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アクロマ Achroma
Black 2 White 2 Colress.png
Artwork from Black 2 and White 2
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer,
Team Plasma
Member of Team Plasma
Rank Boss
Game animation debut Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 Animated Trailer
English voice actor Sean Schemmel
Japanese voice actor Junichi Suwabe
Anime debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Hiroki Tōchi

Colress (Japanese: アクロマ Achroma) is a Pokémon researcher and the new boss of Team Plasma, acting under Ghetsis's orders. His goal is to discover the true way to draw out the strength of Pokémon.

In the games

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Colress is first encountered in Castelia Sewers. He is met again at Castelia City, where he tells the player that he disagrees with the old Team Plasma's goals to liberate Pokémon from humans. The player re-encounters Colress on Route 4, where several Crustle block the path. Colress uses his machine to drive the Crustle away and challenges the player to a battle. Colress is once again seen as a participant in the Pokémon World Tournament, matched against the player in the final round of the tournament. He is later encountered on Route 22. Like usual, he talks to the player mostly about Team Plasma.

Later on, during the battle against the new Team Plasma on the Plasma Frigate while at the Giant Chasm, Colress is seen in a chamber, where he reveals that he joined Team Plasma to pursue and research the true strength of Pokémon. After he is defeated in battle, he allows access to Ghetsis's chamber, wanting to see if the player can stop him.

After the player enters the Hall of Fame, Colress continues to dwell in the Plasma Frigate; however, he and the other Team Plasma members have decided to put an end to their ambitions. Colress remains in the chamber when he first meets the player on the Plasma Frigate; there, he can then battle the player and will give the player a Master Ball once defeated. He will then move to the stern of the Frigate, where he will battle the player once per day.


First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Final battle


Castelia Sewers

"You there! That was an excellent demonstration of battling. The way you brought out the power of your Pokémon against an opponent like Team Plasma… Astounding. Simply astounding. Interesting as well. I see…"

Castelia City's Central Plaza

"Oh, it's you again! If it's not an inconvenience, may I have a look at your Pokémon?"
Yes: "I appreciate your cooperation!"
No: "Are you sure? But this is for science."
"Oh! How interesting! Your <Pokémon> seems to display more self-confidence than others of the same species. And you're a Trainer with merely three Badges… Fantastic! I'm not sure how you're doing it, but you're bringing out the power of your Pokémon!"
"Oh, excuse me! I am a scientist. My name is Colress. The theme of my research is: "Bringing out the power of Pokémon." Bringing out the power of Pokémon! Is it possible to bring out their maximum power through the bond they share with their Trainers? Or is there some other, different method? I'd like to test my theory by battling with you. Do you find this acceptable?" (regardless of answer) "Either way, I'll be waiting on Route 4. It's just beyond here!"

Route 4

  • Before battle
"I've been waiting for you! What's the matter? Interested in what's behind me? These are not mere rocks, but the Pokémon known as Crustle. Observe. With this device I created to energize Pokémon, I'll…"
"Those Crustle… Were they just lying here, out of energy, with their boulders on their backs?"
"Team Plasma said we should recognize the potential in Pokémon and liberate them from humans. I disagree. Conversely, it should be humans who bring out the hidden potential in Pokémon!"
"Now that I think of it, I never asked your name. <Player>… I'll remember that name. Well then, I will test you to see if you're a Trainer who can bring out the hidden potential of Pokémon!"
  • When defeated
"Splendid! You are quite the Trainer!"
  • After being defeated
"I see! Just like the Gym Leaders in each area or the Elite Four and Champion in the Pokémon League, you bring out the power in Pokémon by being kind to them! That's the kind of person you are. I'm extremely grateful for your help. This is a token of my gratitude."
"It's so frustrating! If only we could talk to Pokémon in order to bring out their power! But there's no way a person like that could ever exist! Well then, <player>, I hope to see you again sometime."

