Cissy's Blastoise

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Cissy's Blastoise
アツミのカメックス Atsumi's Kamex
Poké Ball
Cissy and Blastoise
Debuts in Fit to be Tide
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Cissy
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Blastoise Unshō Ishizuka Eric Stuart

Cissy's Blastoise (Japanese アツミのカメックス Atsumi's Kamex) is a Pokémon under the ownership of the Mikan Island Gym Leader, Cissy. Its English voice actor is Eric Stuart and its Japanese voice actor is 石塚運昇 Unshō Ishizuka.

It appeared in Fit to be Tide along side its Trainer. Ash Ketchum had tied with Cissy in the previous challenge for the Coral-Eye Badge, so she decided to settle it with a Pokémon Wave Ride. Cissy's choice in the challenge was Blastoise and Ash chose his Lapras. Seconds later Team Rocket kidnapped Blastoise and tried to escape with it underwater. However Cissy wasn't worried about it at all. After Team Rocket's submarine got tangeled in sea weed for the second time, Blastoise took off towards the surface dragging the whole submarine with it.

Later Ash found out that he would have to race agaisnt Cissy and her Blastoise while standing on Lapras. What Blastoise lacked in speed it made up for in power. It attempted to knock Ash off Lapras by repeatingly bashing in to it. It almost succeeded but Lapras caught Ash in time. On the way back to shore a tidal wave threatened both racers. While Lapras froze part of the wave with Ice Beam, Blastoise could do nothing about it. Cissy was knocked into the air but Blastoise's quick thinking saved her in time. They nearly beat Ash and Lapras but Ash had the idea of freezing the water and had Lapras glide on it which earned him the win.

Despite this loss, Blastoise remains to be Cissy's most powerful, and most loyal, Pokémon.

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