Curmudgeon (Trainer class)

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しぶめなおじいさん Bitter Old Man
XD Curmudgeon.png
A Curmudgeon as seen in Pokémon XD
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Introduced in Generation III
Appears in XD
Gender Male
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A Curmudgeon (Japanese: しぶめなおじいさん Bitter Old Man) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in Pokémon XD. They are depicted as old men wearing glasses, a purple sweater and dark blue pants. There are only four Curmudgeons in the games, all in Pokémon XD.

There is no pattern to their Pokémon's types—rather, they use multiple types like most Trainers in Pokémon XD. While they do not specialize in any individual type, three of the four Curmudgeons have at least one Dark-type Pokémon.

Trainer List

Pokémon XD

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  • Curmudgeon's definition is "A bad-tempered or surly person.", Old People are usually portrayed as being cranky and nasty.

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