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プルート Pluto
Art from Pokémon Platinum
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Mauve
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Commander/Boss
Generation IV
Games Platinum
Member of Team Galactic
Rank Commander
Anime debut Saving the World From Ruins!
English voice actor Herb Lawrence
Japanese voice actor Ken'ichi Ogata

Charon (Japanese: プルート Pluto) is one of Team Galactic's four Commanders, introduced in Pokémon Platinum.

In the games

File:Charon Sprite.png
Charon's sprite used during Platinum's opening

Charon is first seen along with Mars at Valley Windworks to get energy from the windworks. During this encounter, it is revealed that he joined the team after Mars. It's also here where the player discovers that Charon is, in fact, one of the four Commanders, though the fact that he is the most junior among the Commanders' ranks is not revealed until the Stark Mountain sub quest. He made a minor appearance in the Team Galactic HQ in Veilstone City right next to Saturn, where he was in front of the button to release the legendary Pokémon of the lake guardians.

Charon's role in the game expands after the player defeats the Elite Four and obtains the National Pokédex. Upon seeing Cyrus and Saturn being defeated by the player, he sees that the team should have plans that complement his intelligence. After Cyrus retreats into the Distortion World, Charon takes over Team Galactic and becomes the new leader. He takes Mars and Jupiter with him to the Battle Zone so he can retrieve the Magma Rock from inside Stark Mountain and capture Heatran. However, once the player encounters them, Mars and Jupiter quit because "things were more exciting when Cyrus was the leader." It is also at this time that the international police officer Looker, who had been hunting Team Galactic since the beginning of the game, arrests Charon. He is not seen or heard from since.

According to a journal in a secret room in the Eterna Galactic HQ, Charon discovered and named Rotom. When he was a child, Charon lost his toy robot. He spent hours looking for it to no avail. Suddenly a Rotom jumped out of his lawnmower and he was surprised to say the least. He named the Pokémon "Rotom", and soon Charon and the Pokémon became good friends. Charon always wanted to hug his new friend, but he couldn't for obvious reasons. However, one day, Rotom got startled and zapped Charon, making him faint. When he awoke, Rotom was gone. Soon after, he found his toy robot in the garbage. When he picked it up, Charon realized that Rotom had entered his toy. He could then finally hug his new friend.

Notebook and Journal

In Pokémon Platinum, after obtaining the Secret Key to enter Rotom's Room in Team Galactic's hideout in Eterna, there are two books written by Charon: a notebook and a journal. A copy of the notebook is also present in a basement room of Silph Co. in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, where Rotom's forms may be accessed as well, indicating that, prior to his joining Team Galactic, Charon may have worked for Silph Co.


The first is a notebook lying on a table. It says: "There is a mysterious notebook here. Its age is impossible to tell."

"It was by pure chance that I obtained information about the Pokémon Rotom. Remarkably, Rotom has the ability to enter and merge with special motors. It's now known that Rotom can stay inside a motor almost indefinitely. However, it will emerge if it enters a Union Room or Wi-Fi Club. Rotom will also emerge from the motor if it is left at the Day Care. Rotom may also forget certain moves when it leaves a motor. This Pokémon requires exhaustive observation and analysis. To ensure I get all the credit, my Rotom research must be kept secret. They will come to recognize me as the scientific genius Char..."

"The rest of the notebook is blank."


The journal is located in a chair in front of a machine. It says: "It's an old notebook. There's no telling how old it is."

"Our encounter was a sudden one. It was when I found my toy robot, one that I had earlier misplaced. At that instant, a Pokémon startlingly emerged from the lawn mower's motor! Clutching my robot, I stared, transfixed by the peculiar Pokémon.

The Pokémon hovered in the air, held aloft by a power unseen. As if curious and unafraid of my presence, it floated toward me. Crackling sounds accompanied it, as if from static electricity in the air. Remarkably, it seemed the Pokémon was the source of this power! In alarm, I flinched, certain that my face would be subjected to a shock. Much to my surprise, the Pokémon seemed to favor me with a smile.

Finally, I came to realize that the Pokémon only wished to be friends. I have decided to name this most wondrous Pokémon 'Rotom.' Simple though it may be, Rotom emerged to me from the motor of a lawn mower. Motor and Rotom... Surely the link is obvious?

Rotom is a Pokémon that is simply sensational. The fact that it can turn invisible is simply the beginning. What makes Rotom unique is its ability to enter and operate machinery!

Rotom and I became fast friends. We were perpetual companions. The electricity from its body forbade contact, however. We could not touch, let alone hug or hold hands, but we cared not. For we were bonded on a much deeper, incorporeal level.

A feeling of mischief got the better of me one day. Seeing Rotom hovering, I decided to startle it--normally I would not. Perhaps frightened, Rotom discharged power beyond its usual range. I fell, stunned, into the arms of unconsciousness...

