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These donuts are great! This article is about an episode of the Pokémon anime that has not been dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
DP171 : Dawn of a Royal Day!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP173 : Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
With the Easiest of Grace!
DP172   EP638
Togekiss! The Magnificent Battle!!
First broadcast
Japan April 15, 2010
United States September 4, 2010
English themes
Opening We Will Carry On!
Japanese themes
Opening サイコー・エブリディ!
Ending ドッチ~ニョ?
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 十川誠志 Masashi Sogo
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
No additional credits are available at this time.

With the Easiest of Grace! (Japanese: トゲキッス!華麗なるバトル!! Togekiss! The Magnificent Battle!!) is the 172nd episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 638th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on April 15, 2010 and will air in the United States on September 4, 2010.

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It's a bright, sunny day in Sinnoh, as Ash, Dawn and Brock leave a large forest to find themselves in a huge area of unspoiled, grassy land. Dawn is awed by the sight, while Ash remarks that this area would be a good spot to do some serious training. Dawn remarks on how convenient this is, as she has been thinking about practicing with her newly-acquired Togekiss. Brock agrees, noting that the area is perfect for a Template:Type2 like Togekiss to be able to be able to fly about unrestricted. Ash challenges Dawn to battle, to which she agrees With the gang nearing Lake Valor and the Grand Festival soon to start, Dawn is eager to start getting to know her new friend.

Soon, Ash and Dawn have taken their positions for the battle. Dawn summons Togekiss from her Poké Ball, upon which she lands and bows to everyone present. Piplup walks up and starts to introduce himself. Luckily it goes a lot better for Piplup with Togekiss than it did back when he introduced himself to Cyndaquil, as Togekiss is very friendly and pats Piplup on the head, quickly winning over the Penguin Pokémon leading Dawn to note how kind Togekiss' nature is. Ash sends out Gible, with a view to using the battle as a chance to finally master Draco Meteor. Piplup takes his place alongside Pikachu and Brock, who can't wait to see how the battle turns out.

Nearby, Jessie, James and Meowth are watching the twerps practice. Jessie notes how elegant Togekiss is and wants to steal her, however James and Meowth advise against it. Meowth explains that Jessie is now able to enter the Grand Festival because she was given the Arrowroot ribbon despite losing the finals of the contest against Togekiss. As it was Togekiss' trainer that handed the ribbon over, in a way Jessie owes Togekiss a debt of gratitude. However, Jessie believes that gives her more reason to try and take Togekiss, as since she was given the ribbon thanks to Togekiss that means they are now destined to be together. James and Meowth finally agree, and Jessie happily declares that since she was the one to think of the goal, they can be the ones to think of a plan. Unfortunately, since the field is so immense, it's going to require a lot of planning since there's nowhere to hide. Meowth mentions (to himself) that Jessie rarely does any thinking anymore.

Meanwhile, the battle is on! Ash has Gible start things off with Rock Smash, and Dawn has Togekiss use Sky Attack. Togekiss flies up into the air and starts to glow, however instead of coming straight back down to strike she instead does a somersault. This throws Dawn for a loop and causes her to hesitate with her commands. Brock asks her what is wrong, and she tells him honestly that she doesn't know as Togekiss finally descends and hits Gible. While Togekiss emerges from the impact unscathed and unshaken, Gible is sent flying but he quickly gets himself ready for the next exchange. However Togekiss flies into the air and starts to spin around gracefully causing Jessie to further fawn over her. Ash orders Gible to use Dragon Pulse, and Brock tells Dawn to watch out as Dragon Pulse carries a lot of power. Dawn however isn't used to this kind of battling, having never owned a flying-type Pokémon before and shakily tells Togekiss to dodge. Luckily Togekiss is able to avoid Dragon Pulse much to Dawn's relief, and Dawn knows this is down to how well Princess Salvia raised it but then reminds herself that she shouldn't be thinking this way in the middle of a battle.

Gible is starting to lose focus, and Dawn knows she has the perfect chance to attack and tells Togekiss to use Aura Sphere. Instead of immediately firing, Togekiss starts to twirl around again allowing Gible to recover. Ash tells the Land Shark Pokémon to use Dig while Togekiss finally forms Aura Sphere but rather that using it against Gible she instead starts to show off her moves with it. Finally Aura Sphere is fired, however while Gible is still slowly responding to Ash's commands he is able to dig underground at the very last second. Gible quickly emerges, having fully regained his focus and Brock notes that Togekiss allowed Gible to escape Aura Sphere due to her desire to show off her flying abilities. James and Meowth are impressed that Gible was able to escape the powerful attack, while Jessie is angry with them and tells them they should be thinking of a plan. Suddenly James and Meowth think of the perfect plan to steal Togekiss...

