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DP173 : Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP175 : Opposites Interact!
Last Call — First Round!
DP174   EP640
The Grand Festival Begins! The Art of Flame and Ice!!
First broadcast
Japan April 29, 2010
United States September 18, 2010
English themes
Opening We Will Carry On!
Japanese themes
Opening サイコー・エブリディ!
Ending ドッチ~ニョ?
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard まついひとゆき Hitoyuki Matsui
Assistant director 大庭秀昭 Hideaki Ōba
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

Last Call — First Round! (Japanese: グランドフェスティバル開幕!炎と氷のアート!! The Grand Festival Begins! The Art of Flame and Ice!!) is the 174th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 640th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on April 29, 2010 and in the United States on September 18, 2010.

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Dawn, Ash and Brock reach Lake Valor, where the Grand Festival takes place. Everyone does their best in the Appeal Round, but who's going to the Battle Rounds?

In Dawn's portion of the Appeal Round she uses Cyndaquil and Buneary. First, using a Seal that sets off a large blue ribbon that ties itself into a bow and blasts into a shimmering light she sends out Buneary and makes her spin while letting off an Ice Beam. This spinning and Ice Beam combination creates a large, roller-coaster type ice path. Cyndaquil then rolls and uses Flame Wheel and rolls down the path, making a place for Buneary to slide, who follows just behind Cyndaquil. Buneary then charges an Ice Beam and Cyndaquil uses SmokeScreen in order to cloak Buneary. The glow is seen through the SmokeScreen. When the smoke clears it reveals Buneary to be inside a frozen ice ball. Cyndaquil hops atop Dawn and then uses his back flames to illuminate the room, giving off a brilliant glow.

Jessilina (Jessie) uses Seviper and Yanmega in the Appeal Round. She has Seviper use Haze to create a circular spiral of smoke around it. She then jumps and flips onto its head without disturbing the Haze. Yanmega uses SonicBoom and aims it directly at Jessilina, causing a brilliant glow. This attack sheds her original contest outfit, revealing a brand new one beneath it.

In Ursula's portion of the contest she starts out with two Eevee. She uses a musical seal and it causes musical notes to shoot upward out of the Poké Balls, revealing the Eevee. Dawn never saw Eevee before, so she checks her Pokédex. She starts with having the two use Iron Tail repeatedly with each other. She tells them both to use Hidden Power. Then she tosses a Water Stone and a Fire Stone at each, causing them to evolve into Vaporeon and Flareon. During evolution each has a cluster of silver bubbles around it and then as the stones are caught one Eevee is caught in a whirl of flames and the small silver bubbles become red bubbles and it evolves into Flareon, whereas the other is covered in a wave of water and its silver bubbles come blue bubbles as it evolves into Vaporeon. The two then fly together and they swirl in the air then fire the bubbles and they land softly on the ground as the bubbles land softly and pop into shimmering light. Again, Dawn checks the Pokédex.

In Zoey's performance she has a fish tank of water. She then has Lumineon uses Aqua Ring and then her Gastrodon blast out of the tank. Gastrodon uses Water Pulse and it fires at Lumineon and the Aqua Ring bursts into a brilliant light. The lights form into three rings that float over the water's surface, which Lumineon jumps through, as well as Gastrodon. The rings then float closer to the surface and flatten out and shoot up whirlwinds of water. Zoey jumps onto the center and her two Pokémon next to her.

In Kenny's performance he chooses to use Floatzel and Empoleon. Floatzel starts by using Aqua Jet into the air and then Empoleon blasts multiple shots of Hydro Cannon at the Aqua Jet and it turns into a large waterfall. Floatzel uses Razor Wind at the water around him and then fires beautiful discs around the stadium. Empoleon then uses Metal Claw and shatters the discs, creating a large colorful mist. To finish, Floatzel uses Whirlpool and Empoleon uses Flash Cannon and Floatzel turns the Whirlpool and the Flash Cannon blasts into the center creating a wonderful color beam. But, the Flash Cannon is too powerful for Floatzel, so he blasts back. Kenny is eliminated from the competition.

In the final main performance Nando uses Kricketot and Altaria. The two start by floating through the air and spinning together and Altaria goes upward using Perish Song and Kricketot remains on the ground and uses Sing. The two combine and make the music notes glow. The judges compliment Nando and Ash checks Kricketot on his Pokédex. It says that when Kricketot falls over, its antennae makes a xylophone-like sound. Ash comments that it's just like Nando to use sound during a performance.

Marian announces the show of Coordinators that made it through to the second round. It is revealed that Dawn, Ursula, Zoey, and Jessilina (Jessie) have all made it through, but Kenny is not there.

The group, along with Zoey, are saying goodbye to Kenny. Dawn is concerned about Kenny leaving, but he says he has to get ready for the next Grand Festival. He says he'll be rooting for Dawn. They say goodbye to him and he walks off.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts







Dub edits

  • During the appeals of everyone before Dawn, different pieces of music were used instead of the wild Pokémon theme from the Advanced Generation series and an instrumental from a Pokémon movie.

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DP173 : Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP175 : Opposites Interact!
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