Celadon Gym

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Celadon Gym
タマムシジム Tamamushi Gym
Location Celadon City
Gym Leader Erika
Badge Rainbowbadge
Dominant Type Grass
Region Kanto

The Celadon Gym (Japanese: タマムシジム Tamamushi Gym) is the official gym of Celadon City. It is based on Template:Type2 Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Erika. Trainers who defeat her receive the Rainbowbadge.

In all versions and adaptations of Pokémon, Celadon Gym is consistently rendered as a greenhouse.

In the anime

Celadon Gym appeared in Pokémon Scent-Sation!.

Ash wanted to challenge Erika to a gym battle, but the workers at the gym refused to allow him entry. Earlier, he criticized a perfume shop, saying all they do is turn men into zombies. They kicked him out of the shop for insulting them, and when Ash found out that the gym is where the perfume was manufactured, he was visibly shocked.

With help from Team Rocket, Ash, in the guise of "Ashley," gained entry into the gym. However, Pikachu recognized that it was him, and Thundershocked him to reveal Ash to everyone in the gym. After challenging Erika, she accepted his challenge, saying its against Pokémon League rules to refuse a challenge.

Their battle was short-lived due to Team Rocket stealing the perfume. Several bombs soon detonated, setting the gym ablaze. However, thanks to the Pokémon of Ash, Misty and Brock, the gym survived. Erika gave Ash the Rainbowbadge for his help in not only saving the gym, but for protecting her Gloom as well.

In the games

Celadon Gym in FireRed and LeafGreen

A field based on the gym also appears in Pokémon Stadium's Gym Leader Castle.


Pokémon Red and Blue and Yellow

In Pokémon Gold and Silver

  • Japanese: ふたごちゃんのミキとマキ, ピクニックガールのユキコ, ミニスカートのマユミ, おとなのおねえさんのナツキ, ジムリーダーのエリカ.
  • Italian: Gemelle Gio&Gia, Pupa Michela, Bellezza Giulia, Capopalestra Erika.

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

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