveness variables is given in the type chart.

Many held items and Berries can increase or decrease damage inflicted. For example, the NeverMeltIce will boost Ice-type moves by 20% in Generation III onward, but only by 10% in Generation II.

Some moves, such as Grass Knot or Night Shade, depend on other factors. There are also one-hit KO moves like Sheer Cold that will do the maximum amount of damage and knock the opponent out in one hit.


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