Pokémon World Tournament

  • Before battle
"As a researcher, it is the truth and the ideal way things should be that I seek. The latent power of Pokémon… What is the best way to bring it out? If possible, I want it to be the trust between Trainers and their Pokémon, just as it has always been. I look forward to you teaching me that this is indeed true!"
  • When defeated
"Well done! I learned much from this battle!"
  • After being defeated
"Just as I expected! Your Pokémon must be happy to be by your side! You bring out the best in their power!"
  • Inside the building
"By having battles with many Trainers, I can bring out Pokémon Abilities! Eventually, as I continue to battle, the truth of my theory will be evident to all!"
  • Outside the building
"Stop. There's no reason for you to stick your necks into something so dangerous!"
"I don't understand. That's not courage, it's recklessness! Does he think anything is possible simply because he has Pokémon with him? No, no… That's not possible. All Trainers and Pokémon are bound to one another by Poké Balls… Then maybe it is this bond that will allow Trainers to overcome the impossible if they trust their partner Pokémon."
  • When spoken to
"Trust... It's too much of an unknown factor. But if believing in your Pokémon gives you the courage to stand up to Team Plasma... And the courage to help your friends... Then follow them south to the dock!"

Route 22

"The one radiating such a tremendous presence before you is none other than Terrakion!"
"It's been a long time. Terrakion is one of the three Pokémon who protected Pokémon from the flames of human conflict! It seems likely that Terrakion has picked up the scent of danger that emanates from Team Plasma. It's probably seeking a Pokémon trainer who has the strength to stand up to them."
"It's very interesting indeed that Terrakion appeared before you! That aside, do you plan to confront Team Plasma?"
Yes: "I see. If that's the case, you must have the power to protect your own Pokémon! Being protected by Pokémon alone doesn't make you a Trainer! It's because Trainers are strong, because they care about their Pokémon, that these Pokémon can also be strong!"
No: "I see! That works as well. You and your Pokémon can proceed down your own path! What you should do is care about your Pokémon to bring out their power to its fullest potential!"
"Here! This is from me!"
"This is a prototype of my device that energizes Pokémon! It doesn't work on battling Pokémon, but you may find it useful for something! Well then, I wish you and your Pokémon a safe journey!"
"Now that I think about it! In the Seaside Cave on Route 21, I saw something that reminded me of when we met on Route 4."

Plasma Frigate

  • Before battle
"Welcome! I was asked by an acquaintance to help with his research. What I desire is to bring out the entirety in Pokémon potential! If I can accomplish that, I don't care what it takes!" (walks a few steps forward) "If it means the strength must be brought out by the interactions between Pokémon and Trainers, then so be it! If it means you have to use a merciless approach, like Team Plasma's, and force out all of the Pokémon's power, then so be it! And yes, if the entire world is destroyed as a result, then so be it..." (steps forward off the stairs) "That aside! The reason I have been traveling all over Unova and battling many Pokémon Trainers is because I was testing the viability of this approach to bringing out the full strength of Pokémon. In that respect, you've done an amazing job. Well now! Tell me if you have the answer I desire or not! If you're ready, come at me!"
  • When spoken to
"It looks like you're ready, then! OK! Let us begin!"
  • First non-KO HP loss
"Come on! More! Bring out your Pokémon's power!"
  • Upon sending out last Pokémon
"I'm more psyched than I've ever been! I can still go on!"
  • After being defeated
"So this is what it means to draw forth the power hidden in your Pokémon!"
"So strong! You're a very strong Trainer indeed! So let me ask you this! Are you thinking of reaching even higher heights by understanding each other as Pokémon and Trainer?"
Yes: "I see... To me, that is an ideal answer. To think! That's what you actually believe! You bring out the power of your Pokémon with respect and love!"
No: "I see... Is that answer my truth? Even if that's your answer, don't give up! The reason you're so strong is that you treat your Pokémon with respect and love!"
(steps backward) "Excuse me for repeating myself, but if it will make Pokémon stronger, I don't care what it takes! If interacting with Pokémon can increase their powers only to a certain point, then their full strength must be brought out using a scientific approach. Even one without a conscience." (turns back to you) "But you have shown me the potential of your approach. To me, whether Team Plasma wins or whether you win will decide how the relationship between people and Pokémon should be! So where will this be settled? Step on the warp panel on the other side of the room where Kyurem is being held. Good luck in your battle!"

