Crowned Tiger (TCG)

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The Crowned Tiger deck is one of the four Pokémon World Championships 2009 decks, built by Tsubasa Nakamura, the Junior Division Champion of the competition.


The deck is a primarily Pyschic-type, utilizing a limited number of Electric-type and Dark-type Pokémon. It consists of 24 Pokémon, 27 Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums, and nine Energy. The Pokémon are mostly Pokémon SP and features no evolutions. None of the cards purchased from the pack are tournament legal, indicated by a special backing on the card (all cards in the deck from outside the pack itself are still tournament legal.) Crowned Tiger also features the DP Black Star Promo version of Toxicroak G (DP Promo 41).

Basic Strategy

The deck is based on the popular 2009-2010 season's LuxBox Archetype.


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