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(B2W2 confirms that he was born and raised in Sinnoh. Acting as if he's from overseas is his "gimmick", as he puts it himself.)
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hair=Dark brown|
hair=Dark brown|
hometown=[[Pastoria City]] |
hometown=[[Pastoria City]] |
region=[[Sinnoh]] (Originally born overseas) |
region=[[Sinnoh]] |
relatives=Unknown |
relatives=Unknown |
trainer=yes |
trainer=yes |

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"Maxi" redirects here. For the leader of Team Magma, see Maxie.

Crasher Wake
マキシマム仮面 Maximum Mask
"The Torrential Masked Master!"
Diamond Pearl Crasher Wake.png
Artwork from Diamond and Pearl
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark brown
Hometown Pastoria City
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Gym LeaderDPPt
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation IV, V
Games Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black 2 and White 2
Leader of Pastoria Gym
Badge Fen Badge
Specializes in Water types
Anime debut Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
English voice actor Michael Alston Baley
Japanese voice actor Tetsu Inada

Crasher Wake (Japanese: マキシマム仮面 Maximum Mask), otherwise known simply as Wake (Japanese: マキシ Maxi), is the Gym Leader of Pastoria City's Gym, known officially as the Pastoria Gym. He hands out the Fen Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specializes in Water-type Pokémon.

In the games

Crasher Wake uses Water-type Pokémon in his battles. Trainers receive the Fen Badge, TM55 (Brine) and are able to use Defog outside of battle. Wake has a jovial, enthusiastic, and bombastic personality. Wake's strategy is nothing more than choosing moves that will make his battles more fun, and encourages everyone to not take battles too seriously, and to remember they're supposed to be fun. Crasher Wake uses the prize money he gets from competitive Pokémon battles to help the unfortunate. Crasher Wake has his Pokémon use Defog to keep the weather of Pastoria City clear.

He later appears in the Battle Zone, talking to the player's rival, Barry. The rival also mentions that Wake was born overseas. However, he speaks clearly, without any foreign accent. This may mean he is simply from another region, but this has little evidence.

In Platinum Version, he is first met when players try to enter Veilstone Gym. In Pastoria City, he sings his own theme song, and the rival wants him to be his mentor (much to his dismay). Wake also acts when a Galactic Bomb goes off at the Great Marsh. On Stark Mountain, he mentions that he'll be entering a tournament. Wake can also be battled again, like the other Sinnoh Gym Leaders, at the Battleground. His wrestling matches will occasionally be shown on the TV as part of the Pokémon Variety Hour, which he always wins.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, he appears in the Celadon Department Store to give the player some Sinnoh starter accessories. He can be found again later, on Route 47.

In Black 2 and White 2, he appears on Route 18 staring out into the ocean. Once the player talks to him, he decides to head to Driftveil City and takes his leave.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

Gym match


Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Crasher Wake uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles and all six in Triple Battles.

Sinnoh Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament


Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

  • Before battle
"Welcome! I don't get challenged very often! The glory you are now beholding is the Pastoria Gym Leader! That's right, I'm Crasher Wake! My Pokémon were toughened up by stormy white waters! They'll take everything you can throw at them and then pull you under! Victory will be ours! Come on, let's get it done!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon:
"Hey! That there! That was a good move!"
  • During battle
"This is where it gets exciting!"
  • When defeated
"Hunwah! It's gone and ended! How will I say... I want more! I wanted to battle a lot more!"
  • After being defeated
"It seems the undertow pulled me under... But I had a great time battling with you! You've earned this!"
"The styles of battling and winning are as widely varied as Trainers are. Do you want to know how I battle? I battle so I can say I had fun at the end, whether I win or lose!"
  • The theme song:
"The ring is my roiling sea. ♪
The towering waves shaped me.
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
I’m the tidal wave of power to wash you away!
Put out the fire, Crasher Wake!
Run from electricity, Crasher Wake!
Ah, ah, aaaah!
The ring is my sea. ♪"

Sinnoh Route 227

"Oh, if it isn't <player>! It's been a while! You've grown so tough that you're training out here now... Everyone keeps getting tougher and tougher... And, in doing that, they develop closer bonds with their Pokémon..."

<rival>:"That's my master! Those are words of wisdom!"

"What? Are you still having trouble understanding? I don't for a second ever recall accepting you as an apprentice! I mean, if it's a wrestling moves, I can show you all you like, but...

<rival>:"Awww, master, don't be that way! You've got to get me into that club in the Survival Area!"

