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|ja=松本保典 ''Yasunori Matsumoto''
|ja=松本保典 ''Yasunori Matsumoto''
|en=Christopher R. Sabat
|en=Christopher R. Sabat
|no=Trond Teigen
|es_la=Enzo Fortuny
|es_la=Enzo Fortuny
|es_eu=Jesús Maniega
|es_eu=Jesús Maniega

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If you were looking for a one-way obstacle present in every main series Pokémon game, see ledge


Cliff (Japanese: クリフ Cliff) is the character of the day in The Beartic Mountain Feud!.

Cliff showed up to protect Ash and his friends from a group of Beartic then brought them back to his home in order to take a break. He made an attempt to capture Meowth but was unsuccessful. Cliff then took the group into the forest to try to return the Cubchoo they found to its family. When they got separated from Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Axew, Meowth, and Cubchoo, he used his Mienfoo to help guide them through the forest.


Cliff's Mienfoo
Mienfoo is the only Pokémon Cliff has on hand and it assists him as a mountain guard.

Mienfoo's only known move is Quick Guard.

Debut The Beartic Mountain Feud!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 松本保典 Yasunori Matsumoto
English Christopher R. Sabat
Czech Vojtěch Hájek
German Patrick Schröder
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Brazilian Portuguese Robson Kumode
Spanish Latin America Enzo Fortuny
Spain Jesús Maniega

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