Chrom and Phossa Molybdenum

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Dr. Chrom Molybdenum and Dr. Phossa Molybdenum
クロム・モリブデン博士とリン・モリブデン博士 Dr. Chrom Molybden and Dr. Rin Molybden
Chrom and Phossa Molybdenum.png
Chrom Molybdenum (right) and Phossa Molybdenum (left)
Gender Male (Chrom)
Female (Phossa)
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Koko (son)
Anime debut Secrets of the Jungle
English voice actor Chrom: Kaiji Tang
Phossa: Lisa Ortiz
Japanese voice actor Chrom: Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Phossa: Arisa Sekine

Dr. Chrom Molybdenum (Japanese: クロム・モリブデン博士 Dr. Chrom Molybden) and Dr. Phossa Molybdenum (Japanese: リン・モリブデン博士 Dr. Rin Molybden) are characters who appeared in Secrets of the Jungle. They are the deceased parents of Koko.


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Chrom and Phossa were the leaders of the Biotope Company, working there alongside Dr. Zed. They also had a son, who they named Al.

At some point, they discovered the location of the Great Tree in the Forest of Okoya, which they and Zed hoped to use for their research. However, as they learned that a troop of Zarude lived at the Great Tree and considered it sacred, they decided to keep its location a secret and instead solve its mysteries in a more respectful manner. Dr. Zed was enraged by this decision and pursued them, ultimately running their car off the road. Before Zed could reach them, they sent Al down a nearby river in a cradle to protect him. Ultimately, Dr. Zed stole their research on the Great Tree and left Chrom and Phossa to perish when their wrecked car exploded.

Their last act to protect Al ensured his survival. He was found and raised by one of the Zarude, who gave him the name Koko.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Chrom: 川島得愛 Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Phossa: 関根有咲 Arisa Sekine
English Chrom: Kaiji Tang
Phossa: Lisa Ortiz
Indonesian Chrom: Turie Sandos
Phossa: Merry Siti Mariam
Italian Chrom: Marcello Gobbi
Phossa: Unknown voice actress
Polish Chrom: Krzysztof Rogucki
Phossa: Anna Szpaczyńska


  • In the English dub of the movie, they are only identified as "Mr. and Mrs. Molybdenum" in dialogue. Their full names are revealed in the Netflix closed captions.


Language Name Origin
Japanese クロム・モリブデン博士 Dr. Chrom Molybden
リン・モリブデン博士 Dr. Rin Molybden
From クロム kuromu (chromium) and モリブデン moribuden (molybdenum)
From 燐 rin (phosphorus) and モリブデン moribuden (molybdenum)
English Dr. Chrom Molybdenum
Dr. Phossa Molybdenum
From chromium and molybdenum
From phosphorus and molybdenum
Italian Dr. Chrom Molybden
Dr. Phossa Molybden
Same as Japanese name
From her Japanese and English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 克洛姆·毛利布登博士 Dr. Kèluòmǔ Máolìbùdēng
琳·毛利布登博士 Dr. Lín Máolìbùdēng
Transcription of their Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Dr. Hélio Molibdênio
Dra. Selena Molibdênio
From hélio (helium) and molibdênio (molybdenum)
From selênio (selenium) and molibdênio (molybdenum)

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