Plasma Frigate (Post-game)

  • Before battle (First rematch)
"Could I say that you're curious for coming clear out here?"
"I dissolved Team Plasma. The ones who are left here are deciding what they want to do. I would like to have them decide on their own! There are far more questions in this world that don't have any answers! Well then... Please show me you and your Pokémon's strength once again!"
  • Upon first non-KO HP loss
"Come! Satisfy my urge to battle!"
  • Upon sending out last Pokémon
"Marvelous! I shall believe in my Pokémon!"
  • Last Pokémon at critical health
"If-if i'd believed more, could I have drawn out my Pokémon's power?"
  • When defeated
"The bonds between us... Does the fact that we can't see them make them even more real?"
  • After being defeated
"In Pokémon battles where you can't afford to make a mistake, the true nature of the Trainer's personality becomes clear. I see! If Trainers believe in their Pokémon to the fullest extreme, as you do, their Pokémon partners will also give everything they have! So that must be the answer I've been looking for. Still, I'm glad you won. For one thing, I detested Ghetsis from the start!"
"Take this with you! This Master Ball can catch any kind of Pokémon! Ghetsis was saving it, but you'll probably put it to better use! "
"If you'd like, please have a Pokémon battle with me again! Indeed, I'm having trouble deciding what to do next as well."
  • Before battle (Second rematch and onwards)
"Even the same Pokémon can exhibit different strengths depending on the Trainer! It's so interesting! Very, very interesting! Well now! Give me but a moment of your time!"
No: "And I went to all the trouble to come here, too... You're an unkind person."
Yes: "The invisible force that exists between you and your Pokémon... This time I will determine what it is!"
  • After being defeated
"The things you and your Pokémon have seen and felt... Do they belong to you and you alone? If you would, please have another Pokémon battle with me. By facing you, I feel as if I can see what I should do from now on."


Spr B2W2 Colress.png Colress OD.png VSColress.png
Colress's sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Colress's overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Colress's VS sprite from
Black 2 and White 2

In the anime

Colress in the anime

Colress debuted in Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!. He was conducting his research of controlling wild Pokémon with special radio waves at an abandoned observatory. When Ash, his friends, and Looker showed up, he released his mind-controlled Pokémon on them. He was so impressed by their Pokémon's powers, that he planted one of his controlling devices on Pikachu, forcing him to fight his master. Ash didn't accept this, encouraging Pikachu to fight against the power that controlled him, eventually causing the device to break and free Pikachu, making Colress even more impressed. Team Rocket then showed up, using one of their miniature robots to steal Colress's research data from his computer before quickly reciting their motto and making a quick escape with their balloon. Seeing that the mind-controlled Pokémon were now freed, Colress and the Team Plasma Grunt he had with him retreated and destroyed the place with a self-destruct mechanism to get rid of all possible evidence.

He appeared again in BW117, where it was revealed that his controlling machine had been developed so much with his remaining research data that he didn't need to attach any devices on the Pokémon he wanted to control anymore. Instead, his machine now fired a narrow energy beam, enslaving any Pokémon it hit under of his control. Using this machine, he took control of a Haxorus, which he sent rampaging in a city. When Ash and his friends arrived and sent their Pokémon to stop Haxorus, Colress used his machine to take control of Iris's Dragonite, giving the heroes a lot more trouble to deal with. Suddenly Team Rocket appeared, attempting to steal Colress's machine. A battle between Jessie and James's Woobat and Amoonguss and Angie's Liepard then took place, during which one of Liepard's Shadow Balls accidentally hit the machine, breaking it and freeing Haxorus and Dragonite from his control. Realizing that they were at a lower hand, Colress and the Plasma Grunts retreated.

