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For the minor character of the day from Grin to Win, see Cyrus (Johto).

アカギ Akagi
Art from Diamond/Pearl
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hometown Sunyshore City
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Boss
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Member of Team Galactic
Rank Boss
Anime debut DP096
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Kenta Miyake

Cyrus (Japanese: アカギ Akagi) is Team Galactic's leader.

Cyrus disregards all emotions, thinking of them as products of a weak human heart. His goal is to remake the universe in his own image, with himself as the god. He was born and raised in Sunyshore City, as noted in Diamond and Pearl by an elderly couple residing there. When Cyrus was young, he was a very good student; however, he was antisocial, preferring the company of machines over humans.

In the anime

File:Cyrus anime.jpg
Cyrus in the anime

He made his first appearance in DP096 and DP097, along with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. In this, he poses as an interested businessman while the remaining members of Team Galactic carry out a plan to steal the Lustrous Orb and the Adamant Orb from the Celestic Town museum.

He discovers from Ash and Dawn that they have seen Azelf and Mesprit when the two tell of their encounters with the mysterious Pokémon at Lake Verity and Lake Valor. This apparently intrigues him, indicating that he will have future, possibly not as friendly, encounters with the group.

His Japanese voice actor is 三宅健太 Kenta Miyake.

In the games

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

The player first meets him in Mt. Coronet, but he does not battle, nor give his name. Later on, the two men guarding Lake Valor will mention his name in passing, though Cyrus himself is not identified until he introduces himself after the player defeats a Galactic Grunt and investigates the ruins in Celestic Town.

Upon being defeated at Mt. Coronet, Cyrus claims he will have revenge and disappears. His assets and duties are left to Saturn.

First battle

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Second battle

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Mt. Coronet

According to one theory, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. In a newly created world... A world where only time flowed and space expanded.. There should have been no strife. But what became of that world? Because the human spirit is weak and incomplete, strife has appeared... This world is being ruined by it...I find the state of things to be deplorable...

Celestic Town

There appears to have been an insignificant struggle here. Everyone should step back and view things from a bigger perspective. Yes, a bigger perspective, one that is on a universal scale. My name is Cyrus. I seek the power to create a new world, a world without strife. However that power seems to be unavailable here... We've met before, yes? It was at Mt. Coronet. If you discover any power derived from the legends of Sinnoh, inform me. For that power is what I need to create my new world.

Team Galactic HQ
  • Before battle:

I see. You must be the Trainer I've been hearing about. The foolhardy one that's trying to stand up to Team Galactic. Although I'd hardly expected to see that the Trainer is a mere child. I'd heard that our Commanders had a rough time with you... I know why you're here, I can sense it in you. It's about Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, correct? You want to save them... I no longer have any need for them. I am finished with them. If your heart aches to save them, go right ahead, I could care less. It will save me the trouble of disposing of them.

But I must say... You are a remarkable specimen. Those Pokémon have nothing to do with you, do they not? But still you came to rescue them out of pity? Such pitifully useless emotions... It's illogical and irrational. Pity and compassion are products of the weak and lacking human heart. You were compelled to come here by vacuous sentimentality! I will make you regret paying heed to your heart!

  • After sending out last Pokémon:

My last Pokémon.

  • During battle:

I see... I may lose if this pace continues...

  • When defeated:

Interesting and quite curious.

  • After battle:

I see. You are indeed strong. And the basis of your power is your compassion toward Pokémon. How wasteful... Such emotions are but mere illusions. And, like all illusions, they fade over time until death banishes them forever. That is why I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality. But that doesn't matter. I doubt you will ever understand my position. That said, I recognise that you are strong and courageous to come alone. This is your reward.

The Master Ball is the ultimate Poké Ball. It will unfailingly catch any Pokémon in the wild. But it is not anything that I require. Unlike you Trainers, I do not make Pokémon my friends or partners. Unlike other Team Galactic members, I don't use Pokémon as tools. Instead, I make the power of Pokémon my own. If you wish to save the Pokémon from the lakes, take the warp panel ahead. I am off to Mt. Coronet. That's correct. Mt. Coronet. Where you and I first met. I will ascend the mountain to its peak and put an end to everything... No. I will bring about a new beginning for everything...

