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クリスタル Crystal
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer

Crystal (Japanese: クリスタル), or Chris (Japanese: クリス Crys) for short, is a Trainer from New Bark Town, Johto and one of the main characters of the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga. She is based on the main female character in Crystal.


Chris first met Gold in Escape From The Mystery Forest! when she was stuck in Suicune's illusory forest while chasing a wild Dugtrio. Since then, they have traveled together. Chris can sometimes act stubborn and childish, which annoyed Gold at first. Despite that, he was able to make friends with her.

Personality and characteristics

Chris considers herself an explorer first and a Trainer second, and likes to explore old ruins and mysterious locations. She makes several references to deities, which is a rare occurrence in any Pokémon media. She also seems to believe in superstitions like shooting stars.


Chris's Cyndaquil
Cyndaquil is Chris's starter Pokémon.

Cyndaquil's known moves are Ember, SmokeScreen and Quick Attack.

Debut Escape From The Mystery Forest!
Chris's Togepi
Egg → Togepi
Chris hatched Togepi from the Pokémon Egg which Gold delivered to Professor Elm.
Debut Escape From The Mystery Forest!
Chris's Hoothoot
Chris uses Hoothoot as a lookout, helping her see where things are in the distance.
Debut Escape From The Mystery Forest!
Magikarp (×6)
Chris caught six of these Magikarp when she was fishing in the ocean for Water-type Pokémon as Black's Gyarados was defeated by Jasmine's Steelix. Since the Magikarp were the only Pokémon she fished, the group decides to build a raft and have the Magikarp pull it to take them to Cianwood City.
Debut A Spectatular Battle To Save Ampharos!!
Chris was shown with a Wooper in Let's Survive This Sea Battle where it was participating in a sea battle. It is unknown where she caught Wooper and its strengths are unknown.
Debut Let's Survive This Sea Battle

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