Contact (Japanese: 接触 contact) or direct attack (Japanese: 直接攻撃 direct attack) is a property of moves in the Pokémon games that was introduced in Generation III. Making contact occurs when a Pokémon physically touches the target when using a move in battle. Moves that make contact are affected by and can trigger various items and Abilities, such as Tough Claws and the Sticky Barb.

Whether a move makes contact is independent of its damage category. Most physical moves do make contact and make up the majority of contact moves. Most special moves do not make contact, and no status moves make contact. Prior to Generation VII, all moves that make contact only target a single Pokémon.

Hitting a substitute does not make contact with the Pokémon behind it. While confusion damage is physical, it does not make contact.


Moves involving contact

In Generation III only, AncientPower and Overheat make contact, while Covet, Faint Attack and Fake Out do not.

Move Type Category
Accelerock  Rock  Physical {{{3}}}
Acrobatics  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Aerial Ace  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Anchor Shot  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Aqua Jet  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Arm Thrust  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Assurance  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Astonish  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Avalanche  Ice  Physical {{{3}}}
Bide  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Bind  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Bite  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Blaze Kick  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Body Slam  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Bolt Strike  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Bounce  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Brave Bird  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Brick Break  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Brutal Swing  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Bug Bite  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Bullet Punch  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Catastropika  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Chip Away  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Circle Throw  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Clamp  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Close Combat  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Comet Punch  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Constrict  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Counter  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Covet  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Crabhammer  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Cross Chop  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Cross Poison  Poison  Physical {{{3}}}
Crunch  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Crush Claw  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Crush Grip  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Cut  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Darkest Lariat  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Dig  Ground  Physical {{{3}}}
Dive  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Dizzy Punch  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Double Hit  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Double Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Double Slap  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Double-Edge  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Dragon Ascent  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Dragon Claw  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Dragon Hammer  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Dragon Rush  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Dragon Tail  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Drain Punch  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Draining Kiss  Fairy  Special {{{3}}}
Drill Peck  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Drill Run  Ground  Physical {{{3}}}
Dual Chop  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Dynamic Punch  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Endeavor  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Extreme Speed  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Facade  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Fake Out  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
False Swipe  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Feint Attack  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Fell Stinger  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Fire Fang  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Fire Lash  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Fire Punch  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
First Impression  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Flail  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Flame Charge  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Flame Wheel  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Flare Blitz  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Fly  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Flying Press  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Focus Punch  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Force Palm  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Foul Play  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Frustration  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Fury Attack  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Fury Cutter  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Fury Swipes  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Gear Grind  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Giga Impact  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Grass Knot  Grass  Special {{{3}}}
Guillotine  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Gyro Ball  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Hammer Arm  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Head Charge  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Head Smash  Rock  Physical {{{3}}}
Headbutt  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Heart Stamp  Psychic  Physical {{{3}}}
Heat Crash  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Heavy Slam  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
High Horsepower  Ground  Physical {{{3}}}
High Jump Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Hold Back  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Horn Attack  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Horn Drill  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Horn Leech  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Hyper Fang  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Ice Ball  Ice  Physical {{{3}}}
Ice Fang  Ice  Physical {{{3}}}
Ice Hammer  Ice  Physical {{{3}}}
Ice Punch  Ice  Physical {{{3}}}
Infestation  Bug  Special {{{3}}}
Iron Head  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Iron Tail  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Jump Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Karate Chop  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Knock Off  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Last Resort  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Leaf Blade  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Leech Life  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Lick  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Liquidation  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Low Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Low Sweep  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Lunge  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Mach Punch  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Malicious Moonsault  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Mega Kick  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Mega Punch  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Megahorn  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Metal Claw  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Meteor Mash  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Multi-Attack  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Needle Arm  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Night Slash  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Nuzzle  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Outrage  Dragon  Physical {{{3}}}
Payback  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Peck  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Petal Dance  Grass  Special {{{3}}}
Phantom Force  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Play Rough  Fairy  Physical {{{3}}}
Pluck  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Poison Fang  Poison  Physical {{{3}}}
Poison Jab  Poison  Physical {{{3}}}
Poison Tail  Poison  Physical {{{3}}}
Pound  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Power Trip  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Power Whip  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Power-Up Punch  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Psychic Fangs  Psychic  Physical {{{3}}}
Pulverizing Pancake  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Punishment  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Pursuit  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Quick Attack  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Rage  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Rapid Spin  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Razor Shell  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Retaliate  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Return  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Revenge  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Reversal  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Rock Climb  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Rock Smash  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Rolling Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Rollout  Rock  Physical {{{3}}}
Sacred Sword  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Scratch  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Seismic Toss  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Claw  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Force  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Punch  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Sneak  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Skull Bash  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Sky Drop  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Sky Uppercut  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Slam  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Slash  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Smart Strike  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Smelling Salts  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Solar Blade  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Spark  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Spectral Thief  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Steamroller  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Steel Wing  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Stomp  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Stomping Tantrum  Ground  Physical {{{3}}}
Storm Throw  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Strength  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Struggle  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Submission  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Sucker Punch  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Sunsteel Strike  Steel  Physical {{{3}}}
Super Fang  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Superpower  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Tackle  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Tail Slap  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Take Down  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Thief  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Thrash  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Throat Chop  Dark  Physical {{{3}}}
Thunder Fang  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Thunder Punch  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Triple Kick  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Trop Kick  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Trump Card  Normal  Special {{{3}}}
U-turn  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
V-create  Fire  Physical {{{3}}}
Vice Grip  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Vine Whip  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Vital Throw  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Volt Tackle  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Wake-Up Slap  Fighting  Physical {{{3}}}
Waterfall  Water  Physical {{{3}}}
Wild Charge  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}
Wing Attack  Flying  Physical {{{3}}}
Wood Hammer  Grass  Physical {{{3}}}
Wrap  Normal  Physical {{{3}}}
Wring Out  Normal  Special {{{3}}}
X-Scissor  Bug  Physical {{{3}}}
Zen Headbutt  Psychic  Physical {{{3}}}
Zing Zap  Electric  Physical {{{3}}}

