Croagunk's Swap Shop

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Croagunk's Swap Shop is the name of the shop where rare items can be traded or recieved in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.

It if found in the left side of the Wigglytuff's Guild, across from the area where one must climb into for Sentry Duty. It, as its name suggests, is run by Croagunk. At the beginning of the game, the Swap Shop isn't open. However, shortly after going through Apple Woods to find Perfect Apples, Croagunk calls the player and their partner over and explains how the shop is run. If one were to have two Pokémon-specific items, known as trade items, they could trade it for a rarer trade item of that species. For some species, there is a third rank, where the rarer trade item must be traded with the two other trade items in order for the rarest of the species' trade items to be recieved. However, this only works if the species has more than one trade item. An example is Bulbasaur. The Bulba-Claw and Bulba-Fang must be traded for a Grass-Guard, which then must be traded with the Bulba-Claw and Bulba-Fang for a Leafy Tie, the rarest trade item for Bulbasaur.

In Explorers of Sky

Minor changes have occured now, where a player can trade non-related trade items. However, one must wait for a disired item to appear, and will need to trade more items that would be needed if they were related.

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