Dawn decides to try Air Slash, however this is followed by yet more airborne dancing. Togekiss is, however, able to fire in time and scores a direct hit against Gible. He is sent flying back to Ash very weak, and Ash knows that he needs to defeat Togekiss now because Gible won't last much longer. As a result, Ash orders Gible to try Draco Meteor. Gible forms the sphere of Template:Type2 energy and sends it into the sky but once again it only produces a single meteorite which falls to the ground missing Togekiss. However it seems that Togekiss wasn't the meteorite's target as it starts heading, as always, directly for Piplup! The Penguin Pokémon panics and starts to run for it, however the stray attack is starting to catch up. However Togekiss isn't willing to let her teammate and new friend be hurt and flies over and sends the meteorite away by hitting it with her wing much to everyone's surprise. The meteorite then flies back to Gible and strikes, letting the Land Shark Pokémon know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a rogue Draco Meteor for once. Gible is left dazed, tired and confused while Togekiss comes over... and starts to tell him off. Meowth translates for Jessie and James, explaining that Togekiss is telling Gible that Piplup is supposed to be his friend and not to let it happen again. Amazingly enough, Gible actually seems to be feeling regret for his carelessness and James notes that even when angry Togekiss is graceful. This, of course, fuels Jessie's desire to get her hands on her.

Pikachu moves over to Togekiss to try and stop her giving Gible a hard time, while Piplup is naturally more than happy for Gible to get a long-overdue scolding. Everyone agrees that the battle should be ended here, and Ash tells Gible that they should practice Draco Meteor another day before recalling him to his Poké Ball for some rest. Brock tells Dawn that although Togekiss is gentle she clearly has a strong core, making her like a big sister to the other Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu compliment Togekiss on her powerful battling and Togekiss responds by bowing, which she also does when Dawn thanks Togekiss for protecting Piplup. Regardless, Dawn is left very worried about Togekiss' behavior during the battle...

Later Pikachu, Piplup and Togekiss are eating while their trainers also have lunch. Dawn is still worried about Togekiss, and Ash asks her what is wrong. Dawn explains that, while she's glad Togekiss protected Piplup for the rogue Draco Meteor, she doesn't really know the Jubilee Pokémon that well. Ash tells Dawn that Togekiss certainly showed her strengths during the battle, and Dawn agrees but she's still worried but doesn't know how to word her concerns. Brock tells Dawn that he understands what's she saying; before using Sky Attack and Aura Sphere Togekiss waited and performed tricks like she was attempting to appeal to an audience. Dawn believes that Togekiss is very elegant while flying and should do well while performing, however Brock agrees that battling will be difficult if there's a delay between Dawn commanding a move and Togekiss using it. But Brock puts forward another point, that Dawn has just recently acquired Togekiss and once she learns to communicate with her more then she should be just fine. Dawn hopes he's correct but is still very worried, and Ash reassures her; there's still time before the Grand Festival. Dawn just needs to practice more and work and she'll get ideas. Brock agrees, and Dawn feels much better as a result.

Team Rocket, meanwhile, have decided that the simple approach would be best to steal Togekiss and are preparing to dig underground to approach the twerps unnoticed.

Soon Team Rocket have dug an immense tunnel in their attempt to pull a sneak attack and steal Togekiss. Using a Diglett-Scope, they spot Ash, Brock and Dawn watching Togekiss as she flies around the vast expanse with Piplup on her back. However sending the spying device up through the tunnel has an unintended and unpleasant side-effect when it causes the roof to collapse on the three of them. Meanwhile Pikachu is watching Piplup and Togekiss with envy, something that the two notice and Togekiss immediately lands to pick Pikachu up. Pikachu is delighted and immediately joins Piplup. Soon Togekiss is flying again with Pikachu and Piplup having the time of their lives. Ash and Brock note how well Togekiss seems to look after others, while Dawn decides to ask Togekiss to land. Togekiss touches down and Pikachu and Piplup jump off only for Piplup to trip and fall. Togekiss picks Piplup up and cleans him off, much to Piplup's gratitude. Dawn asks Togekiss if she's ready to practice battling, and Togekiss happily flies into the air and begins swirling about. Suddenly Brock comes to a realization, that as Togekiss was raised by a princess she has naturally picked up stylish and gracefulness. The seemingly needless movements are just Togekiss showing off this grace. Dawn knows this is what's causing her difficulties battling with Togekiss and worries she won't be able to win battles like this. The Jubilee Pokémon lands and bows, and Dawn tells Togekiss that in battling speed and rhythm are important. Togekiss seems to understand and bows for Dawn, and Ash reminds Dawn that she still needs to practice. Dawn is now more than ready to battle again, a sentiment shared by Togekiss.

Underground, Team Rocket finally stop digging again and ask Meowth to check if it's safe to surface. Meowth attempts to use the Diglett-Scope again, however this time it doesn't even reach the top as instead a ton of water falls on the trio. They are washed back down the tunnel, sent back out of the entrance and are sent flying before crash landing right in front of Ash and the others (so much for their quiet entrance). All three get up dazed, and the smoke clears exposing them to the gang. Soon they regain their composure and, with their shovels and the element of surprise gone, decide to forget about the sneak attack and just go in direct and perform the motto before Jessie declares her intention to steal Togekiss. Naturally Dawn and the others aren't about to let her do that. Jessie didn't expect them to and sends out Seviper who is ready to battle, while James sends out Carnivine who is ready to munch on his head. Jessie orders a Poison Tail while James orders a Vine Whip. The two attacks head for Togekiss, however Dawn has Togekiss escape by flying into the air. Jessie isn't about to let Togekiss escape that easily and sends Yanmega after her. The Ogre Darner Pokémon quickly catches up to Togekiss and Ash tells Dawn to go and help Togekiss while they take care of the others. Brock sends out Sudowoodo and has it use Double-Edge on Carnivine while Ash has Pikachu try Thunderbolt against Seviper only for it to dodge.