"...How'd I get involved in this...? So, anyway, <player>. You're going to Stark Mountain? Even the wild Pokémon there are very, very tough... If your Pokémon aren't well trained, they'll have a miserable time... Then again, that kind of challenge is an exciting prospect... But no matter what, you'd better be fully prepared! I've got to get ready for another tourment. Farewll!"

<rival>:"You know, I think I got a little tougher again. That's why I'm off to the Battle Frontier so I can make challenges! Master! Wait for me!"


  • Before battle
"What's there to do for Trainers here? Seems to me there's nothing to do but battle!"
"Words aren't needed. We understand each other through battle! That's what makes us trainers!" (If No was the first answer)
Yes: "My Pokémon have new water-type moves under their belts! Let's see how you bear up under them!"
No: "Then you get my song instead! Er-hem!
"The ring is my roiling sea. ♪
The towering waves shaped me.
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
I’m the tidal wave of power to wash you away!
Put out the fire, Crasher Wake!
Run from electricity, Crasher Wake!
Ah, ah, aaaah!
The ring is my sea. ♪"
  • During battle
"If we turn it around here, the spectators will be stoked!"
  • When defeated
"That puts a grin on my face! Guhahaha! That was a blast!"
  • After being defeated
"Battles that end with both sides enjoying the experience without caring about the winner or loser... That's what I strive for. One of these days, I hope to battle everyone in the world. Isn't that right, player?!"

Battleground (alternate)

  • Before battle
"All right! How's it going? My Pokémon were toughened up by stormy white waters! They'll take everything you can throw at them and then pull you under! Victory will be ours! Come on, let's get it done!"
"So, what's the story? Are we gonna battle?" (If No was the first answer)
Yes: "That's the spirit! Bring it on!"
No: "Whoops! You're giving me the slip? You're a slick one, player!"
  • During battle
"If we turn it around here, the spectators will be stoked!"
  • When defeated
"That puts a grin on my face! Guhahaha! That was a blast!"
  • After being defeated
"For all the training I do, there are still plenty tougher than me. The stronger I get, the farther away the goal seems to be. The road is harsh and long. There's no end to it. But beside me always are my Pokémon. Every inch of the way!"

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

"A masked guy who looks great in front of a huge torrential waterfall... That's me, Crasher Wake! Who dares to talk to me so freely? Oh! You are that mask-fanatic Trainer I saw at the Celadon Dept. Store! I heard about the great waterfall near Cianwood and decided to come see it. This waterfall is awesome! No human or Pokémon can survive without water, yet the same water can sometimes cause great suffering. You must be a Trainer from this region, right? I hope you'll become a Trainer with the qualities of water--strong, tough to beat, yet refreshing. Good luck, mask-fanatic <player>!"


Spr DP Crasher Wake.png Spr Pt Crasher Wake.png Spr B2W2 Crasher Wake.png Crasher Wake IV OD.png Crasher Wake OD.png VSCrasher Wake.png
Wake's sprite from Diamond and Pearl Wake's sprite from Platinum Wake's sprite from Generation V Wake's overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Wake's overworld sprite from
Generation V
Wake's VS sprite
from Platinum

In the anime

Crasher Wake and his Pokémon in the anime

Crasher Wake debuted in Cream of the Croagunk Crop! and was one of the judges at the Croagunk Festival.

In A Crasher Course in Power! Ash defeated Crasher Wake and earned the Fen Badge.

He also appeared briefly in a flashback in For the Love of Meowth!.


Crasher Wake's Gyarados
The first Pokémon used by Crasher Wake during the Gym battle against Ash was his Gyarados which went up against Pikachu. Gyarados showed its strength by standing up to Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but was defeated when Pikachu combined the speed it picked up by falling alongside a Volt Tackle.

Gyarados also appeared briefly in Mamie's flashback in For The Love Of Meowth.

Gyarados's known moves are Dragon Rage and Bite.

Debut A Crasher Course in Power!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka
Crasher Wake's Quagsire
Crasher Wake used Quagsire as his second Pokémon during his Gym battle against Ash, and it proved itself to be very tricky, able to counteract Turtwig's high speed with its excellent hearing and as Quagsire had attacks perfectly suited to battle Grass-type's Ash was forced to recall it.

Quagsire next went up against Buizel and although Quagsire was able to absorb Buizel's SonicBooms with its bulky body it was knocked out by the sheer force of Ice Aqua Jet.

Quagsire also appeared briefly in Mamie's flashback in For The Love Of Meowth.

Quagsire's known moves are Sludge Bomb and Ice Beam.

