Chapman Research Lab

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Chapman Research lab
Chapman Research Lab.png
Chapman Research lab
Region Kalos
Debut A Watershed Moment!

The Chapman Research Lab is an anime-exclusive location in the Kalos region that was featured in A Watershed Moment!. Is it located in a desolate area between Terminus Cave and Snowbelle City.

The surrounding area is currently desert, though the now flowing river offers a hope of recovery

The Research Lab was operated by Chapman, an environmental scientist who was researching the area. Chapman's attention turned from Pokémon and human interactions to saving the area's forest which was quickly dying for some unknown reason. He constructed a robot named Robon specifically for the purpose of replanting the trees. However without water, Robon's efforts were all in vain and the area became a dusty desert. The Chapman Research Lab remains derelict after Chapman came down with an unknown illness, which affected his ability to keep working.

While on their way to Snowbelle City, Ash and his friends encountered Robon who was still trying to replant the area. An angry Chesnaught started attacking the group sending them running for safety. Clemont decided this warranted further investigation, and the group soon located the abandoned Chapman Research Lab. Chapman’s grandson Henny informed the group of his grandfather’s ambitions to restore the land, as well as Robon and Chesanught’s connection, so the group agreed to help.

Clemont's Chespin soon located an underground water supply using its vines, while Bunnelby dug down to reveal that bedrock was blocking the water from reaching the surface. Clemont analysed the rock, which revealed that tectonic activity had caused the 10 metre obstacle to plug up the area's water supply and the subsequent desertification. Their efforts were interrupted by Team Rocket who tried to kidnap the group's Pokémon, and Robon was damaged in the battle that followed.

Clemont was able to repair Robon, who went on to use its in-built drill to break through the tough rock. Water immediately spouted from underground and the dried riverbed began to fill with water again. The group left, leaving Henny, Robon and Chesnaught to restore the desert back to a flourishing forest.

Pokémon seen around the Chapman Research Lab

Chapman Chesnaught.png
Chapman's Chesnaught

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