Togekiss and Yanmega face off against each other, as do their trainers. Dawn tells Togekiss to use Sky Attack, and Togekiss powers up but instead of immediately striking Yanmega she yet again starts to fly around showing off. Dawn has now had enough, and screams to Togekiss that she doesn't have to twirl. Togekiss hears this and starts flying straight, however Jessie makes use of the distraction and has Yanmega use SonicBoom which strikes Togekiss sending her into a free-fall. Jessie tells Yanmega to follow up with Silver Wind, and Yanmega fires the attack at her now vulnerable opponent. Dawn tells Togekiss to dodge, and Togekiss quickly recovers and starts quickly dodging the powerful attack. Dawn then tells Togekiss to sneak above Yanmega, and after strafing the ground Togekiss quickly rises up and manages to her to a higher altitude. Dawn orders Togekiss to use Aura Sphere, and Togekiss starts to spin while rapidly firing the powerful move. Jessie tells Yanmega to use Steel Wing, and Yanmega starting to spin around quickly causing Steel Wing to easily deflect Aura Sphere. Soon Togekiss and Yanmega are flying towards each other at high speed making it look like the two are about to suffer a head-on collision however both dodge at the very last second. Unfortunately Togekiss isn't used to flying at such high speeds resulting in her getting into trouble and beginning to fall. Dawn tells Togekiss to regain control, however it looks really bad to Togekiss as she is descending straight on to a sharp rock. Dawn is very worried and begs Togekiss to regain her balance and luckily she does and is able to land on the rock gracefully. This gives Dawn an idea on how to battle with Togekiss...

Jessie is determined to finish the battle now, and has Yanmega use SonicBoom. Dawn tells Togekiss to counter... by dancing. Togekiss is able to twirl out of the way of SonicBoom, confusing Jessie who tells Yanmega to try again. Yanmega starts to fire quickly, and Dawn tells Togekiss to avoid them with beauty. Togekiss manages to easily and gracefully dodge the SonicBoom much to everyone's surprise. Jessie is captivated by Togekiss' talent and beauty, but knows she has to concentrate on taking her rather than watching her and orders a repeated volley of SonicBoom's from Yanmega. Dawn tells Togekiss to keep dodging with style, which she is obviously able to do without much effort. Jessie is now sick of this and tells Yanmega to finish Togekiss with Silver Wind. Dawn tells Togekiss to strike back by riding the Silver Wind, and Togekiss is able to ride the current and makes a direct line for Yanmega, to both Yanmega and Jessie's horror. Dawn tells Togekiss to now finish it with Air Slash, and Togekiss dances (as Jessie screams to Yanmega to escape) and fires. Although Yanmega is able to dodge the first couple, the third one scores a critical-hit sending Yanmega to the ground knocking her out. Jessie isn't very happy about this defeat and returns Yanmega to her Poké Ball.

Seviper and Carnivine haven't had any better luck, as James and Meowth carry the two defeated Pokémon to her while pursued by Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Piplup. Meowth has a back-up plan and Seviper uses Haze to distract Ash and Brock as the mecha-hands grab Pikachu and Piplup. The balloon starts to rise with Team Rocket aboard, as Jessie compliments Meowth on his ingenuity in having the balloon on stand-by (although James points out they could have used it at the start). Even though they didn't get Togekiss, Team Rocket are more than happy to get Pikachu and Piplup are start to escape. Luckily Togekiss is in a position to help, and uses Sky Attack to free the two Pokémon and then catches them on her back. Team Rocket decide to cut their losses and just leave but Pikachu, Piplup and Togekiss use Thunderbolt, BubbleBeam and Aura Sphere to destroy the balloon. Now Team Rocket are forced to leave without their balloon too, and they are now forced to do some twirling of their own as they're sent blasting off again. Togekiss delivers Pikachu and Piplup to their trainers, who congratulate their Pokémon on a job well done.

As the sun sets that evening, Brock notes that he saw that Togekiss was able to catch Yanmega off guard by dancing while attacking making the attacks unpredictable and asks Dawn how she came up with the strategy. Dawn explains to Brock and Ash that she finally realised that instead of trying to get Togekiss to change her battle style she should instead use Togekiss' talents to her advantage. She now knows that Togekiss has her own unique way of battling and she should have taken that into consideration earlier but now the lesson is learnt and Dawn knows she'll be fine battling with Togekiss now. Ash compliments the appeals that were used during the battle, and Brock suggests the gang set off and continue the journey to Valor Lakefront. With her bond with Togekiss now strengthened, Dawn feels more ready than ever for the Grand Festival and the challenges ahead.

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  • Near to the end, when Team Rocket get blasted, Meowth's left foot has swapped colors.

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DP171 : Dawn of a Royal Day!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP173 : Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
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