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Cilan's Dwebble
デントのイシズマイ Dent's Ishizumai
Poké Ball
Cilan Dwebble.png
Cilan's Dwebble
Debuts in A Home for Dwebble!
Caught at Route 3
Gender Unknown
Ability Sturdy
Current location With Cilan
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Dwebble Shin'ichirō Miki Tom Wayland

Cilan's Dwebble (Japanese: デントのイシズマイ Dent's Ishizumai) is a Pokémon Cilan caught in the Unova region.


Cilan and Dwebble
Dwebble was first seen when Ash and company were on their journey towards Nacrene City in A Home for Dwebble!. Dwebble was busy making its house out of a rock, but three more Dwebble appeared, attacked it and stole its rock, before escaping. Dwebble tried to chase after them but failed. Ash and the others witnessed the scene, and they tried to help Dwebble, but it was scared of the trio and attempted to run off. Pikachu tried to assure it, but the Rock Inn Pokémon Dwebble mistoke Pikachu for an enemy and attacked the Electric Mouse Pokémon with Slash. Pikachu dodged its attack and Dwebble struk a rock instead. A piece of the rock flew off and hit Pansage on the head. Dwebble felt bad and apologized to it. The gang tried to help it but Dwebble did not want any help and ran off.
Dwebble without its rock

It later returned to the group and Cilan invited it to have dinner with them. During dinner, Pansage collapsed from a fever to which Ash suspected was caused by the rock that hit it earlier. Dweble becomes overwhelmed with guilt. It later watched over Pansage as it slept and soon fell asleep right beside him. The next day, after Pansage had recovered, Dwebble decided to search for its rock. With the help of the gang, it defeated the other three Dwebble and got its rock back. Later, after the group said their goodbyes and started to walk away, Dwebble began to follow them wanting to be a part of Cilan's team. Cilan subsequently agreed and captured it.

Dwebble battled against Burgundy, another Pokémon Connoisseur and rival of Cilan's in A Connoisseur's Revenge!. Dwebble managed to bide its time against her Dewott using Protect and its ability Sturdy, and later defeat it with a combination of Shell Smash and X-Scissor.

In BW031, Dwebble fashioned a giant scalchop out of stone for Ash's Oshawott to use in place of the one he lost.


Dwebble can be described as a little Pokémon with a lot of heart. When its rock that it had worked hard on was stolen from it, it stopped at nothing to try and get it back, despite being outmatched and overpowered. Because of the dedication it took to make its home, it refused to make a second one. It has also been shown to be fearful of humans at first. Dwebble is also a very caring Pokémon as seen when it stayed up to watch after Pansage. On top of all that Dwebble is smart and resorceful, using great tactics to win back its home.

Moves used

Cilan Dwebble X-Scissor.png
Using X-Scissor
Move First Used In
Protect A Home for Dwebble!
Slash  A Home for Dwebble!
Dig A Home for Dwebble!
X-Scissor  A Home for Dwebble!
Shell Smash A Home for Dwebble!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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