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チャクラ Chakra
Carr HGSS Adventures.png
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Three Beasts

Carr (Japanese: チャクラ Chakra) is a member of Team Rocket in Pokémon Adventures manga.


FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

Carr makes his first appearance in the Icefall Cave on Four Island. There, he attacks Red, Blue, Bill, and Lorelei. Angry about the recent events that happened on the Sevii Islands, Red attacks Carr and demands to know what Team Rocket is up to. Carr simply responds by having his Forretress explode in Red's face.

Although Lorelei manages to get everyone away from the attack, Carr files an arrest warrant for Red, Blue, and Green under the threat of destroying the Sevii Islands. While they wait for the three to be handed to them, Carr is tasked with destroying Five Island. Although he manages to cause much destruction, Carr is soon defeated by Red, who went to the island to stop him. Red interrogates Carr into revealing that Team Rocket's plan was to use the Pokédex holders to lure out Deoxys.

Carr in the fifth chapter

When Deoxys arrives, Carr watches the battle against it and Red. He uses the battle as an opportunity to gather information on Deoxys with his black Pokédex. After Red is defeated, Carr retreats with Sird to the Rocket Warehouse, where he finds a picture of a young boy and his Sneasel being held by a younger Giovanni. He quickly realizes that the boy is Giovanni's son, and that their plan to capture Deoxys was so that they can use its tracking powers to find the long-lost child and return him to his father.

When Giovanni uses Deoxys to search for his son, Carr begins getting angry because he assumes that they're searching for Giovanni's son that they can make him the successor of Team Rocket. Since Giovanni had already promised leadership of Team Rocket to one of the Three Beasts, Carr felt like he was nothing more than a tool. Furious, Carr attempts to attack with one of his Forretress, only to be stopped by Deoxys's tentacles. Afterward, Giovanni has Sird and Orm dump Carr into a storage room for the moment.

Later, when Red and Mewtwo defeat Giovanni and Deoxys in battle, the battleship they were battling on suddenly begins tilting over. The culprit is revealed to be Carr, who managed to escape from the storage room and hijacked the ship for his revenge. Calling himself the next leader of Team Rocket, Carr plans to drive the battleship into a building and kill inside. He manages to knock Orm off, but Sird has her Starmie knock him out of the driver's seat. This doesn't faze Carr, as he reveals that he planted eleven Forretress in the battleship and commanded them to use Explosion to blow the battleship to pieces.

He uses one Forretress to explode and send Sird flying out of the ship and plummeting to the ground. Carr escapes on his Skarmory, leaving everyone else inside to try and stop the destruction he will cause. With Deoxys's help, Red manages to find and defeat all ten Forretress. Eventually, the battleship is preventing from crashing by Mew, who used its powers to levitate the ship to safety.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

In the ninth chapter, Carr is revealed to have gathered the last remnants of Team Rocket in an attempt to revive the group with himself as leader. When he brags about his takeover, he is approached by the Four Generals, Archer, Ariana, Proton, and Petrel. They easily defeat Carr and overthrow him, deeming Giovanni the only rightful leader of the organization as it was like in the past.

Later, Carr is seen held up in a jail cell, still injured from the attack he suffered at the hands of the Four Generals. Upon seeing Petrel disguised as Silver, he blurts out that Silver is actually the son of Giovanni. This information causes Petrel to devise a plan to betray his teammates and get on Giovanni's good side.


Carr's Forretress (×11)
Forretress (×11)
Carr's owns eleven different Forretress. He uses these Pokémon as bombs, which he uses to cause much destruction with their powerful Explosion technique. When Carr went power-mad, he hid all eleven on the Team Rocket battleship and commanded them all to blow it up. They were stopped by Red, who used Deoxys's power to find where they were all hidden.

Forretress's only known move is Explosion; one of them also knows Spikes.

Debut Enter The Three Beasts
Carr's Steelix
Steelix was first used to attack Five Island. It used its attack to lay waste to the town from above with its ability to float in the air. Later, it fought against Red, only to be defeated by his Poli.

Steelix's known moves are DragonBreath and Iron Tail.

Debut Attacking the Entire Island
Carr's Skarmory
Skarmory is Carr's last known Pokémon. Carr used this to escape from the Team Rocket battleship, which was rigged to explode by Carr's Forretress.

None of Skarmory's moves are known.

Debut Black Hole Escape


  • Due to Coronis's translation of the manga, he is also popularly known as Jagura in the fan community, as Coronis is fond of inventing Western names for manga-only characters who lack dub names.
  • Carr, along with his teammates, are based on various fictional monsters. In Carr's case, he is based off of the werewolf.


Language Name Origin
Japanese チャクラ Chakra From chakra.
English Carr
Korean 차크라 Chakra Transliteration of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 查克拉 Chákèlā Means chakra.

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