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Dent's Ishizumai
デントのイシズマイ Dent's Ishizumai
Poké Ball
Dent's Ishizumai
Debuts in BW011
Caught at Route 3
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dent
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Ishizumai Shin'ichirō Miki N/A

Dent's Ishizumai (Japanese: デントのイシズマイ Dent's Ishizumai) is a Pokémon Dent caught in the Unova region.


File:Dent and Ishizumai.png
Dent and Ishizumai

Ishizumai was first seen when Ash and company were on their journey towards Shippou City. Ishizumai was busy making its house out of a rock, but three more Ishizumai appeared, attacked it and stole its rock, before escaping. Ishizumai tries to chase after them but fails. Ash and the others witness this, they try and help Ishizumai, but it is scared of the trio and attempts to run off. Pikachu tries to assure it, but the Stone Hermit Pokémon attacks Pikachu with Slash. Pikachu dodges its attack and Ishizumai strikes a rock instead. A piece of the rock flies off and hits Yanappu in the head. Ishizumai feels bad and apologizes to it. The gang try and help it but Ishizumai does not want any help and runs off.

File:Ishizumai no rock.png
Ishizumai without its rock

It later returns to the group and Dent invites it to have dinner with them. During dinner, Yanappu collapses from a fever to which Ash suspects was caused by the rock that hit it earlier. Ishizumai becomes overwhelmed with guilt. It later watches over Yanappu as it sleeps and soon falls asleep right beside it. The next day, after Yanappu recovers, Ishizumai decides to search for its rock. With the help of the gang, it defeats the other three Ishizumai and gets its rock back. Later, after the group says their goodbyes and start to walk away, Ishizumai starts to follow them wanting to be a part of Dent's team. Dent agrees and captures it.

Moves used

Using Slash
Move First Used In
Protect BW011
Slash BW011
Dig BW011
X-Scissor BW011
Shell Smash BW011
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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