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==On hand==
==On hand==
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{|border="1" style="border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse: collapse;" width=400px cellspacing="0"
| align=center | [[Image:152.png]] &rarr; [[Image:153.png]] &rarr; [[Image:154.png]]<br>[[Meganium|Chikorita &rarr; Bayleef &rarr; Meganium]] "Mega" ♂
| align=center colspan=3| [[Image:152.png]] &rarr; [[Image:153.png]] &rarr; [[Image:154.png]]<br>[[Meganium|Chikorita &rarr; Bayleef &rarr; Meganium]] "Mega" ♂
| align=center | [[Image:238.png]]<br>[[Smoochum]] "Chumee" ♀
| align=center | [[Image:238.png]]<br>[[Smoochum]] "Chumee" ♀
| align=center | [[Image:107.png]]<br>[[Hitmonchan]] "Hitmonee" ♂
| align=center | [[Image:107.png]]<br>[[Hitmonchan]] "Hitmonee" ♂
| align=center | [[Image:047.png]]<br>[[Parasect]] "Parasee" ♀
| align=center | [[Image:047.png]]<br>[[Parasect]] "Parasee" ♀
| align=center | [[Image:059.png]]<br>[[Arcanine]] "Arckee" ♂
| align=center | [[Image:059.png]]<br>[[Arcanine]] "Arckee" ♂

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クリスタル Crystal
Age 13 (as of The fifth chapter)
Gender Female
Hometown Violet City
Region Johto
Relatives Mother
Trainer class Trainer

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Crystal (Japanese: クリスタル, abbreviated to クリス Crys) is the seventh main character of the manga series Pokémon Special. Due to a bad fall she took as a child, breaking her arms, she learned to kick Poké Balls with her feet. Although by now her arms have been completely healed, Crystal has retained the habit of kicking her Pokéballs instead of throwing them. She's caught all non-legendary Pokémon for Professor Oak; more than any of the other characters in Pokémon Special.

She later adds Hoenn Pokémon to her collection and apparently begins to work full-time as one of Professor Oak's assistants. Crystal's Pokémon collection is used by Emerald when he goes to the Battle Frontier.

Crystal's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon catching, and she is known as the "catcher" (捕える者).


Her "starter" Pokémon was a Chikorita which escaped from Professor Elm's lab, longing to go on a journey. All of Crystal's party Pokémon have a symbol of a star somewhere on them. Some wear star necklaces or stickers, but her Cubone and Parasect had natural markings in the shape of stars.

The suffix "pyon" of the nicknames of her Pokémon was insisted by her mother, who named everyone except Chikorita.

Here is the list of Crystal's personal Pokémon (updated to the end of GSC Saga), although aside from these she's also captured every single one from Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto, except legendary Pokémon.

On hand

Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium "Mega" ♂
Smoochum "Chumee" ♀
Hitmonchan "Hitmonee" ♂
Parasect "Parasee" ♀
Arcanine "Arckee" ♂
Natu "Natee" ♀

In box

Cubone "Bonee"♂


Suicune (helped out Crystal in the final battle)

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese クリスタル Crystal

クリス Crys (for short)

From Pokémon Crystal game.
English (Singapore) Crystal

Chris (for short)

From Pokémon Crystal game.
Korean 크리스탈 Crystal

크리스 Crys (for short)

From Pokémon Crystal game
Chinese (Taiwan) 水晶 Shuǐ Jing 水晶 means crystal.
Chinese (Hong Kong) 克麗絲 Kě Lí Si Phonetical translation of Crys.

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