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Two Degrees of Separation!
Find Pikachu! Route 202!
First broadcast
Japan September 28, 2006
United States April 20, 2007
English themes
Opening Diamond and Pearl
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending 君のそばで 〜ヒカリのテーマ〜
Animation Team Iguchi
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Assistant director 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Animation director 新城真 Makoto Shinjō

Two Degrees of Separation! (Japanese: ピカチュウをさがせ!202番道路! Find Pikachu! Route 202!) is the second episode of Diamond & Pearl. It is scheduled to air in Japan on September 28, 2006.

Dawn, who just recieved her Piplup, lays her sights on Jubilife City. A weakened Pikachu appears in front of her.

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Dawn and her new Piplup are relaxing in a field after their tiresome morning. A wild Buneary pops out of the grass. Dawn scans it with her Pokédex and is eager to capture it. Piplup attacks it with a BubbleBeam, but Buneary strikes back with a Tackle. Piplup is knocked out and Buneary bounces off Dawn's head and hops away.

Traveling through the forest on her bike with Piplup in the basket, Dawn consoles it - they'll have better luck next time. Dawn then spots a Burmy hanging from a tree above and decides next time is now! Piplup attacks with another BubbleBeam but the Burmy drops from the tree, scaring it senseless. Dawn comforts Piplup and grabs a Poké Ball. She is about to throw it but realizes Burmy has gone. Dawn reassures Piplup that they will just have to try again later.

But Dawn and Piplup are stunned when a tired and injured Pikachu (Ash's), stumbles out of a hedge and collapses. Dawn scans it and sends Piplup into battle. Unfortunately Piplup attacks her. She tosses a Poké Ball at Pikachu, but is stunned when Pikachu isn't pulled into the ball. Before she can question why, a Cacnea,Seviper and Dustox lunge out of the bush, followed by a Meowth. Dawn is stunned to hear it talk - her Pokédex doesn't say it can. Jessie and James, with Wobbuffet and Mime Jr., also appear, thrilled to have finally caught Pikachu. Pikachu however, launches a Thunderbolt, barbecuing Team Rocket and Dawn's bike. Seviper, Cacnea, and Dustox advance on Pikachu. Dawn, warning Team Rocket to leave it alone, asks who they are. Team Rocket say their motto, and realise that they are in Sinnoh, James' old home. Pikachu cowers behind Dawn and she tells Piplup to attack. Seviper wraps itself around Piplup, squeezing it tight. Piplup attacks it with BubbleBeam, releasing its grip. Team Rocket won't give up and their Pokémon attack. Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt and Team Rocket are sent blasting off. It then collapses into Dawn's arms.

Dawn takes Pikachu to the Pokémon Center, where Nurse Joy tells her it will be fine. She makes a video-phone call home to her mom, who watches in dismay as Dawn and Piplup argue and fight about who saved Pikachu. She then calls Professor Rowan to tell him her story.

Meanwhile in the forest, Ash has had Aipom in the trees looking for Pikachu, but there's no luck. Dejectedly, they both sit down when Officer Jenny rides past on her motorbike. She offers to give them a lift to Twinleaf Town, which Ash accepts.

At the lab, Ash tells the Professor that he has lost his Pikachu and the Professor realizes it must be the same one Dawn found. He and Ash call the Pokémon Center, where Ash is happy to learn his Pikachu is okay. He and Aipom set off right away.

Walking through the forest, Team Rocket ponder whether to contact the boss. Noticing a grand mansion of James' family's, they dash inside to look around. They stumble upon James' old playroom, where a single small chest sits. James' eyes light up as he realises what is inside (Jessie of course hopes for riches), but it is his old bottlecaps, and a Poké Ball. James explains that it holds an old friend. The ball opens, revealing a Carnivine that chomps down on his head in affection.

Dawn is back on the road with Piplup and Pikachu, and Ash is still making his way to the Pokémon Center. A large truck pulls up alongside him and stops. The passenger seat opens and someone jumps out. It's Brock! The girl driving the truck asks Brock if this is the guy he was looking for and Brock whispers to Ash that he might have a chance with her. A phone call from her 'male friend' drops Brock's fantasies down a peg or two. She drives off and Ash explains the situation about Pikachu.

Aipom swings through the trees, accidentally smashing into a Starly. Ash scans it with his 'Dex. Ash is eager to capture it and pulls out a Poké Ball, but before he can throw it, Starly whips up a Whirlwind. It then slams into Aipom with a Quick Attack, but Aipom fights back, knocking it back with Focus Punch. Ash throws the Poké Ball and Starly is captured! Ash looks at the ball, realising that it's no fun without Pikachu. He lets Starly out, telling it to find Pikachu. Starly flies off into the distance as Ash and Brock follow it. Will Ash see Pikachu again?

Elsewhere, a dark looking trainer with an Elekid searches for a new opponent...

Major events

  • Ash reaches Sinnoh, only to have his Pikachu taken away and lost by Team Rocket.
  • Dawn's attempt to catch Ash's Pikachu ends up with Pikachu destroying Dawn's bike.
  • Dawn meets and fights Team Rocket for the first time.
  • James retrieves his Carnivine that he had as a child.
  • Brock arrives in Sinnoh and meets up with Ash.
  • Ash captures a Starly.






DP002 senryuu.jpg
  • This originally aired as a two hour special on September 28, 2006, together with DP001 and DP003.
  • This episode is the one that shows most Pokédex entries in the entire series: Buneary's, Burmy's, Pikachu's, Meowth's and Starly's.
  • Sakaki's second seiyū, 三宅健太 Kenta Miyake, debuted in this episode. (His previous seiyū, Hirotaka Suzuoki, passed away on August 6, 2006.)
  • Music from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is used as background music.
  • The eyecatch featured Ash wearing his Advanced Generation clothes with Dawn.
  • A clip episode was aired after this episode.
  • Professor Oak's lecture: Sinnoh Pokédex
    • The scenes shown are from this and the previous episode.
  • Pokémon senryū: こまったら ひらいてみよう ポケモンずかん Komattara hiraite miyō, Pokémon zukan. "When troubled, let's open the Pokédex."
  • Meowth makes a reference to the original games.


The synopsis says that they see James' house on this episode when they have already been there at least twice in previous episodes.

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In other languages

  • Italian: Errori da principianti & Mai senza Pikachu


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