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Daisuki Special Features (Japanese: だいすきイチオシ特集) are special mini-sites by Pokémon Daisuki Club investigating topics from the Pokémon world and franchise. They vary in content, offering music videos, artwork, lore information and more, and often accompany promotional campaigns. The Pokémon Company International has localized some content introduced in special features, such as the Slowpoke Song and the Magikarp Song, in their own terms.


Before the Pokémon Daisuki Club redesign from 2014, similar features were often introduced in the official Pokémon website. The following list is partial.

Primo (2009)

Mewtwo (2011)


Check Ash's Pokémon

Slowpoke Paradise

Actually Scary? Pokémon

Enter! The Dragon-type!

Go Meet Pikachu! Outbreak-chu!

Pocket Monsters Special X & Y

Macho! Machamp Gym

Moyamoya Koffing: Pokémon World Travel

Freesia Infiolator in Hachijojima (3 Island)

Mezase! Cry Master! Cry 151

I love Magikarp

Pokémon Daisuki! Alola Tourist Guide

Magikarp Song "I love Magikarp" Dance Version

Pokémon Puppet Theater: Puppemon

Where is it, Magnemite? Here it is, Magnemite!

Pokémon Mystery File: Don't you know? The world of Pokémon

Strange!? Pokémon Form Dex

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