Colress appeared briefly in BW118 with Angie, discussing Team Plasma's plans with Ghetsis on a videophone call.

Colress appeared again in BW119. Team Rocket invaded his newest laboratory and drew his security - consisting of Angie, Brad and some other Plasma Grunts - into a trap in the woods. Once Colress was alone, Meowth approached him and attempted to convince him to join Team Rocket. Colress refused, but offered to allow Meowth to participate in an experiment to increase his strength. Meowth agreed, having undergone training to resist the mind control device. However, Colress still managed to take control of Meowth, and ordered him to attack Jessie and James. Using Frillish and Amoonguss, they managed to snap him out of it before escaping. Later, Colress was seen with his Grunts reporting to Ghetsis, who revealed information about the Light Stone to them.

In BW120, Colress appeared with the rest of Team Plasma to commence their operation at the White Ruins. While Angie, Brad and many other Grunts ambushed the workers at the site, Colress used his perfected machine to seize control of the workers' Pokémon and turn them on their Trainers. In BW121, he also took control of Pikachu again, forcing N to surrender the Light Stone to Team Plasma in exchange for Ash's safety. He appeared again in BW122, aiding Ghetsis in taking control of the awakened Reshiram. When Ash and Pikachu tried to stop him, he used his machine on Pikachu yet again. However, this time Pikachu was able to fight against its controller, and, together with Reshiram, destroyed Colress's machine once and for all, thus freeing the controlled Pokémon. Later Colress and the other Team Plasma members was arrested by Looker, thus bringing the team down.


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Colress's Galvantula
Galvantula was one of the Pokémon Colress used in his research. It was also forced to fight against Ash's Pikachu and Iris's Axew. It was eventually released from Colress's control when Team Rocket stole his data.

Galvantula's known moves are Thunderbolt and Electro Ball.

Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
Colress's Beartic
Beartic was one of the Pokémon Colress used in his research. It was also forced to fight against Ash's Pikachu and Iris's Axew. It was eventually released from Colress's control when Team Rocket stole his data.

Beartic's only known moves is Ice Beam.

Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
Colress's Scolipede

Colress's Scolipede
Scolipede (×2)
Colress managed to take control of two Scolipede using his mind-control machine.

The first one was one of the Pokémon Colress used in his research. It was also forced to fight against Ash's Pikachu. It was eventually released from Colress's control when Team Rocket stole his data.

In BW117, Colress tested out his mind-control machine on another Scolipede after it went through much development. After the Scolipede fired off an attack, Colress turned his machine off, reverting the Scolipede back to its normal state.

The first Scolipede's only known move is Poison Tail.
The second Scolipede's only known move is SolarBeam.

Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
Colress's Mienshao
Mienshao was one of the Pokémon Colress used in his research. It was also forced to fight against Iris's Axew. It was eventually released from Colress's control when Team Rocket stole his data.

Mienshao's only known move is Hi Jump Kick.

Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
Ash's Pikachu
Main article: Ash's Pikachu

During the battle against the controlled Pokémon, Colress was impressed by Ash's Pikachu's strength, and attached one of his controlling devices on him. Although Pikachu was forced to attack his Trainer, Ash was able to encourage Pikachu to fight against the machine, which finally made the device break up, thus freeing Pikachu from Colress's control.

In BW121, Colress used his improved machine to take control of Pikachu again. This time, Ash's pleas did not get through to Pikachu, and Colress forced him to viciously attack his Trainer. Colress ultimately freed Pikachu from control once N traded the Light Stone for Ash's safety.

