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Charmaine (Japanese: アンジュ Anju) is the character of the day in The Apple Corp.

Charmaine owns her own apple orchard. At the time, someone had been eating her apples. She thought that Ash's Pikachu was the culprit after she saw it holding one, and a bunch of apple cores at its feet. Pikachu insisted that it did not do it. It was soon proven to be innocent after Ash compared the bite marks in the apples to Pikachu's teeth. It was much too small to be Pikachu.

Charmaine apologizes to them and gives them a tour of her apple orchard. She had a series of noise makers tied from tree to tree so that she would hear if anyone tried to steal her apples. However, what it didn't stop was stealing her apples. They all soon discover that a group of Pichu were stealing the apples. Charmaine did hear on the news that the fruit in forests were low that year and thus the Pichu didn't have much to eat. So she happily offered them some more apples.

Ash then had the idea of the Pichu working for Charmaine in helping to keep Flying-type Pokémon from eating the apples in return for apples. Pikachu also taught the Pichu to gather apples so it would be less work for Charmaine. In the end, Charmaine decides to keep all the Pichu.


Charmaine's Pichu
Pichu (multiple)
Charmaine has many Pichu who were eating the apples from her orchard, in the end she decided to keep them. It framed both Ash's Pikachu and Meowth into eating the apples when the Pichu were the ones eating them. Then when tying to get more apples they set off the noisemakers and Ash and his friends including Charmaine gave chase. The group stopped to look at the bite marks on the apple whilst Pikachu gave chase and finally found the culprits. It was then revealed that the Pichu were taking apples for their hungry friends that needed feeding.

Suddenly a Fearow spots them and attacks, the adults attack with a huge ThunderShock which hits Fearow but also hurts the Pichu, Fearow recovers and goes in for another attack. Pikachu stands guard and sends Fearow flying with a Thunderbolt. They try to say sorry to Charmaine giving the apples back but she forgives them. But still they can't stay and eat all the apples, but Ash has an idea.

A flock of Pidgey are about to feed on the apples and Pichu comes out the bushes and shocks the flock sending them flying off but hurting them in the process. Ash reveals that his idea is to repay the orchard by protecting it and also helping to harvest the apples. Later Team Rocket appear and suck up all the apples, Pichu appear and zap Team Rocket which does not do much damage and Team Rocket blows the Pichu away. They get back up to the trees and try again, they create a ladder to save Pikachu and restore its electricity, and Pikachu has enough power to send Team Rocket blasting off and in the end Charmaine decides to keep the Pichu.

Pichu's only known move is ThunderShock.

Debut The Apple Corp!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 折笠富美子 Fumiko Orikasa
English Lisa Ortiz
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes

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