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A Coin Case (Japanese: コインケース Coin Case) is a key item used in each of the Game Corners scattered around the Pokémon world. A Coin Case appeared in every main series Pokémon game until Generation V and has not appeared since.


A Coin Case with 150 coins in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The purpose of the Coin Case is to hold Coins, which are the currency of the Game Corners. If a player does not have a Coin Case, then he or she is not allowed to participate in the gambling-type games like slot machines and roulette, as Coins must be inserted into the game machines before play can begin.

The Coin Case can hold up to 9,999 coins in Generations I, II, and III, and up to 50,000 coins in Generation IV. If the limit is reached, no further winnings can be put in the Coin Case—they will simply be discarded—and no further coins can be purchased.

There are three ways to determine how many Coins are in a Coin Case. The first is to play a game at the Game Corner; by default, the total amount of Coins held will appear on the screen. Secondly, a player may inquire to buy Coins at the Game Corner counter: as with money, the amount will be shown in the corner of the screen. Finally, the player may use the Bag menu to examine the Coin Case. This will show the contents of the Case.

As a key item, the Coin Case cannot be sold.

Flavor text

Games Description
Required for playing slot machines. Up to 9,999 coins may be carried.
Holds up to 9,999 game coins.
RSE A case that holds up to 9,999 Coins.
FRLG A case for holding Coins obtained at the Game Corner. It holds up to 9,999 Coins.
A case for holding Coins obtained at the Game Corner. It holds up to 50,000 Coins.

A case for holding coins obtained at the Game Corner. It holds up to 50,000 coins.



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In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Boite Jetons
Germany Flag.png German Münzkorb
Italy Flag.png Italian Salvadanaio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 동전케이스 Dongjeon Case
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Monedero

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