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This article is about the glitches involving the Coin Case in Gold and Silver Versions. They all involve listening to a Pokémon's cry then immediately using the Coin Case. Depending on the Pokémon's cry listened to, one of several effects will be activated; either the game will restart with an altered color scheme and possibly blocks of color placed on the screen ("Glitch Dimension" and "Shadow Puppets"), the game will freeze, or "Coin Case:" and a glitch phrase will be displayed ("which move?he PP of", etc.).

Glitches caused by each Pokémon cry

Pokémon Effect
Bulbasaur ‡Glitch Dimension
Ivysaur *which move?PP of
Venusaur *which move?
Charmander *†which move?he PP of
Charmeleon *†which move?he PP of
Charizard *which move?
Squirtle *†which move?he PP of
Wartortle *†which move?he PP of
Blastoise *which move?
Caterpie ‡Glitch Dimension
Metapod ‡Glitch Dimension
Butterfree *†which move?he PP of
Weedle ‡Glitch Dimension
Kakuna Glitch dimension
Beedrill ‡Glitch Dimension
Pidgey ‡Glitch Dimension
Pidgeotto *which move?
Pidgeot *which move?
Rattata *which move?
Raticate *which move?
Spearow *which move?
Fearow *which move?
Ekans *†which move?he PP of
Arbok ‡Glitch Dimension
Pikachu ‡Glitch Dimension
Raichu ‡Glitch Dimension
Sandshrew which move?he PP of
Sandslash *which move?
Nidoran♀ ‡Glitch Dimension
Nidorina Glitch dimension
Nidoqueen ???
Nidoran♂ *which move?
Nidorino ‡Glitch Dimension
Nidoking *which move?
Clefairy ‡Glitch Dimension
Clefable ???
Vulpix ‡Glitch Dimension
Ninetales ‡Glitch Dimension
Jigglypuff ‡Glitch Dimension
Wigglytuff ‡Glitch Dimension
Zubat ‡Glitch Dimension
Golbat *which move?
Oddish ‡Glitch Dimension
Gloom *which move?he PP of
Vileplume *which move?
Paras Glith Dimension
Parasect ???
Venonat which move?PP of
Venomoth ???
Diglett ‡Glitch Dimension
Dugtrio ‡Glitch Dimension
Meowth ???
Persian ???
Psyduck ‡Glitch Dimension
Golduck ???
Mankey ‡Glitch Dimension
Primeape which move?PP of
Growlithe which move?PP of
Arcanine ???
Poliwag which move?
Poliwhirl ‡Glitch Dimension
Poliwrath ???
Abra ‡Glitch Dimension
Kadabra which move?
Alakazam ???
Machop Glitch dimension
Machoke Glitch dimension
Machamp Glitch dimension
Bellsprout Glitch dimension
Weepinbell ???
Victreebel ???
Tentacool ‡Glitch Dimension
Tentacruel which move?
Geodude ‡Glitch Dimension
Graveler which move?
Golem ???
Ponyta which move?
Rapidash ???
Slowpoke which move?
Slowbro ???
Magnemite ‡Glitch Dimension
Magneton ???
Farfetch'd ???
Doduo ‡Glitch Dimension
Dodrio ???
Seel ‡Glitch Dimension
Dewgong which move?
Grimer which move?
Muk which move?
Shellder ???
Cloyster ???
Gastly which move?
Haunter which move?PP of
Gengar which move?
Onix which move?
Drowzee ‡Glitch Dimension
Hypno ???
Krabby Glitch dimension
Kingler ???
Voltorb ‡Glitch Dimension
Electrode Blackout
Exeggcute ???
Exeggutor ???
Cubone ???
Marowak ???
Hitmonlee ‡Glitch Dimension
Hitmonchan ???
Lickitung ???
Koffing ???
Weezing ???
Rhyhorn ???
Rhydon ???
Chansey ???
Tangela ???
Kangaskhan ???
Horsea ???
Seadra ???
Goldeen ???
Seaking ???
Staryu ???
Starmie ???
Mr. Mime ???
Scyther ???
Jynx ???
Electabuzz ???
Magmar ???
Pinsir ???
Tauros ???
Magikarp ???
Gyarados ???
Lapras ???
Ditto ???
Eevee ???
Vaporeon ???
Jolteon ???
Flareon ???
Porygon ???
Omanyte ???
Omastar ???
Kabuto ???
Kabutops ???
Aerodactyl ???
Snorlax ???
Articuno ???
Zapdos ???
Moltres ???
Dratini ???
Dragonair ???
Dragonite ???
Mewtwo ???
Mew ???
Chikorita ???
Bayleef ???
Meganium ???
Cyndaquil ‡Glitch Dimension
Quilava which move?
Typhlosion which move?
Totodile ‡Glitch Dimension
Croconaw ‡Glitch Dimension
Feraligatr ???
Sentret ???
Furret ???
Hoothoot ???
Noctowl ???
Ledyba ???
Ledian ???
Spinarak ▓0
Ariados ???
Crobat ???
Chinchou ???
Lanturn ???
Pichu ???
Cleffa ???
Igglybuff ???
Togepi ???
Togetic ???
Natu ‡Glitch Dimension
Xatu Glitch Dimension
Mareep ‡Glitch Dimension
Flaaffy ‡Glitch Dimension
Ampharos ???
Bellossom ???
Marill ???
Azumarill ???
Sudowoodo ???
Politoed ???
Hoppip ???
Skiploom ???
Jumpluff ???
Aipom ???
Sunkern ???
Sunflora ???
Yanma ???
Wooper ???
Quagsire ???
Espeon ???
Umbreon ???
Murkrow ???
Slowking ???
Misdreavus ???
Unown ???
Wobbuffet ???
Girafarig ???
Pineco ???
Forretress ???
Dunsparce ???
Gligar ???
Steelix ???
Snubbull ???
Granbull ???
Qwilfish ???
Scizor ???
Shuckle ???
Heracross ???
Sneasel ???
Teddiursa ???
Ursaring ???
Slugma ???
Magcargo ???
Swinub ???
Piloswine ???
Corsola ???
Remoraid ???
Octillery ???
Delibird ???
Mantine ???
Skarmory ???
Houndour ???
Houndoom ???
Kingdra ???
Phanpy ???
Donphan ???
Porygon2 ???
Stantler ???
Smeargle ???
Tyrogue ???
Hitmontop which move?
Smoochum ???
Elekid ???
Magby ???
Miltank ‡Glitch Dimension
Blissey ???
Raikou ???
Entei ???
Suicune ???
Larvitar ???
Pupitar ???
Tyranitar ???
Lugia ???
Ho-Oh which move?
Celebi ???
?????????? ‡Glitch Dimension

