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A Typhlosion's condition shown on the PokéNav in Generation III
A Typhlosion's condition shown on the summary screen in Generation IV

Contest categories, also called Contest conditions (Japanese: コンディション condition), are five different categories of Contests, used in Pokémon Contests and Super Contests. The five categories are Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Smartness, and Toughness.

Each Pokémon move is categorized under one of these five categories, corresponding generally with the nature of the move, with certain types of moves generally becoming certain Contest categories. In addition, Berry flavors, Pokéblock colors, Poffin flavors, and Pokémon Natures are associated with certain Contest categories.

In Pokémon Contests, Pokémon with a raised Contest condition in the category of Contest entered will score higher in the primary judging. In Pokémon Super Contests, Pokémon with a raised Contest condition in the category of Contest entered will score higher in the dress-up round.

Feebas's evolution is based on its Beauty condition. Beautiful Feebas will evolve into Milotic upon leveling up. In Generation V, the Prism Scale was introduced; trading a Feebas holding a Prism Scale will also cause it to evolve into Milotic. This is due to a lack of means to increase Beauty in these games. However, beautiful Feebas transferred from games where Contest conditions can be raised to games where they cannot will still evolve into Milotic upon leveling up, because Contest conditions are still in the code of these games.

Contest categories
Category Flavor Color Enhancement
Cool Spicy Red Attack
Beauty Dry Blue Special Attack
Cute Sweet Pink Speed
Smart Bitter Green Special Defense
Tough Sour Yellow Defense


In a similar fashion to its effect on battle stats, a Pokémon's Nature has an effect on the ability to raise the stats of a specific category.

Contest categories
Nature Cool/Spicy/Red Tough/Sour/Yellow Beauty/Dry/Blue Smart/Bitter/Green Cute/Sweet/Pink
Hardy - - - - -
Lonely Easy - - - Hard
Adamant Easy Hard - - -
Naughty Easy - - Hard -
Brave Easy - Hard - -
Bold Hard Easy - - -
Docile - - - - -
Impish - Easy Hard - -
Lax - Easy - Hard -
Relaxed - Easy - - Hard
Modest Hard - Easy - -
Mild - Hard Easy - -
Bashful - - - - -
Rash - - Easy Hard -
Quiet - - Easy - Hard
Calm Hard - - Easy -
Gentle - Hard - Easy -
Careful - - Hard Easy -
Quirky - - - - -
Sassy - - - Easy Hard
Timid Hard - - - Easy
Hasty - Hard - - Easy
Jolly - - Hard - Easy
Naive - - - Hard Easy
Serious - - - - -

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