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Colosseum Leader
コロシアムリーダー Colosseum Leader
Taylor image from Pokémon Battle Revolution
Other names
Introduced in Generation IV
Appears in Pokémon Battle Revolution
Gender Both
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A Colosseum Leader (Japanese: コロシアムリーダー Colosseum Leader) is a type of Trainer that debuted in Generation IV. So far, they have only appeared in Pokémon Battle Revolution.

Colosseum Leaders are heads of Colosseums, like Colosseum Masters. They are distinguishable from Colosseum Masters by the fact that all Colosseum Leaders cosplay as Pokémon and have the same battle music between them, as opposed to Colosseum Masters, who each have their own individual battle music and dress more professionally. There are six Trainers known as Colosseum Leaders: Taylor, Marina, Rosie, Voldon, Terrell, and Dusty.

Despite dressing up as a Pokémon, most Colosseum Masters (short of Taylor, who has a Pachirisu outfit) do not use the Pokémon they dress up as the first time they are faced.

  • Rosie, Voldon and Dusty use the pre-evolutions of their outfit starting the first battle (Roselia, Electabuzz and Riolu), and their evolved forms from Rank 7 onwards (Roserade, Electivire and Lucario).
  • Marina uses her outfit Pokémon (Kyogre) when she is battled in Rank 7 onwards.
  • Terrell is therefore the only Colosseum Leader to not use his outfit Pokémon (Groudon).

Trainer list

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Main Street Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Waterfall Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Neon Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Crystal Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Rank 2

Rank 3

Magma Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Rank 3

Rank 4

Sunset Colosseum

Level 30 Open

Stargazer Colosseum

Round 1

Round 2


  • The Colosseum Leaders are created using the six playable character models.
  • Each Colosseum Leader has a shiny costume variant for their respective Pokémon; much like their Shiny Pokémon counterparts, the costumes have a very small chance of appearing.
    • These costumes are only obtainable by the player if the Colosseum Leader is wearing the Shiny variant of their custom during the first time they're encountered. If the player has already encountered or defeated them in the past and unlocked the standard coloration of their costume, even if the Leader appears in their Shiny variant costume, it won't be granted to the player on the Leader's defeat. It is possible to soft reset until the Shiny variant costume appears.

Pokétopia Colosseum Masters and Leaders
Pokétopia Master: Mysterial
Colosseum Masters: JoeSashayKruger
Colosseum Leaders: TaylorMarinaVoldon

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