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A Capture Styler
A Capture Styler capturing a wild Plusle

A Capture Styler (Japanese: キャプチャー・スタイラー) is a device used by Pokémon Rangers. It allows them to temporarily take command of wild Pokémon and it also has built-in phone capabilities.

It is similar to a remote-controlled toy top. A spinning, top-like device called a Capture Disc is launched which is controlled from the main device.

As the Capture Disc of the Styler loops around a wild Pokémon, it leaves a trail of beams that transmits comforting feelings to the wild Pokémon. This will make the wild Pokémon more inclined to help the Pokémon Ranger. If the beams are broken by Pokémon attacks, the Capture Styler may take damage or even break. The Styler can level up and gain more energy with use.

The Capture Styler has many functions, with the main one being capturing Pokémon. Other functions include the Ranger Browser, the Ranger's equivalent to the Pokédex (but only encompassing 213 of the 386 Pokémon available in its generation), the Glossary, the save function (only available when near a save machine), and the retire option, allowing a complete restart of the mission the Ranger is currently on.

Wild Pokémon

Wild Pokémon have two different functions when used with the Capture Styler, detailed below.

Pokémon Ranger Field Moves

Field Moves are special moves Pokémon can use outside of battles. They were first introduced in Pokémon Ranger and are primarily used to remove an obstacle of some sort. They are similar to Hidden Machine moves from the traditional games, and two of them share names with the traditional HMs.

  • Break: Destroys an object with physical force, like crushing a rock.
  • Burn: Uses fire to burn through plants or ice.
  • Recharge: Restores Capture Styler's HP.
  • Cross: Pokémon attaches itself to something using a long reach and brings the player with it.
  • Cut: Cuts through small fences or bushes.
  • Flash: Lights up dark areas.
  • Gust: Uses a strong wind to blow things away.
  • Tackle: Pushes an object, like a box.
  • Soak: Shoots water to put out fires.

Aside from "Flash" and "Cross", all Field Moves come in 3 different levels of power, such as "Tackle", "Tackle x2", and "Tackle x3".

Pokémon Ranger Batonnage Field Moves

In Pokémon Ranger Batonnage Field Moves have changed. Rather than having just three levels of Field Move the levels go up to x5 on some of the assists. Unlike on Pokémon Ranger the only Pokémon that don't have a Field Move are the ones that can't be kept with you. Also "Gust" using Pokémon have either changed to "Cut" or in one exception, used only to clear fog in one mission. "Cross" has been split from one Field Move used only to swing on posts to a variety of different travelling moves that involve riding on Pokémon over a variety of different terrains. Also, many new Field Moves have been created, some of which are unique, used only by certain Pokémon in certain places.

  • Electrify: Forces mechanical doors to open and machines to work.
  • Magic: Opens various magically locked doors.
  • Stench: Causes an area to smell very badly, making all of its inhabitants leave quickly (Skuntank only).
  • Fly: Like the HM, transports you to different places on the map (Staraptor only).
  • Ascend: Rise through a hole in a cave to a higher level (Drifblim only).
  • Float: Float over a river of lava, using the hot natural gases provided by a steaming vent (Drifloon only).
  • Run: Speed over the land at a high speed on a Doduo (only).
  • Lava Swim: Ride through lava on the back of a Torkoal (only).
  • Freshwater Swim: Ride a Floatzel (only) over a clear light blue river.
  • Icewater Swim: Crash through icebergs in freezing water up north (Empoleon only)
  • Dive: Ride Mantine (only) over abysses in the depths of the ocean

Poké Assist

Each Pokémon has its own Poké Assist. When using this, the Pokémon will jump into the capture styler and give it an extra power.

  • Grass: Immobilizes Pokémon with plants that sprout from the Styler's beam. Ineffective on Flying, floating, and levitating Pokémon.
  • Water: Creates a bubble that can be thrown to immobilise Pokémon. Stronger Water Pokémon will create larger, longer-lasting bubbles.
  • Fire: creats flames that sprout from the Capture Line that Immobilizes Pokémon that touch the ring of fire.
  • Fighting: Doubles the strength of the line so that each circle made with the Styler counts double! Using it against Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, or Steel, triples the effect.
  • Ground: Churns up the earth where the capture line has touched. Immobilizes land-moving Pokémon. Ineffective against Flying, floating, and levitating Pokémon.
  • Ice: Closing a loop makes a patch of ice that freezes the Pokémon hit by it for a short time. Inaccurate and ineffective against many Pokémon.
  • Ghost: When a loop is completed, a ghost appears in the center and will try to immobilize Pokémon.
  • Dark: At the penalty of some of the Styler's energy, the maximum capture line length doubles.
  • Bug: Blobs of webs can be flung by flicking the stylus on the screen that will stop Pokémon.
  • Psychic: Pokémon are levitated in mid-air.
  • Poison: The capture line leaves fog that works like grass or churned earth.
  • Flying: Three whirlwinds are created in the same manner as the Bug assist.
  • Electric: Recharges the styler, with varying amounts depending on which level of the "recharge" field move it is.
  • Rock: Shoots rock shards in the same way as bug or flying assists. If they make contact, they may immobilize Pokémon.
  • Discharge: Exclusive to Plusle and Minun, this stuns the Pokémon to be captured. Power varies on bars filled. One bar makes a thin three-pointed star, two makes a thin X shape, three makes a thin five-pointed star, four makes a wide five-pointed star, and five makes a wide asterisk shape.

Pokémon Ranger Batonnage New Poké Assists and Changes

  • Normal: Turns the capture line green and does a little more damage.
  • Steel: Move the Styler around to create a ball of light energy, touch the Pokémon without lifting the stylus to inflict damage
  • Dragon: Hold the Styler down to create a purple puddle, lift the Styler to make a large meteor hit the puddle, inflicting damage on any Pokémon in the way.
  • Ice: Move the Styler to roll a snowball at its tip, lift the styler whilst moving it in a direction to throw the snowball in that direction to inflict damage and freeze the Pokémon
  • Ground: Move the styler back and forth to create massive earthquakes that inflict damage, stop the Pokémon attacking and even stop it from moving, making it easier to capture.
  • Bug: Move the styler to stretch a blob of sticky silk from the point at which the styler was placed on the screen, lift the styler to catapult a sticky globule at the Pokémon, damaging and paralyzing.
  • Fighting: Every ring you draw around a Pokémon will do much more damage and the power will steadily grow