Cilan's Stunfisk

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Cilan's Stunfisk
デントのマッギョ Dent's Maggyo
Poké Ball
Cilan Stunfisk.png
Cilan's Stunfisk
Debuts in Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!
Caught at Route 4
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Cilan
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Stunfisk Unshō Ishizuka Bill Rogers

Cilan's Stunfisk (Japanese: デントのマッギョ Dent's Maggyo) is the third Pokémon Cilan obtained.


Cilan and Stunfisk

Stunfisk was first seen inhabiting a lake with its friend Palpitoad and a group of Tympole in Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!. Palpitoad asked for Stunfisk's help to get rid of Ash and Oshawott as it viewed them as intruders. Stunfisk managed to get them out of the lake and planned to guard against them, but Cilan used his fishing skills with his special lure to catch and pull Stunfisk to shore. Palpitoad then appeared before the group and had Stunfisk fire Mud Bomb at the Pokémon Connoisseur but he managed to evade it. Cilan then lifted his fishing rod in the air and started to spin Stunfisk around, keeping it at bay until Ash was able to defeat Palpitoad. Once he did, Cilan dropped the Trap Pokémon to the ground which, with the combination of dizziness, knocked it out and Cilan captured it.

In BW041, it battled against Luke's Larvesta in the quarter finals of the Don Battle tournament, in which Stunfisk showed the remarkable ability to leap into the air and glide, flapping its fins as wings. Even though Stunfisk's Scald was super effective against Larvesta, Larvesta minimized the damage by covering itself in its own String Shot, acting as a shield. Larvesta then roasted Stunfisk with a powerful Flamethrower, knocking it out.

Personality and characteristics

In its debut, Stunfisk was quite aggressive, like the other Pokémon living in the lake. However strong Stunfisk was, it still obeyed Palpitoad, proving it doesn't function well in a group without being a 'follower'. After Cilan caught Stunfisk, its personality did not change; as shown in Archeops In The Modern World! where after being brought out by Emolga's Volt Switch it attacked a newly revived curious Archen with a ThunderShock attack when Archen bit it and subsequently laughed.

Moves used

Cilan Stunfisk Camouflage.png
Using Camouflage
Move First Used In
Camouflage Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!
ThunderShock Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!
Mud Bomb Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!
Scald BW041
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Stunfisk marks the first time an Electric-type pokemon has been caught by the male traveling partner.

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