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Chigusa (Japanese: チグサ Chigusa) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in Two Hits and a Miss.

She had a Hitmontop and is the granddaughter of a Dojo master, Kenzo. Kenzo wanted Ash, whom he only just recently met, to be his heir after a fight with Chigusa, because he thought she didn't take martial arts seriously. In the end, after battling Ash, Chigusa learned to appreciate fighting. Her grandfather was too old to battle "Dojo Destroyer" Shiro, who wanted to take over Kenzo's dojo. Chigusa took his place however and defeated Shiro. Kenzo then agreed on having Chigusa being his successor.


Chigusa's Hitmontop
Chigusa's Hitmontop was first seen trying to teach her students about making their Fighting-type Pokémon's attacks more graceful. Later, he was used to battle Shiro's Hitmonlee, when Kenzo could not battle due to back problems. During the battle, he didn't do so well the first time, as he was overwhelmed by Hitmonlee's attacks. The match got interrupted as Team Rocket appeared, ending the battle. Team Rocket was defeated, but the battle was postponed. Ash's Bulbasaur then trained Hitmontop for his rematch. During the rematch, Hitmontop successfully defeated Hitmonlee with his improved skills.

Hitmontop's known moves are Rapid Spin, Rolling Kick and Triple Kick.

Debut Two Hits and a Miss

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 平松晶子 Akiko Hiramatsu
English Lisa Ortiz
European Spanish Sandra Jara


  • Chigusa's name comes from "great variety of flowering plants".

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