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DP098 : If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP100 : Aiding the Enemy!
A Trainer and Child Reunion!
DP099   EP565
Four Heavenly Kings Ryou! Forest of Meeting and Separation!
First broadcast
Japan October 23, 2008
United States March 28, 2009
English themes
Opening We Will Be Heroes
Japanese themes
Opening ハイタッチ!
Ending あしたはきっと
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 日高政光 Masamitsu Hidaka
山本珠代 Tamayo Yamamoto
Assistant director 細谷秋夫 Akio Hosoya
Animation director たけだゆうさく Yūsaku Takeda
Additional credits

A Trainer and Child Reunion! (Japanese: 四天王リョウ!出会いと別れの森! Four Heavenly Kings Ryou! Forest of Meeting and Separation!) is the 99th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 565th episode of the Pokémon anime. It aired in Japan on October 23, 2008 and in the United States on March 28, 2009.

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Template:Incomplete synopsis During their journey, Ash and his friends stop by a town and where they see a large crowd. They hear that Aaron from the Elite Four is having a public practice session. The group, which decides to watch the practice, is unexpectedly invited to Aaron's training center where various Template:Type2 Pokémon live comfortably. In the center, Dawn finds a picture of a young Aaron together with a Wurmple. Aaron tells the group that the Wurmple was his first capture and his best friend.

Major events


Pokémon debuts





File:Aaron's Signature.jpg
Aaron's signature
  • Details of this episode were made known in K-Zone, a children's magazine, before any official Japanese episode listing. However, the magazine stated that Aaron would appear before Celestic Town, suggesting that it was moved to fit in the one-hour specials at Celestic.
  • Aaron's signature was shown in this episode. It was his Japanese name in romaji, Ryou. This was not changed in the dubbed version.
  • This marks the second time that Ash's Butterfree is seen in a flashback in the Diamond & Pearl series. The first was in The Thief That Keeps on Thieving! as a Caterpie.
  • The dub title is a reference to the 1972 Paul Simon song "A Mother and Child Reunion".
  • Professor Oak's lecture: Charmander


Dub edits

In other languages

  • Dutch: De Hereniging!
  • German: Wiedersehen mit Freunden und Trainern!
  • Korean: 사천왕 충호! 만남과 이별의 숲!
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Os Experientes e os Amadores!
  • Latin American Spanish: ¡Reencuentro de Pokémon Y Entrenador!
  • Czech: Setkání s přítelem z minulosti
  • Italian: Il Pokémon ritrovato!
  • Polish: Spotkanie po latach!
  • French: Une amitié retrouvée !
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DP098 : If the Scarf Fits, Wear It!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP100 : Aiding the Enemy!
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