Debut A Crasher Course in Power!
Voice actors
English Billy Beach
Crasher Wake's Floatzel
Floatzel is Crasher Wake's main Pokémon. It was introduced right after Ash's Buizel got into a fight with Pikachu. Upon seeing his evolved form, Buizel became hyped up for battle and a chance to prove himself to Ash.

Floatzel seems to know many different defensive techniques to guard himself from attacks such as inflating the flotation sac around his body and blocking with his fin. He also knows a variety of different and powerful moves. Crasher Wake claims that Floatzel is powerful to endure even a Giga Impact by using its flotation sac. At one point he uses his flotation sac to reflect Buizel's Water Pulse back at him, confusing him. Later in the battle he used Ice Fang to freeze part of Pikachu's back. Despite all this, he lost to Buizel after Buizel fired a Water Pulse attack at him which sent him crashing into the ceiling and getting knocked out.

Floatzel also appeared briefly in Mamie's flashback in For The Love Of Meowth.

Floatzel also appeared alongside Wake during the credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Floatzel's known moves are Razor Wind, Bulk Up, Whirlpool, and Ice Fang.

Debut A Crasher Course in Power!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 稲田徹 Tetsu Inada
English Michael Alston Baley
Czech Vojtěch Hájek
Polish Jakub Szydłowski
Brazilian Portuguese Sidney Lilla
Spanish Latin America Raúl Anaya
Spain Roberto Encinas

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Crasher Wake with his Floatzel and Maylene with her Riolu

Crasher Wake is introduced in A Skuffle with Skorupi. Platinum begins to battle him for the Fen Badge in Crafty Carnivine; their battle concludes in Floatzel and Jetsam, during which Platinum's Empoleon is able to defeat his Floatzel, only to lose to Quagsire. Afterwards, the Torterra she borrowed from Diamond defeats the second Pokémon with its Giga Drain when Wake concluded Platinum drowned, only to rise back up from the other side and counterattack. Afterwards, he is impressed by Platinum's adaptability and awards her the Fen Badge.

Later, he reappears in Lake Valor to save Rad Rickshaw and Pearl after the Galactic Bomb's explosion dried the lake, and Saturn defeated the latter. He then had his Quagsire and Floatzel to refill the lake using Rain Dance. Soon, after the boy recovers, Wake coaches him to catch a Floatzel much like his own (after noting that he wouldn't give him his), but when he proves unable, instead tells Pearl to try his luck with the weaker Buizel, which he succeeds in. However, having grown intensely distrustful of humans after the incident, it turned out very disobedient, prone to often attack its owner rather than fight for him.

Like in the games, he pays for the facilities and maintenance of Pastoria City with the prize money he earns.


Crasher Wake's Gyarados
Gyarados was very briefly seen during his presentation, where he was riding on it. It was not used in the Gym match against Platinum (as two of three Pokémon was the rule of the Gym).

None of Gyarados's moves are known.

Debut A Skuffle with Skorupi
Crasher Wake's Floatzel
Floatzel was the first Pokémon sent against Platinum. Since its opponent was Empoleon, a Water-type, he proposed, and Platinum agreed, that the battle take place in the pool. After the initial part was just a struggle, with hits and bites from both parts, they then jumped into the water to demonstrate their speed underwater. Following an extremely fast chase, Empoleon was able to hit Floatzel with her Vacuum Wave, sending it to fly away, knocking it out.

It later appeared with Quagsire in VS. Quagsire, where both used Rain Dance to fill up the dried-up Lake Valor.

Floatzel's only known move is Rain Dance.

Debut A Skuffle with Skorupi
Crasher Wake's Quagsire
Quagsire was the second and last Pokémon chosen by Wake. Upon being released it delivered a powerful Blizzard to Empoleon, to which the Emperor Pokémon responded with the same attack. The cluster of both snowstorms eventually caused Empoleon to hold back and faint. Then she sent Diamond's Tru. After what looked a silent and dull battle, Quagsire showed its skills as a wrestler, taking the Torterra (and lifting it, despite its height and weight) and threw him to the water. However, what it didn't notice (and was ready knock Torterra with a Blizzard) was that Platinum had her Great Marsh overalls attached to Tru's spikes, and therefore was thrown too. Upon noticing it, Wake send his Sailors to rescue her, but just the overalls was underwater. With this, the Water Fish Pokémon didn't shoot the Blizzard and was finished off with a Giga Drain.

Quagsire later appeared with Floatzel in VS. Quagsire, where both used Rain Dance to fill up the dried-up Lake Valor.

Quagsire's known moves are Blizzard and Rain Dance.

