Centra City

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Centra City (Japanese: セントラルシティ Central City) is the largest city on the island of Pasio in Pokémon Masters EX. It is home to a Pokémon Center with a shop and a café.


Language Name Origin
Japanese セントラルシティ Central City From central
English Centra City From centra (Esperanto for central)
German Central City Same as its Japanese name
Spanish Centrópolis From centro (center)
French Cordis From cordis (Latin for of the heart)
Italian Centralopoli From centrale (central)
Korean 센트럴시티 Central City Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 中央市 Zhōngyāng Shì From 中央 zhōngyāng / jūngyēung (center)
Chinese (Cantonese) 中央市 Jūngyēung Síh

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