Charles Goodshow

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President Charles Goodshow

Mr. Charles Goodshow (Japanese: タマランゼ会長 Tamaranze Kaichou) is the current president of the Pokémon League, the duties of which include presiding over each region's League Conference. His English voice actor is Jimmy Zoppi.

Mr. Goodshow has made several appearances in the Pokémon anime. In his first appearance in All Fired Up!, he was watched the Moltres flame to make sure no harm would come to it. When Ash ran into the flame and tried to run with it, Officer Jenny tried to stop him. However, Mr. Goodshow stepped in and allowed Ash to run with the flame.

Mr. Goodshow also appeared during the Johto and Hoenn League opening ceremonies. In Like a Meowth to a Flame, during the opening of the Ever Grande Tournament, Team Rocket had stolen the flame and were flying away with it. Mr. Goodshow was confident that Ash would get the flame back, and sure enough, using his Glalie, Ash safely returned the flame.

Mr Goodshow also had a cameo appearance during Ash and Gary's battle in Can't Beat the Heat.

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