These Shadow moves also make contact.

Move Type Category
Shadow Blitz  Shadow  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Break  Shadow  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow End  Shadow  Physical {{{3}}}
Shadow Rush  Shadow  Physical {{{3}}}

Effects involving contact


Name Effect
Baneful Bunker Poisons an attacker if it attempts a contact move on the user.
Beak Blast Burns an attacker if it uses a contact move on the user before executing the move.
King's Shield Decreases an attacker's Attack two stages if it attempts a contact move on the user.
Spiky Shield Damages an attacker for 1/8 of its max HP if it attempts a contact move on the user.


Name Effect
Aftermath An attacker that knocks out this Pokémon with a contact move takes damage equal to 1/4 of its own max HP.
Cute Charm Has a 30% chance of infatuating an attacker on contact.
Effect Spore Has a 30% chance of afflicting an attacker with poison, paralysis, or sleep on contact.
Flame Body Has a 30% chance of burning an attacker on contact.
Fluffy Halves damage taken from contact moves, but doubles damage taken from Fire-type moves.
Gooey Decreases an attacker's Speed by one stage on contact.
Iron Barbs Damages an attacker for 1/8 of its max HP on contact.
Long Reach Contact moves from the user will not trigger effects caused by contact.
Mummy Replaces an attacker's Ability with Mummy on contact.
Pickpocket Steals an attacker's held item on contact if the defending Pokémon has none.
Poison Point Has a 30% chance of poisoning an attacker on contact.
Poison Touch Has a 30% chance of poisoning a target on contact.
Rough Skin Damages an attacker for 1/8 of its max HP on contact.
Static Has a 30% chance of paralyzing an attacker on contact.
Tangling Hair Decreases an attacker's Speed by one stage on contact.
Tough Claws Boosts the power of contact moves used by this Pokémon by 30%.


Name Effect
Bag Rocky Helmet Sprite.png Rocky Helmet Damages an attacker for 1/6 of its max HP on contact.
Bag Sticky Barb Sprite.png Sticky Barb Damages the holder each turn for 1/8 of their max HP. Transfers to an attacker on contact.
Bag Protective Pads Sprite.png Protective Pads Protects the holder from effects caused by using moves that make contact with the target.


  • In Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, battle animations for contact moves do not show the attacking Pokémon hitting the defending one at all. As in the Stadium series, physical blows usually utilize quick camera cuts between the attacking and defending Pokémon to imply direct contact.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 接觸 Jipjūk
Mandarin 接觸 / 接触 Jiēchù
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Kontakt
France Flag.png French Contact
Germany Flag.png German Berührung
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Érintkezés
Italy Flag.png Italian Contatto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 접촉 Contact
Spain Flag.png Spanish Contacto

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