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"Mama" Cashew
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Trainer class no

Cashew (Japanese:??? ???) is a character in the manga Magical Pokémon Journey. She is the owner of twenty-six Hoppip. She first appears in PokéMom, in which Hazel and Almond babysit her Hoppip.


Cashew's biggest dream is to get married. One day when she had made plans to go on a picnic with her Hoppip, her matchmaker called with a sudden appointment. Hazel volunteered to take Cashew's place and babysit her Hoppip while she attended the appointment. Cashew returned heartbroken, for she had been turned down again. However, while she was gone Hazel had taken the Hoppip to Pompom Hill, where they picked a bouquet of carnations for Cashew for Mother's Day. They presented the bouquet to her, which was able to cheer her up. She constantly dreams of marriage.


Hoppip (×26)
Hoppip (×26)
Cashew is the "mother" to twenty-six Hoppip. All twenty-six of them are named consecutively according to the alphabet (with only Foo and Goh as the known names).
Debut PokéMom
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