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DP021 : Ya See We Want An Evolution!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP023 : Faced with Steelix Determination!
Borrowing on Bad Faith!
DP022   EP488
Pachirisu VS Eipam! Contest Battle!!
First broadcast
Japan March 8, 2007
United States July 11, 2007
English themes
Opening Diamond and Pearl
Japanese themes
Opening Together
Ending 君のそばで 〜ヒカリのテーマ〜
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Assistant director 宮原秀二 Shūji Miyahara
Animation director 武田ゆうさく Yūsaku Takeda
Additional credits

Borrowing on Bad Faith! (Japanese: パチリスVSエイパム!コンテストバトル!! Pachirisu VS Eipam! Contest Battle!!) is the 22nd episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 488th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was part of an hour-long special which first aired in Japan on March 8, 2007 and in the United States on July 11, 2007.

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As Ash trains for his next gym battle, Pikachu practices a Volt Tackle. Noticing Ash’s attention towards Pikachu, Aipom takes Ash's hat and jumps up to a tree branch, irritating Ash. Meanwhile, Dawn finds out about an informal Pokémon Contest and wants to join with Pachirisu in order to get experience. Dawn and Brock see Ash chasing after Aipom and follow. Meanwhile, Jessie finds out about the contest, as well as the prize of a year’s supply of fresh fruit. She asks for James's Carnivine, but he refuses. She then decides to find another Pokémon to use.

They hear Aipom crying and rush to find Aipom, spotting the Pokémon atop a precipice, trying to balance on a flat rock. They don’t realize that it is Ash's Aipom and when Jessie sees Aipom cry she decides to save Aipom. She uses a log to form a bridge to the isolated rock. She walks across the log, seemingly calm and balanced. She gets close and grabs Aipom, but ends up jumping onto the rock Aipom was trying to get off. Ash’s hat comes lose and flies with the wind back to Ash. Ash retrieves it but hears Aipom cry, prompting them to rush to the location. Jessie holds Aipom, trying to balance on the rock. Ash and his friends arrive and notice the situation as Jessie and Aipom lose their balance, sliding down the cliff similar to snowboarding. The two fly in the air and land on the grass, Aipom landing safely but Jessie crashing face-first. Aipom hugs up to Jessie as Ash and his friends approach. Team Rocket finds out Aipom is Ash’s and Ash reluctantly thanks Jessie for saving Aipom. Jessie decides to use the situation to her advantage, wanting to use Aipom in the contest. Ash believes Aipom doesn't want to, but Aipom actually does, which Meowth seconds. Ash decides to let it happen, though reluctantly.

In the village, several stands are set up as Brock notices all of them, despite the contest not being official. Dawn signs up successfully as they notice Ash spying on Jessie training with Aipom. Aipom shows off Focus Punch and Double Team to catch the food falling out of the tree and forming a pile in front of Jessie. Brock believes that Aipom won't show all of its abilities to Jessie, but Aipom shows off Swift as well. Ash gets nervous at that she will win the contest, which also affects Dawn.

The contest starts, as the local Nurse Joy and the village chief will judge, revealing the prize of a year's worth of fruit. Dawn takes the stage first with Pachirisu. Dawn calls for Sweet Kiss, but Pachirisu suffers from stage fright since it is Pachirisu’s first. Dawn reassures her Pokémon and calls for the move again, this time Pachirisu performing, catching the crowd's attention. She calls for Spark, creating flower shapes with the attack. She finishes with Discharge, but it unfortunately attacks everyone in the audience. Afterward, Ash and Brock congratulate Dawn for her performance even though she is less confident. Other Coordinators perform, most of them with lackluster results. Jessie performs last in the Appeals round with Aipom. Aipom uses Swift and follows with Focus Punch to smash the Swift into dust, gaining a powerful appeal. Ash watches with awe as Aipom uses Double Team to dance and uses a combined Swift to create a cyclone. Aipom hugs Jessie and Ash is shocked, believing that Aipom might leave Ash. He has an image of Aipom leaving him, which result in him acting it out in reality.

