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ちゃも Chamo
Poké Ball
Debuts in Making Mirth with Mightyena
Caught at Littleroot Town
Evolves in Mashing Makuhita
I Dare Ya, Altaria... Knock Chic off My Shoulder
Gender Female
Ability Blaze
Nature Quiet
Current location With Sapphire
Torchic Combusken Blaziken
This Pokémon spent 13 rounds as Torchic and 31 rounds as Combusken.

Chic (Japanese: ちゃも Chamo), known as Toro in Chuang Yi's translations, was one of the first Pokémon that Sapphire has received in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Chic as a Torchic

Sapphire received Chic from her father, Professor Birch. She was first seen after Sapphire rescued Ruby from a pack of wild Mightyena and took him to her Secret Base, and the beauty-obsessed boy thought she was a Pokémon, and attacked after she started talking. Despite its type disadvantage against his newly received Mudkip, it was able to defeat it, and then fought a wild Seviper, though it failed to finish it off. She then took Chic on her journey to conquer the eight Gyms of Hoenn after she made a pact with Ruby, and fought the (then) Aqua Grunts Amber, Matt, and Shelly at Rustboro City, where it managed to defeat the latter's Ludicolo with a Castform's help. She failed to use it in her first Gym battle with Roxanne, though, because her Nosepass used its Magnet Pull Ability, leaving her unable to switch.

After intensive training at Granite Cave with Rono, she evolved into Combusken and defeated Brawly's Hariyama in the Dewford Gym after a tough battle where Rono, even after evolving into a Lairon, was nearly beaten in seconds. Sapphire then took Chic to the Abandoned Ship on Lorry's back, where it fought the Magma Admins Tabitha and Courtney, but thanks to the latter's devious use of an acidic berry, Sapphire was rendered unable to see, and had to rely on Ruby for assistance. Although they seemingly won the battle with Plusle and Minun's help, the two Magmas ultimately fulfilled their objective of stealing the Scanner which belonged to the two Pokémon's owner.

Chic as a Combusken

Afterwards, Sapphire soon headed to Mauville City, but ended up getting the Badge for free from Wattson anyway, something she despised as she felt she had to work for a Badge properly instead. Because, in the end, Sapphire never got to fight the old man even after rescuing him, Chic only gained a new comrade in Phado. She was next seen in Lavaridge Town after Sapphire arrived there, where it finally had a chance to battle but was easily caught by Matt's Azumarill and didn't get to defeat it. After Team Aqua succeeded in cooling Mt. Chimney's volcano, Chic had a friendly fight with Sapphire's new chum, Flannery's Magcargo, and though it didn't win, earned her the Heat Badge. A while later, Chic finally evolved into Blaziken during her battle with Winona, but lost against her superior skills, and Sapphire ended up in her tuition. After a fight with Ruby over Hoenn's fate, which the boy claims he doesn't care about, Sapphire was so enraged that she ripped off the clothes Ruby made for her, and went back to donning leaf branches. This fit of anger allowed Chic to go all-out on Winona's Pokémon, and earned her recognition, giving Sapphire the Feather Badge.

After the resolved this dispute, Chic teamed up with Ruby's "Mumu," now a Swampert, in a Double Battle against Archie and Maxie at the Seafloor Cavern, where they were obviously winning, but were dragged all the way to Sootopolis City, where Groudon and Kyogre fought a decisive battle, and the two were under the titans' influence. With a Meteorite she picked up in Mt. Chimney, Ruby and Sapphire were able to release the Red and Blue Orbs, which they were absorbed into their bodies, a fact Ruby deduced after they awakened at the Mirage Island. To better their chances of winning the next time, Ruby suggested that Sapphire teach Chic Sky Uppercut, which after undergoing much training to learn it, really did come in handy in the final battle against the two now-insane leaders at Sootopolis.

In the Emerald arc, Chic was Sapphire's most used Pokémon in the numerous Battle Dome and Battle Tower battles, but ended up losing against Tucker's powerful Salamence. After Emerald ended up freeing the five petrified Pokédex Holders, she learned the ultimate fire attack, Blast Burn, from Ultima's metal ring, and helped destroy Guile Hideout's enormous, fake Kyogre monster.

Chic as Mega Blaziken

Chic reappeared in the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter.

Personality and characteristics

Blaziken, as a Torchic, appears to have shared many traits with her Trainer, Sapphire, as seen in her debut chapter. Overtime, she has gotten along with Ruby and Mumu, his Swampert, even after evolving.

Moves used

Chic Blaze Kick.png
Using Blaze Kick
Chic Combusken Peck.png
Using Peck as a Combusken
Move First Used In
Ember Trying to Trounce Torchic
Peck Mowing Down Ludicolo
Flamethrower Mowing Down Ludicolo
Double Kick Heavy Hitting Hariyama
Double Team I Dare Ya, Altaria... Knock Chic off My Shoulder
Blaze Kick I Dare Ya, Altaria... Knock Chic off My Shoulder
Sky Uppercut With a Spoink in Your Step II
Blast Burn  The Final Battle VII
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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