Charizard Pokémon Center promotion (2010)

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The black cap featuring the logo for the promotion.

The "Charizard Pokémon Center promotion" was a merchandise campaign held in April 2010 in Pokémon Center stores across Japan. A total of 16 items were released during this promotion. The merchandise proved to be extremely popular, with the t-shirts being sold out in most Pokémon Centers within the first week.

Items in the promotion

Business card case

A small, aluminum case. The top cover opens up to reveal a space to keep business cards in.

Clear file

An A4 sized folder made of thin, translucent plastic. Inside are 2 pockets to put papers in.


A large, square sheet of material designed to be used as a handkerchief. It is made of 100% cotton.


Baseball caps available in red and black versions and are made of 100% cotton. They were made in 2 sizes: Adult and Children's size. They have an adjustable belt buckle type strap on the back to adjust tightness. Written on the back is "FIRE & FLYING" and the number "006".


A standard spiral keychain with two metal Charizard charms.

Memo pad

A small, stapled pad featuring the promotion's logo.


An A5 sized notebook with blank pages.

Pencil tin

An aluminum pencil tin.


A set of 2 metal badges featuring the Charizard promotion logo. The pins are held with butterfly clutches.

Shitajiki (pencil board)

Pencil boards are popular in japan, and are often put under sheets of paper to protect the surface underneath whilst writing. They can also be used as dividers in notebooks. This one is A5 sized, and is made of thin plastic.


Long peice of cotton material, designed to be used as a sports towel or scarf. It has the promotion's symbol embroided onto one end.


An A4 sized, spiral-bound notebook with lined pages inside.

Sticker sheet

Has 21 seperate stickers on each sheet, all of the promotion's logo. They are able to stick on any surface.


A grey, cotton sweatshirt with a hood. The hood has strings that can be used to tighten it. The Charizard promotion logo is printed on the front and back and "006" is embroided on the sleeve.


Slightly bigger than a face towel, perhaps designed to be used as a hand towel. It has a small loop attached to the corner for hanging. Made of 100% cotton.


Red and black cotton t-shirts featuring the promotion's logo on the front, back and sleeve.



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