After the round ends, Dawn and Jessie make it the second round. Brock notices that Ash is angry with Aipom for doing so well. The battle starts with Aipom against Pachirisu. Pachirisu uses Spark, but Aipom uses Double Team to dodge, following with a special combination of forming a circle with the Double Team clones and flying around like a Frisbee, which causes Dawn to lose points. Jessie gets cocky at doing so well, but Dawn mentions that Ash trained Aipom well, which is the only reason she is winning. Pachirisu tries to use Discharge, but Aipom's Swift attack counters it, creating a fireworks appeal and dropping Dawn’s points more. Aipom attacks with Focus Punch, knocking out Pachirisu and netting Jessie the win.

James shows up in the Meowth balloon and Jessie climbs in as they recite their motto. They grab the fruit with a net and leave, thinking they stole it, but they actually won it. Aipom watches the balloon leave and jumps off Ash’s shoulder and goes after the balloon. Jessie notices and thinks that Aipom wants to go with her. As Aipom jumps onto the net, Ash believes that his nightmare came true and he looks down, wanting to cry. However, Pikachu points up as they notice that Aipom only wanted the fruit, eating several of the bananas and tossing the peels. Ash and his friends run after the balloon, but Ash trips on a banana peel. Meowth tries to grab Aipom with a mecha arm, but Ash calls for Focus Punch to break it. Aipom jumps off and Ash tries to catch Aipom, but slips on a banana. Still, he catches Aipom and both are happy. Team Rocket launches another mecha arm, but Aipom's Swift destroys the balloon and sends Team Rocket flying.

Ash scolds Aipom for being wild, but Brock gets Ash to let it go since Aipom wants to be with Ash, the Pokémon jumping on his shoulder. Dawn also notices that Aipom wants to perform more in Contests. Ash believes that Aipom would rather do gyms and Aipom takes his hat again and runs around, Ash pursuing.

Major events





* No official credit was given for this character.


  • This episode originally aired as part of a one-hour special celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Pokémon anime.
    • Consequently, the opening theme was skipped in the initial broadcasts.
    • Mayumi Iizuka narrates the ポケモン検定 Pokémon test segment, which involve 藤岡弘、 Hiroshi Fujioka, アンガールズ Ungirls and 中川翔子 Shōko Nakagawa.
      • Contrary to popular belief, the ambiguous statement in regards to a hint at Misty's return did not deal with the Pokémon Test segment, as she already confirmed that she was doing that in the Blog.
    • Mayumi Iizuka also introduces a new trailer for Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai.
  • Music from Destiny Deoxys and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and an instrumental version of By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~ is used as background music. In the dub, Bellosom's Song is used.
  • Although it was announced that Yuriko Yamaguchi went on maternity leave, she is still credited for Nurse Joy in this episode.
  • Professor Oak's Pokémon lecture: Jessie's Seviper
    • Pokémon senryū: あかいキバ わわるとアブネー ハブネーク Akai kiba, wawaru to abunē, Habunēku "The red fangs, it's dangerous to touch them; Habunake"
  • The credits are of Ya See We Want an Evolution and this episode.
  • Normally, the ending credits display appear and disappear at different locations. Instead, the credits were all shown scrolling from the bottom to the top.
  • Ash narrates the next episode preview.
  • This is one of the few episodes of the Diamond & Pearl series where Dawn's Piplup does not appear.


Dub edits

In other languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Emprestando aos Maus!
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 帕奇利茲對抗長尾怪手!華麗對戰賽!!
  • Czech: Problematická výpůjčka
  • Dutch: Eens geleend blijft geleend!
  • Finnish: Velassa varkaalle
  • French: Des fruits pour l'année !
  • German: Voll eifersüchtig!
  • Italian: Un Pokémon in prestito & Banane a volontà
  • Polish: Dobry zwyczaj, nie pożyczaj
  • Spanish
    • Iberian Spanish: Pidiendo un préstamo con mala fe
    • Latin American Spanish: ¡Prestando a la mala!

DP021 : Ya See We Want An Evolution!
Diamond & Pearl series
DP023 : Faced with Steelix Determination!
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