Debut A Skuffle with Skorupi
Crasher Wake's Lumineon
As a young Trainer, Crasher Wake was shown owning a Lumineon which was used in a battle against Palmer.

Lumineon's only known move is Aqua Tail.

Debut Different Dimension Battle VIII

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

Crasher Wake in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

He makes a brief cameo in Dialga's Secret Keys, where he is defeated by Hareta. In The Legendary Pokémon, Captured Wake and other Gym Leaders appear at Lake Valor saying they will take care of things there and that he should worry about protecting the legendary Pokémon. He appears in A Battle Of Wills as Byron comes to, he asks Wake what's going on to find that Hareta is battling Saturn. In The Battle Rages On, Wake is amazed by the size of the wave made by Hareta's Piplup. In Gathering of the Legendary Pokémon, he along with the other Gym Leaders and Sinnoh Elite Four head to the Galactic HQ to take on the remaining Team Galactic grunts.


Crasher Wake's Gyarados
Gyarados is the only known Pokémon Crasher Wake has. It was used in Hareta's Gym battle against the Gym leader where it was shown to be defeated by his Piplup. Later, it was one of the Pokémon that took on Team Galactic.

None of Gyarados's moves are known.

Debut The Legendary Pokémon, Captured

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Crasher Wake or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Crasher Wake's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Floatzel Pokémon GL Water Rising Rivals Rare Holo 4/111 Bonds to the End of Time Rare Holo 019/090
Quagsire Pokémon GL Water Rising Rivals Common 76/111 Bonds to the End of Time Common 015/090
Floatzel Pokémon GL LV.X Water Rising Rivals Rare Holo LV.X 104/111 Bonds to the End of Time Rare Holo LV.X 020/090


  • His Japanese Leader title is ウォーター ストリーム マスクマン.
  • Crasher Wake's use of his prize money to help the disadvantaged is a common cliché in tales of fictional luchadores, inspired by the real-life luchador Fray Tormenta.
  • Crasher Wake is a Water-type trainer with a pastime involving fighting, in comparison with Brawly, a Fighting-type trainer with a pastime involving water.
  • Despite the game claiming that he uses Defog for Pastoria City, none of the Pokémon he uses in battle can learn it. Though it is possible he has a Pokémon capable of using it he doesn't use in battle, he would not be the only Gym Leader to do so if this was the case, as Fantina has a Drifblim she only uses in Contests and not battles.
  • With the release of Pokémon Platinum, the order of three Gym battles in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are now shifted: instead of being fourth, Crasher Wake is now fifth in the line-up. Had Ash fought Fantina previous to Maylene, he would have inadvertently gone out of order compared to the DP line-up, but in order for the Platinum line-up. Instead, Ash battled the three shifted Gym Leaders in the order designated by DP, as Platinum was not released until after Ash fought Crasher Wake, but before Fantina.


Language Name Origin
Japanese マキシ Maxi
マキシマム仮面 Maximum Mask
From Maxillaria. Probably referring to his lucha libre mask.
English Crasher Wake Perhaps based on lucha libre names, as his appearance suggests. Sounds similar to crashing wave.
A wake is also the set of triangular waves left by something traveling through water (a boat, etc.).
French Lovis le teigneux From l'eau, the water.
German Wellenbrecher Marinus Marinus means of the sea in Latin. Wellenbrecher is German for breakwater.
Italian Omar il distruttore From mare, sea.
Polish Wake "Stalowa Pięść" Means Wake "Steel Fist"
Spanish Mananti el Destructor From manantial, the source of a river.
Brazilian Portuguese Montanha (anime) Means mountain.
Korean 맥실러 Maxiller
맥시멈가면 Maximum Gamyeon
Same as Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 吉憲 / 吉宪 Jíxiàn
極限假面 / 极限假面 Jíxiàn Jiǎmiàn
Homophone to 極限 jíxiàn (maximum limit).
Direct translation of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Cantonese) 吉憲 Gāthin
極限幪面俠 Gikhaan Mungminhap
Same as Mandarin name.
Translates to Maximum Masked Hero.

Gym Leaders of the Sinnoh region
Oreburgh Gym Coal Badge
Roark OD.png
Eterna Gym Forest Badge
Gardenia OD.png
Veilstone Gym Cobble Badge
Maylene OD.png
Pastoria Gym Fin Badge
Crasher Wake OD.png
Crasher Wake
Hearthome Gym Relic Badge
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Canalave Gym Mine Badge
Byron OD.png
Snowpoint Gym Icicle Badge
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