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|desc=Carl owns three {{p|Houndoom}}. They were used to battle {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Crystal}} in which Gold's Polibo put them to sleep with {{m|Hypnosis}}.
|desc=Carl owns three {{p|Houndoom}}. They were used to battle {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Crystal}} in which Gold's Polibo put them to sleep with {{m|Hypnosis}}.
In the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, it was revealed that one of the Houndoom evolved from a {{p|Houndour}}. The same Houndour knew {{m|Ember}}, and all three know {{m|Roar}}.}}
In the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, it was revealed that one of the Houndoom evolved from a {{p|Houndour}}. The same Houndour knew {{m|Ember}}.}}

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カーツ Kurtz
Age 26 (as of the third chapter)
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Executive

Carl (Japanese: カーツ Kurtz), known as Keane in Chuang Yi's translation, along with Karen, Will, Green, Silver, and Sham, is one of the children kidnapped by the Masked Man and raised to be his servants in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Carl was one of the sub-leaders of the new Team Rocket formed in Johto.

He appears to be based on the original Rocket Executive class from Generation II.


Carl wearing his mask

Carl, along with Sham, debut in Piloswine Whine where they attack an arguing Gold and Silver. Carl reveals himself to be the one that had caused the earthquake that had recently hit Ecruteak City. Carl attacks the two with his Piloswine but it ends up trapped in quicksand. As he calls for backup, Sham tells them that they no longer need to be there; they then make their retreat.

Carl and Sham are later seen torturing the Team Rocket Elite Trio for their recent defeat at the hands of Eusine and losing the Pokémon they were tracking, Suicune. They are soon joined by the new leader of Team Rocket, the Masked Man, who decides it is time to start his master plan at the Indigo Plateau.

Later, at the Indigo Plateau, Carl and Sham are seen having taken control of the Pokémon League's control room. They are approached by Gold and Crystal who have come to try to stop them. Carl and Sham use their Pokémon to paralyze them, but with quick thinking, Gold manages to put their Pokémon to sleep. Despite their Pokémon being asleep, Carl and Sham are still able to fight. Eventually, their Pokémon are defeated with a Giga Drain combination attack that sends their Magcargo and Slowking flying towards them. Carl is knocked out cold while Sham manages to stay awake long enough to reveal that they were only decoys.


Carl's Magcargo
Not much is known about Magcargo as it was seen next to Carl while the Masked Man was discussing his plans. However, he commanded it to battle Gold's Polibo and Crystal briefly after it had been put to sleep. It nearly took the upper hand because its unconsciousness removed its mental inhibitions as a result, but Gold switched to his Sunkern and defeated it with a Giga Drain.

Magcargo's known moves are Sleep Talk and Flamethrower.

Debut Oh, It's Ho-Oh!
Carl's Houndour

Carl's Houndoom (×3)
Houndoom (×3)
Carl owns three Houndoom. They were used to battle Gold and Crystal in which Gold's Polibo put them to sleep with Hypnosis.

In the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, it was revealed that one of the Houndoom evolved from a Houndour. The same Houndour knew Ember.

Debut Slick Slowking
Carl's Piloswine
Piloswine was used to destroy the Lighthouse and cause the earthquake that leveled Ecruteak City whole. However, it was stopped by Gold's Polibo in Silver's control.

Piloswine's known moves are Earthquake, Rock Smash, and Take Down.

Debut Piloswine Whine


  • Coronis, who is known for coining fan names for manga characters who lack American names, coined the name Cart based on his Japanese name long before the release of VIZ Media's translation, which uses the similar name "Carl".


Language Name Origin
Japanese カーツ Kurtz
English Carl (VIZ)
Keane (Chuang Yi)
Korean 카츠 Kurtz Transliteration of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 卡茲 Kǎzī Transliteration of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Mainland China) 卡特 Kǎtè Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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