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The glitch dimension (as it is often referred to by fans) is a glitch in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Several different things can happen upon activating this glitch, one being that the game freezes upon activating the glitch. The other is that the screen turns white with a small purple rectangle in the top right-hand corner and the game restarts with different colors. When activated, it alters the colors of everything from the area the player walks around in to the wild and Trainer battles. Also, it slows the processing speed when trying to view your party Pokémon when not in battle. The "Poké" in PokéGear changes to randomly placed Japanese symbols.

Interestingly, the Lugia and Ho-oh on the title screens change from silhouettes to fully colored Pokémon. Unlike some other glitches, this glitch is merely for altering the visuals of the game, and will not negatively affect or erase the saved file once it is executed.

One glitch similar to this, but on a much smaller scale, is called the Dratini Glitch.

How to Access The Glitch


Method One:

Method Two:

Method Three:

How to Pull Off the Glitch

There are three different ways to access the Glitch Dimension.

Method One 1. Fly to Vermilion City. 2. Talk to the Machop stamping the land. 3. Use the Coin Case.

Method Two 1. Fly to the Goldenrod Department Store 2. Talk to the Machoke there. 3. Use the Coin Case.

Method Three 1. View either Machop or Machoke's Pokédex entry. 2. Use the Coin Case.

Any of these methods will activate the Glitch Dimension.

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