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Catallia City
コクモタウン Kokumo Town
Catallia City.png
Catallia City
Region Johto
Debut Spinarak Attack

Catallia City (Japanese: コクモタウン Kokumo Town) is a small location in Johto. It is located in between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City.

A unique part about the city is the fact that all of the Officer Jennys in it use Spinarak as opposed to Growlithe. The origins of this can be dated back to more than 100 years, when a thief known as The Black Arachnid was wreaking havoc all over the city with his Meowth. He was finally stopped when an Officer Jenny used her Spinarak to stop him. As a tribute to her, every Officer Jenny there uses a Spinarak.

Pokémon seen in Catallia City

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