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The Curse of Ninetales is a 1000-year-old legend told by Whiscash in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.


According to this legend, a greedy Trainer once entered a sacred dungeon, known to contain many rare Pokémon. The Trainer encountered a Ninetales and crudely grabbed one of its tails. The Trainer was supposed to receive a curse as a result of this action, but his Gardevoir took the curse, doing its duty as a Gardevoir by protecting its master, startling the Ninetales. The Trainer, horrified, fled the scene in fear of the curse. Ninetales told Gardevoir that the Trainer would one day become a Pokémon. This would bring on many natural disasters.

When the player visited Xatu at the Hill of the Ancients, he told the player this legend.

Gengar, eavesdropping on the player's conversation with Xatu, told the public that the player was the Trainer in the legend, and they were causing the natural disasters. The public was shocked, and chased the player and their companion out of town.

After being fugitives for quite some time, the player and partner found Ninetales to find out the truth. Ninetales revealed to the player (and Team A.C.T.) that they were definitely not the cursed Trainer. Gengar was exposed as a liar, and was then chased out of town himself.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that Gengar was actually the greedy Trainer of the legend.


This is the legend as told by Whiscash.

There once lived a Pokémon by the name of Ninetales.
Now, Ninetales had many tails, all of them imbued with psychic power...
It was said that anyone so foolish as to touch a tail would be cursed for a thousand years.
But there was someone so foolish as to grab a tail. And it was a human.
As one might expect, the human that grabbed the tail was subjected to a thousand-year curse.
However, just as the curse was cast, a Pokémon named Gardevoir shielded the human...
And sacrificed herself to absorb the curse.
Taking pity on Gardevoir, Ninetales asked the human this...
"Do you wish to save Gardevoir?" It asked...
But the human had already abandoned Gardevoir and fled.
Ninetales became disillusioned with the human...
And it made this prediction...
"That human will one day be reborn as a Pokémon..."
"And when the human becomes a Pokémon..."
"The world's balance will be upset..."