Spear Pillar

Now all will end. And everything will begin. With this Red Chain I will pry open the portal to another dimension. I command that you unleash all your power for me... Dialga/Palkia the mythical Pokémon and the master of time/space. This will bring about the destruction of all thing.With everything gone, there will be no fighting and no strife. Can you feel time/space distorting? Only I can choose to stop it. This is the mythical Pokémon that created Sinnoh! Dialga/Palkia the ancient deity of time/space! This world cannot be molded into the ultimate world I seek! It's far easier to create an entirely new world than to change this one! A new world in which I am the ruler of all things! I shall become a deity!

Oh! Dialga/Palkia... This is... Fantastic! Beautiful! It's the creating of a new galaxy! My new world! ... Wh-what?!

  • Before battle:

The Red Chain! It crumbled away to nothing?! But why? Why would Mesprit, the Pokémon of Lake Verity, appear by your side? But never mind that! It's all destroyed! My galaxy is gone! I won't allow this... I will capture those three again and craft another Red Chain! But before I even think about that, I'm going to completely crush you!

  • After sending out last Pokémon:

I admit that you have pushed me to this extreme.

  • During battle:

This... this cannot be! It's not possible that I lose!

  • When defeated:

I won't admit this! The power spoken of in mythology... I didn't just make it obey me, I made it my own!

  • After battle:

What is truly ultimate to you? What do you consider perfection? The most important thing... What shines the brightest... Telling you is meaningless. But I will not give up. I will become a deity one day... And I will make the ultimate mine...'

Pokémon Platinum

First battle

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Second battle

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Third battle

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In the manga

Pokémon Special

Cyrus makes his first appearance when Diamond, Pearl, and Platina are at the reception office to Mt. Coronet.


Cyrus has these Pokémon:


Pokémon DP

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

Cyrus first appears in volume 2, watching Mitsumi's contest. He tells Hareta that he is an old friend of Mitsumi's. His next appearance is in Celestic Town at the ruins, where his name and the objectives of Team Galactic are revealed. Hareta later engages him in a battle, Weavile versus Piplup. During it he realises he is actually enjoying the battle, causing him to freak out and send out his Gyarados who shatters the bridge they were battling on, sending Hareta and Piplup into the water.




The majority of Cyrus's names refer to the Sun; this fits in with the Commanders' planetary naming scheme, and may be a reference to how Cyrus would figuratively hold the Sun's position as center of his new world.

Language Name Origin
Japanese アカギ Akagi (See Trivia.)
English, Italian Cyrus From Persian Kuros, meaning Sun.
French Hélio From Helios, the Greek solar deity.
German Zyrus From Persian Kuros, meaning sun.
Spanish Helio From Helios, the Greek solar deity.
Korean 태홍 Taehong 홍 may mean 紅, "red" (in Japanese aka)


  • His Japanese name, Akagi, is a common surname in Japan, which may indicate that, like Giovanni, his name in Japan is merely his last name, leaving his first unknown. "Akagi" also means "red castle", "red tree", or "red future", the last of which may reference the many deaths that would have taken place if his scheme had come to fruition. It may also refer to the "red chain" which Cyrus needs to summon the legendary Pokémon, Dialga or Palkia, at the Spear Pillar. It could also be in reference to Planet X, also known as the Red Planet, Nibiru, Wormwood, Quetzalcoatl, and many more names. It is an apocalyptic conspiracy, but there are many different theories about what exactly it is.
    • Incidentally, there is a volcano called Akagi in the real-world Kanto region of Japan.
  • An old couple in Sunyshore City mentions that Cyrus was born and raised there. It also happens that Team Galactic has never attacked the city, perhaps because the leader, Cyrus himself, still has childhood memories of it, or maybe because their scheme was stopped before they could reach Sunyshore.
  • Until Pluto's introduction, Cyrus was the only one of the four major characters of Team Galactic that does not share a name with a planet. Pluto, however is a dwarf planet, but Pluto was formerly considered a planet before 2006.
  • Cyrus is the first leader of a villainous team to appear in the opening of a game.
  • Cyrus has, in a way, more of a role in Platinum. He appears at Lake Verity at the start of the game and at other points in the game and is now battled for the first time in Celestic Town.
  • Although there are only three red gems visible on each of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, Cyrus will recreate the Red Chain as many times as the player loses to him.

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