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(Team A)
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====Silver Medal challenge====
====Silver Medal challenge====
=====Team A=====
=====Team A=====
{{PartyHeader|color=55CC55|sprite=SpriteCochran.png|prize=20[[Battle Point|BP]]|class=[[Castle Butler]]|name=Kokuran and Cattleya|game={{v2|Platinum}}|location={{si|Battle Castle}}}}
color=55CC55 |
trainerimage=Kokuran Cattleya.gif |
sprite1=Spr 4p 398 m.png|p1=Staraptor|gender1=♂|level1=50|types1=2|type11=Normal|type21=Flying|ability1=Intimidate|item1=[[King's Rock]]|p1m1=Return|p1m1t=Normal|p1m1c=Physical|p1m2=Aerial Ace|p1m2t=Flying|p1m2c=Physical|p1m3=Double Team|p1m3t=Normal|p1m3c=Status|p1m4=Roost|p1m4t=Flying|p1m4c=Status
prize=???? |
|sprite2=Spr 4p 395.png|p2=Empoleon|gender2=♂|level2=50|types2=2|type12=Water|type22=Steel|ability2=Torrent|item2=[[Razor Claw]]|p2m1=Waterfall|p2m1t=Water|p2m1c=Physical|p2m2=Metal Claw|p2m2t=Steel|p2m2c=Physical|p2m3=Brick Break|p2m3t=Fighting|p2m3c=Physical|p2m4=Knock Off|p2m4t=Dark|p2m4c=Physical
trainerclass=Castle Butler |
|sprite3=Spr 4p 229 m.png|p3=Houndoom|gender3=♂|level3=50|types3=2|type13=Dark|type23=Fire|ability3=Unknown|item3=[[Focus Sash]]|p3m1=Fire Fang|p3m1t=Fire|p3m1c=Physical|p3m2=Crunch|p3m2t=Dark|p3m2c=Physical|p3m3=Roar|p3m3t=Normal|p3m3c=Status|p3m4=Counter|p3m4t=Fighting|p3m4c=Physical}}
trainername=Kokuran and Cattleya |
{{PartyFooter|color=55CC55|notes=*Levels can be lowered by the player.}}
games={{game|Platinum}} |
place=Battle Frontier (Sinnoh)#Battle Castle |
link=Battle Castle |
generation=4 |
numberinparty=3 |
num1=398 |
poke1=Staraptor |
ability1={{a|Intimidate}} |
item1=[[Evolution-inducing held item#King's Rock|King's Rock]] |
gender1= |
level1={{tt|*|Same level as player's Pokémon}} |
move1poke1=Return |
move2poke1=Aerial Ace |
move3poke1=Double Team |
move4poke1=Roost |
num2=395 |
poke2=Empoleon |
gender2= |
ability2={{a|Torrent}} |
level2={{tt|*|Same level as player's Pokémon}} |
item2=[[Evolution-inducing held item#Razor Claw|Razor Claw]] |
move1poke2=Waterfall |
move2poke2=Metal Claw |
move3poke2=Brick Break |
move4poke2=Knock Off |
num3=229 |
poke3=Houndoom |
gender3= |
item3=[[In-battle effect item#Focus Sash|Focus Sash]] |
level3={{tt|*|Same level as player's Pokémon}} |
move1poke3=Fire Fang |
move2poke3=Crunch |
move3poke3=Roar |
move4poke3=Counter |
=====Team B=====
=====Team B=====

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Kokuran and Cattleya
コクラン & カトレア Kokuran and Cattleya
Artwork from Platinum
Gender Male*, Female*
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Castle Butler
(Frontier Brain)
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Platinum
Commemorative print Tower Print

Castle Butler Kokuran (Japanese: キャッスルバトラー コクラン Castle Butler Kokuran) and Cattleya (Japanese: カトレア Cattleya) are the Frontier Brains in charge of running the Battle Frontier's Battle Castle.

In the games

They are the Frontier Brains of the Battle Castle in the Sinnoh region.


In Pokémon Platinum, Kokuran and Cattleya have these Pokémon when they are challenged for a medal:

Silver Medal challenge

Team A

Template:PartyHeader Template:PartyBody43 Template:PartyFooter

Team B

Color Medal challenge

Team A

Team B


  • It could be assumed that Kokuran is the true Frontier Brain of the Battle Castle, due to Cattleya's place on a throne, even in the battle against them, her portraits in the castle, her appearing behind Kokuran and the term "Castle Butler". Therefore, Cattleya may be acting as a mistress and watching the battle from the throne. It is also possible that Cattleya is the Frontier Brain and just has Kokuran battle for her with her Pokémon.
  • Despite their in-game sprite showing them both together, they do not participate in a double battle. This situation is much like the Twins of the Generation II games, and Jessie and James in Pokémon Yellow Version.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コクラン & カトレア Kokuran & Cattleya Cattleya is an orchid genus while kokuran is the Japanese name for an orchid of the Liparis genus.

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