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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
デント Dent
Artwork from the Best Wishes series
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown Striaton City
Region Unova
Relatives Chili, Cress (brothers)
Trainer class Gym Leader, Sommelier
Game counterpart Cilan
Leader of Striaton Gym
Badge Trio Badge
Specializes in Template:Type2s
Anime debut Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Mamoru Miyano

Cilan (Japanese: デント Dent) is a traveling partner of Ash Ketchum. He made his debut in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.


Cilan during a Gym battle

Cilan made his debut in Triple Leaders, Team Threats! shopping in his hometown of Striaton City. Seeing Pikachu and Axew, he was intrigued, as Axew itself is rare in Unova, and Pikachu does not appear at all in the region. He invited Iris and Ash to the Striaton Gym, a café run by himself and his brothers Chili and Cress. When there, Ash becomes impatient quickly, and demands to battle the Gym Leader, prompting the trio to introduce themselves and lead Ash to the Gym's arena.

Ash battles Chili first, with Cilan serving as judge, and then, winning, Ash faces Cress. Finally, Ash faces off against Cilan himself. After a heated battle with Cilan, which carries on to BW006, Ash wins and gets the Trio Badge. Later on in the episode, Cilan decided to join Ash on his journey.

In BW019 it is revealed that Cilan is a Class A Pokémon Sommelier. He has also gained a rival in Cabernet, whom he beat as Striaton Gym Leader, inspiring her to train as a Sommelier and to beat him whenever she can. After her loss at the end of BW019, she leaves, swearing to defeat him in the future.

Much like Max, who had a PokéNav, and Brock, who had a Pokégear, Cilan has a Town Map for the group to use for their travels.


Cilan is an A-class Pokémon Sommelier who can see the compatibility between a Pokémon and its Trainer. He is said to have a lot of knowledge on Pokémon, a trait he shares with Ash's former companion, Brock. He, like his brothers, has a habit of speaking about Pokémon in relation to tea. He has proved himself, like Brock, to be a good cook as he makes lunch for the group. He is also shown to be a skeptic, preferring to find logical scientific explanations for everything.

He, like his brothers, tends to speak about Pokémon in relation to their element, in Cilan's case, grass. All the brothers tend to use hand positions like rock, paper, and scissors - Cilan tends to accentuate words with his fingers.


On hand

Cilan Pansage.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 宮野真守 Mamoru Miyano


Cilan's current party
  • Cilan, along with Iris was first revealed in silhouette in a preview for the Best Wishes series that aired after DP183 in Japan on July 1, 2010. The two were revealed in full exactly one month later during a trailer on Pokémon Sunday.
  • Cilan is the first of Ash's male friends not to have a traditional Japanese name in the original version of the anime.
  • In the games, Cilan can only be battled at the Striaton Gym if the player chooses Oshawott as their starter Pokémon. Notably, Ash has obtained Oshawott from Juniper as his first out of the Unova starter Pokémon, and has used him in his Gym battle against Cilan.
  • Though many of Ash's friends have siblings, Cilan is the only who he and his siblings were a result of a multiple birth, being Polyzygotic triplets.
  • Cilan along with Tracey are the only two of the main protagonists not to have their Pokémon taken from them by Jessie, James, and Meowth.
    • He is, however, the only one of the main protagonists not to have a Pokémon to at least be attempted to be taken from him by the Team Rocket trio.


Language Name Origin
Japanese デント Dent From dent corn, similar to Pod and Corn's names. May also refer to trident. Also from 田 den, "field".
English Cilan From cilantro.
French Rachid Possibly from rachis, the main axis of an inflorescence or the main stem of a compound leaf. Or from arachide.
Chinese (Mandarin) 天桐 Tiāntóng Rough transcription of his Japanese name. 桐 is a name for several kinds of trees, but usually refers to Paulownia or the tung tree.

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