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DP027 : Settling a Not-So-Old Score!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP029 : The Champ Twins!
Drifloon On the Wind!
DP028   EP494
Fuwante and the Messenger of the North Wind!
First broadcast
Japan April 12, 2007
United States September 15, 2007
English themes
Opening Diamond and Pearl
Japanese themes
Opening Together
Ending 君のそばで 〜ヒカリのテーマ〜 PopUp.Version
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 日高政光 Masamitsu Hidaka
Assistant director 宮原秀二 Shūji Miyahara
Animation director たけだゆうさく Yūsaku Takeda
Additional credits

Drifloon On the Wind! (Japanese: フワンテと北風の使い! Fuwante and the Messenger of the North Wind!) is the 28th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series and the 494th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on April 12, 2007 as part of a one-hour special with The Champ Twins!, and in the United States on September 15, 2007.

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On the way to Eterna City, our heroes visit a Pokémon Center where they meet young Paige and her big sister Marnie, the daughters of the local Nurse Joy! Ash and his pals get their first good look at Drifloon—Marnie has three, which she uses to help her deliver lunch to her father while Paige takes the gang to meet Pokémon in the surrounding forest. Paige also reveals she and Marnie have a secret friend, none other than the legendary Suicune!

Marnie's father and his Ampharos are working at the Valley Windworks Power Plant. Team Rocket tries to steal Ampharos, only to be shocked by Ampharos's Thunder. But the resulting explosion damages the Windworks, and when the lights go out at the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy sets out for the Windworks to see what's wrong. Paige wants to take her Drifloon and follow; Pikachu tries to stop her, but a gust sweeps all three of them away!

Ash and his friends race to the Windworks to try and intercept them, except a looming storm blows Paige and Pikachu way off course. Ash finds them with the help of Marnie's Drifloon, but they're stuck up among the rocks and there's no way the others can reach them on foot any time soon. Marnie is determined to save her sister no matter what, so she asks Suicune to appear and help her. Suicune responds and quickly takes her to Ash and Paige, then brings everyone back to safety. With Nurse Joy's family reunited and the Windworks Power Plant fixed, our heroes can call it a day!


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Ash and his friends finally arrive at Valley Windworks. Upon their arrival, they meet Nurse Joy, as well as two younger Joys and their group of Drifloon. After getting to know the family, Nurse Joy realizes her husband has forgotten her lunch. Paige uses the Drifloon to Fly to the generator where her father works in order to bring his lunch to him. When she arrives, her father is seen fixing something with the assistance of his Ampharos.

Meanwhile, Marnie takes Ash to a spring to meet her other Pokémon friend. Curious, Ash asks what Pokémon it is. She informs him that it is a Suicune. Ash is surprised, as it is a legendary Pokémon. Marnie insists that it is true.

Soon afterwards, a storm begins. As Paige tries to prevent the Drifloon from blowing away, she is surprised to see she herself being blown away by the strong winds. Ash grabs Marnie's Drifloon and flies off in search of her. Meanwhile, using Karsten's car, the rest of the gang goes out looking for Paige and Ash. Unfortunately, a boulder is blocking the road and they can no longer continue. Marnie then rushes home to get help from her friend, Suicune.

Meanwhile, Ash has found Paige. The two of them decide to try to get home after the storm ends. As Ash and Paige cross a log (used as a bridge) they fall. Marnie appears with Suicune and saves the two. In the end, the family is reunited. Dawn and Brock want to know about Suicune, but it has already left. As they leave, Ash and Marnie exchange a knowing glance while Suicune watches them from the peak of a cliff.

Exhausted and disappointed due to their previous loss, the Team Rocket trio spots a Suicune near the cliff and makes a vain attempt to catch it. But in the blink of an eye, the legendary Pokémon blasts them off with its Aurora Beam.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts





  • Professor Oak's lecture: Poffin
  • Pokémon senryū: かきまぜろ こがさずこぼさず ポフィンづくり kakimazero, kogasazu kobosazu, pofin zukuri "Stir it, without burning or spilling: Poffin-making."
  • In EP077's Professor Oak's lecture, Professor Oak expressed interest in knowing what children of a Nurse Joy would look like.
  • It was revealed that "Joy" is the nurse's family rather than given name. Marnie's full name is Marnie Francis Lynnette Joy, which is Sayaka François Joy in Japan, and Paige's full name is Paige Francis Lynnelle Joy, which is Mai François Joy in Japan). The same may also apply to Officer Jenny, as a young Officer Jenny by the name of Marble would later appear in Luxray Vision!.
  • Pokettari Monsutari and music from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Destiny Deoxys are used as background music.
  • The episode contains many references to the plot and characters of My Neighbor Totoro, with Marnie and Paige being analogues of the movie's protagonists, Satsuki and Mei.
  • Nurse Joys are revealed to keep their surname in marriage.
  • The name of Paige and Marnie's father is never mentioned in the dubbed version of the episode. The only references to Karsten's name occur in the closed captioning.
  • This is one of the few episodes of the Diamond & Pearl series where Dawn's Piplup does not appear.

Dub edits

  • In the Japanese version, the opening scene shows Ash, Brock and Dawn deciding to head to the nearby Pokémon Center. For unknown reasons, when the episode premiered in America this was replaced by a scene from later in the episode of Paige and the Drifloon getting carried away by the wind. The original opening scene was moved till after the theme song. This is the second cold opening produced by Pokémon USA, after Leave It to Brocko!.
  • There was no background music in the original opening in the dub version.

In other languages

DP027 : Settling a Not-So-Old Score!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP029 : The Champ Twins!
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