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Hareta's Very First Pokémon Battle
ハレタ、 初のポケモンバトル!!
Hareta's First Pokémon Battle!!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Manga series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
Previous Chapter In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!!
Next Chapter The Mystery Boy, Jun!!

Hareta's Very First Pokémon Battle!! (Japanese: ハレタ、 初のポケモンバトル!! Hareta's First Pokémon Battle!!) is the second chapter of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.


Continuing their journey to find Dialga, Hareta and Mitsumi arrive in Jubilife City. Amazed and excited by all the sights and sounds of the city, Hareta heads off on his own and meets a pair of Interviewers for Jubilife TV who ask him about whether he plans to challenge the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City, a powerful Template:Type2 trainer. Hareta decides on the spot that he is "going to battle against him and win!", impressing the Interviewers with his confidence. They subsequently challenge him to a Pokémon battle, which is subsequently aborted after Hareta's Poké Ball hits the Cameraman directly in the groin.

After this event, Hareta is strictly berated by Mitsumi for going off on his own and is reminded of their mission to find Dialga. However, before she finishes talking, he wanders off again encountering a pair of Galactic Grunts who demand that he relinquish Piplup to them. After smelling them and determining that their smell is the same as when Onix went crazy, he becomes enraged and demands answers. The Galactic Grunts reply by attacking with Wurmple's String Shot, tying both Hareta and Piplup up as they take Piplup and run. The pair leave town planning to contact headquarters, however Hareta's experience living among wild Pokémon has given him the ability to efficiently move like a Caterpie, allowing him to give pursuit. After hiding in the Oreburgh Gate, the Galactic Grunts finally believe to have lost Hareta. But Hareta has somehow hung himself from the ceiling, and swings across to bite one of the Galactic Grunt's butt, prompting the other one to use his Wurmple's Poison Sting on Hareta.

Later at night, Hareta awakens at the Oreburgh Mine, the two Galactic Grunts plotting revenge against him. However, they are unaware that Mitsumi has followed them planning to rescue Hareta, however she is stopped by Roark, who takes matters into his own hands, attacking Team Galactic leaving them to retreat. Piplup and Cranidos strike up an instant rivalry while Hareta is incredibly impressed by Roark's skill. After finding out that Roark is the Gym Leader, Hareta demands a battle. After receiving an Oran Berry from Roark, the battle begins. Initially, Cranidos's speed leaves Piplup unable to land any hits, although it doesn't take long for Hareta and Piplup to start using Pound to deflect the energy of Cranidos's attacks. Realizing this strategy, Roark ups his game going for a decisive blow, however in the end Piplup manages to turn the energy against Cranidos with Bide. The initial result appears to be a Double KO, however Piplup manages to get up after eating part of the Oran Berry it ate earlier, winning the match. Piplup offers the other half to Cranidos as Hareta receives the Coal Badge from Roark. Hareta attempts to eat the Badge, before determining that it doesn't taste good. It is then explained that Badges are earned by defeating Gym Leaders and that gaining many badges is a sign of great strength, motivating Hareta to get them all. Roark is impressed as he leaves, commenting on how he can't believe he lost twice in one day, leaving Mitsumi to wonder who else would have beaten Roark as Jun watches them from a distance.

Major events

  • Hareta and Mitsumi arrive in Jubilife City.
  • Hareta gets attacked by Galactic Grunts and he and Piplup are kidnapped and taken to Oreburgh City.
  • Hareta and Piplup are saved by Roark.
  • Hareta challenges Roark to a battle and defeats his Cranidos with Piplup, earning a Coal Badge.
  • Jun is seen to be watching from a distance.


Pokémon debuts




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