In BW122, during the final battle against Team Plasma, Colress took control of Pikachu for the third time. This time, however, Pikachu was able to fight against the force that controlled him, even disobeying its orders and attacking Reshiram, which was also under Colress's control. Even though Colress fired his device on Pikachu again, Pikachu was able to keep fighting, and, together with the also rebelling Reshiram, destroyed the control machine, freeing the controlled Pokémon once and for all.

Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani
Lauder's Haxorus
Colress took control of this Haxorus, belonging to a Trainer called Lauder, by using his mind-controlling machine on it, sending it on a rampage. When the machine was broken, Haxorus was freed from Colress's control.

Haxorus's known moves are Hyper Beam, Shadow Claw, and Hidden Power.

Debut BW117
Iris's Dragonite
Main article: Iris's Dragonite

When Ash and his friends attempted to stop Haxorus, Colress used his machine to take control of Iris's Dragonite. When the machine was broken, Dragonite was freed from Colress's control.

Debut BW117
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
English Kensuke Satō
Team Rocket's Meowth
Main article: Meowth (Team Rocket)

When Team Rocket teamed up with Colress to use his machine to amplify Meowth's power, he double crossed them and had Meowth attack them. Frillish and Amoonguss were used to calm Meowth long enough for Jessie and James to snap him out of Colress's control.

Debut BW119
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Carter Cathcart
Cedric Juniper's assistant's Golurk
Golurk (multiple)
At the White Ruins, Colress seized control of these Golurk from Cedric Juniper's assistants using his machine so they could be used to aid Team Plasma's mission.

Golurk's known moves are Charge Beam, Telekinesis, and Shadow Ball.

Debut BW120
Cedric Juniper's assistant's Timburr and Conkeldurr
Timburr and Conkeldurr (multiple)
At the White Ruins, Colress seized control of these Timburr and Conkeldurr from Cedric Juniper's assistants using his machine so they could be used to aid Team Plasma's mission.

None of Timburr and Conkeldurr's moves are known.

Debut BW121
Anthea's Gothitelle
Colress took control of Gothitelle while Anthea and Concordia contributed to the fight with Ghetsis and Team Plasma.

Gothitelle's known moves are Psychic, Protect, and Psybeam.

Debut BW122
Concordia's Gardevoir
Colress took control of Gardevoir while Anthea and Concordia contributed to the fight with Ghetsis and Team Plasma.

Gardevoir's known moves are Protect, Magical Leaf, and Signal Beam.

Debut BW122
Ghetsis's Reshiram
Once Ghetsis had managed to awake Reshiram, Colress used his machine to take control of it. However, thanks to Ash, N, and Pikachu, Reshiram started to fight against its controller, and, together with Pikachu, destroyed the control machine. Afterwards, Reshiram bid farewell with N and flew away.

Reshiram's known moves are Fusion Flare and Blue Flare.

Debut BW122

In the TCG

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Colress Su Plasma Storm Uncommon 118/135 Plasma Gale Uncommon 064/070
Plasma Storm SuperRare Holo 135/135 Plasma Gale SuperRare Holo 075/070
      Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck   014/017
      Team Plasma Battle Gift Set   012/016
Colress Machine I Plasma Storm Uncommon 119/135 Plasma Gale Uncommon 062/070
      Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck   012/017
      Team Plasma Battle Gift Set   009/016


  • Colress does not have an introduction and VS sprite the first two times he is fought. The third time, he has the Team Plasma template used by N and Ghetsis. In the post-Champion rematches, he uses the basic template used for battles against Gym Leaders, rivals, and Benga.
    • Colress's unique battle background music, 戦闘! アクロマ Battle! Colress, is not used in the first two battles against him; it is first heard when he is fought on the Plasma Frigate and is kept for rematches.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アクロマ Achroma From achromatic.
English Colress From colorless.
French Nikolaï From ni (neither) and couleur (color).
German Achromas Similar to Japanese name.
Italian Acromio Similar to Japanese name.
Spanish Acromo Similar to Japanese name.
Korean 아크로마 Akeuroma From Japanese name.

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