An asterisk by an effect means that the text is displayed in a dialogue box one line under "Coins:".

"†" (a dagger)in addition to an asterisk by an effect means that the text goes over the edge of the dialogue box.

"‡" (double daggers) by an effect means that a special version of the "Glitch Dimension" is started, dubbed "Shadow Puppets" or called the "Shadow Puppet Effect".

In "▓0", 0 is replaced by the number of coins you have.

Display Alterations

Glitch Dimension:

When accessed, the game restarts in what appears as an altered color scheme. This is particularly evident in the beginning cutscene/intro movie. The entire (apparently) game can be played as normal. When the player talks to a character, gets on his bike, goes through a door/portal, opens the menu, or does any other action affecting his sprite (though not necessarily changing it), a purple block is generated depending on the position of the player. At other times, seemingly randomly, blocks of color will be generated. For example, after flying to Cinnabar Island and Surfing downwards, the water will be blue, red and green in different places. Battles will be conducted with the colors of the HP bar, names, Pokémon, and Trainers altered, and with blocks of purple. Interestingly, the blocks seem to slide across the screen as the battle begins (at the point where the stat areas and Trainer slide into view). In towns, houses, routes, etc., blocks fo color can be made to disappear by moving so that they move offscreen. The blocks appear to not be just a display problem, because they scroll with the map. This is apparently caused by the game thinking that it is being played on a Classic Game Boy.

By Zachtheglitchbuster
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Shadow Puppets:

The screen is white, except for sprites and the Game Freak Logo in the beginning. The sprites are either black, an extremely darkened version of themselves, or dark blue. Sometimes an already-dark sprite will become white. Sprites with areas of high contrast (near black near white combinations) will appear partially black and partially white. Menus do not appear, but it is possible to navigate through them by memory. When viewing the PokéGear only an arrow pointing upwards is visible in the upper-left corner. During battles, the images of the Pokémon are not visible, but the blacked-out move graphics are. The specific cause of this is unknown, but is probably related to the cause of the Glitch Dimension.

By Gligar13Vids
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Changes in Beginning Cutscene

Object(s) Original Coloration Coloration in Glitch Dimension Coloration in Shadow Theater
Game Freak Logo Yellow White Black
Shellder Blue-white with red tongues Pink with blue tongues Black
Lapras Blue with blue-white shell Pinkish-Red with light pink shell Black
Magikarp Red Blue Black
Pikachu Yellow, red cheek pouches Yellow, red cheek pouches (no visible change) Black
Jigglypuff Purple Purple (no visible change) Black
Totodile Light blue Pink Black
Chikorita Green Light orange Black
Cyndaquil Orange and black with red flames (unaffected) Black with white detail
Charizard Red Blue Invisible/White
"Gold Version" Gold Silver Invisible/White
Ho-oh Silhouette Black Red with pink wing tips Black
Sparkles from silhouette Yellow Purple Black
"Pokémon" logo Yellow with blue border Dark yellow with blue border and green shadow Invisible/White

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