When I came to, to my horror I realized that Rotom had disappeared. I searched high and low for my friend in dismay and desperation. 'Don't chastise yourself. The fault is mine. No harm done. Let us play as we always have.' Though my words poured out, my friend could not be found to hear them...

My search for Rotom carried me far from home. It was in the town's rubbish heap that I again found my old toy robot. Curiously, our eyes met, then the robot waved a hand as if in greeting. I knew then that I had found my lost friend. I ran to it and hugged Rotom tight, talking on and on.

The robot's eyes lit up happily as I held it. I'm certain that, within it, Rotom was emitting lots of electricity. Somehow, I felt I could understand Rotom's thoughts better than before. Also, I realized that we would remain friends throughout our lives..."

"The notebook ends with this page..."





Team Galactic HQ

"Fuhyahya! Those Pokémon of the lakes, where do you suppose they would go?" (to Saturn)
"Nothing. Pay it no heed. A new world isn't overly interesting. What of it? If Cyrus is right, then Team Galactic will rule that new world. That's when it will be interesting. A chance to enjoy its sweets. I surely hope that our visionary Cyrus realizes his dream. I look forward to whatever our beloved leader has planned atop Mt. Coronet." (to Saturn)
"Humph. Saturn and even Cyrus fall to a mere child... Team Galactic's state of affairs is worrying... That plan of Cyrus's atop Mt. Coronet, too... Who knows if it will work. ...Hmm. Perhaps another option needs to be considered. One befitting the genius of Charon!"

Stark Mountain

"Sigh... So impressionable and impetuous. What do they see in Cyrus? Immature, overthinking buffoon. He goes through the trouble of assembling Team Galactic for what? Ultimately, he destroys his own creation for his ludicrous vision. It's no thanks to him that I have to struggle with the pieces."
"...But that's fine. The young can live with their dreams. I prefer to remain firmly in reality. And for that, money is paramount. You there, child. I'm not dealing with you. After all, the other Galactic members who did all suffered consequences. We'll be off to collect the Magma Stone. It's all for the money!"
"...Cyrus disappeared. Mars and Jupiter quit. Saturn said he would look after what remains of Team Galactic. But he won't join me. So foolish of him! So very foolish of the rest of them! Throwing away Team Galactic! After all the effort we took as a team to make it grow... That power could have made us rich beyond imagination. But, enough of that. The Magma Stone will be mine."
"Eh? What's this, then? Chased me here, have you? I like seeing children try their best, but too bad for you — you're too late. With this Magma Stone, I will awaken the legendary Heatran! I will control the volcano's eruptions to extort money by the millions! Fear me! For I am Charon! The boss of the reborn Team Galactic!"
"No! The Magma Stone! What?! What is going on?!"
"Uh, International Police? What are you saying? I know nothing! A new Team Galactic? Extorting with Heatran? Merely the blathering of this harmless old man! All said in jest! Besides, among Team Galactic's Commanders, I was the most junior..."

In the anime

Charon in the anime

Charon appeared in Saving the World From Ruins!, albeit not in a speaking role. He is seen briefly in Team Galactic's base.

Charon made his first full appearance in Gateway to Ruin! along with Saturn where they were trying to find the Spear Pillar in Mt. Coronet.

Charon made another appearance in Team Galactic's finale from Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! to The Battle Finale of Legend!, where he assisted in the final stages of the Red Chain project. He is not arrested, unlike the other three Commanders at the end of the arc, and presumably escaped.

He is often seen with a laptop computer and does much of the technical work for Team Galactic's plans, such as monitoring energy levels and other statistics. Compared to the other Galactic members, he is the most laid back and upbeat, which often causes one-sided squabbles between him and Saturn.

In the manga

Charon first appears at the end of DPA27 as a silhouette. He is the leader of "Neo Team Galactic" following the departure of Cyrus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and plans to capture Kaisei in order to enter the Distortion World and capture Giratina.

In DPA32 Charon is seen battling for the first time in any canon, using Pokémon he specially conditioned to be fighting machines.




  • Charon is the only Team Galactic Commander to not be named after a planet, denoting his subordinate status in both English and Japanese.
    • In Japanese, his name is Pluto, after the recently-demoted dwarf planet of the same name, whose planetary status was challenged after the discovery of a larger object, Eris, orbiting at around the same distance from the Sun.
    • In English, his name is Charon, after Pluto's largest natural satellite, which Pluto forms a binary system with, due to their incredibly similar size.
    • Along with Cyrus, he is the only named member of Team Galactic that is not named after a planet, though he is directly named after a solar system object, unlike Cyrus.
  • Aside from miscellaneous Grunts and Researchers, Charon is the only member of Team Galactic that never battles the player. In fact, aside from his earlier friendship with Rotom, it is unknown if he has any Pokémon at all.


Language Name Origin
Japanese プルート Pluto Pluto, a dwarf planet.
English Charon Charon, Pluto's largest moon.
German Charon
Spanish Plutón Plutón, Pluto.
Italian Plutinio From Plutone, Pluto.
French Pluton Pluton, Pluto.

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