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A Capture Styler

A Capture Styler (Japanese: キャプチャー・スタイラー) is a device invented by Professor Hastings and used by Pokémon Rangers. It allows them to temporarily take command of wild Pokémon and it also has built-in phone capabilities.

It is similar to a remote-controlled toy top. A spinning, top-like device called a Capture Disc is launched which is controlled from the main device.


Capturing a wild Plusle

As the Capture Disc of the Styler loops around a wild Pokémon, it leaves a trail of beams that transmits friendship to the wild Pokémon. This will make the wild Pokémon more inclined to help the Pokémon Ranger. If the beams are broken by Pokémon attacks, the Capture Styler may take damage or even break. The Styler can level up and gain more energy with use.

The Capture Styler has many functions, with the main one being capturing Pokémon. Other functions include the Ranger Browser, the Ranger's equivalent to the Pokédex, the Glossary, the save function (only available when near a save machine), and the retire option, allowing a complete restart of the mission the Ranger is currently on.

Capture Disc artwork
The Capture Line

Capture Disc

The Capture Disc is launched by a Capture Styler so that the Ranger may befriend the Pokémon. It may gain power-ups like Poké Assists and Power Charges.

Capture Line

The Capture Line is the trail that a Capture Disc leaves behind. Every loop, called a Capture Line loop, increases the friendship given to the Pokémon.

Types of Styler

The Area Ranger Styler (left) and the School Styler (right)

School Styler

The School Styler is given to the students of the Ranger School. Due to its purpose, it does not come with the function to use Poké Assists.

Capture Styler

A Capture Styler is given to new Area Rangers. Unlike the School Styler, it allows Rangers to use Poké Assists. This is the only one available in Pokémon Ranger.

Fine Styler

The Fine Styler

Once an Area Ranger becomes a Top Ranger, they receive the Fine Styler. This Styler appears to have similar functions, except the new Power Charge. The Power Charge has two levels and each one has more friendship power then the last. It has a different design as it is attachable to the wrist.

Vatonage Styler

A one of a kind Styler, the Vatonage Styler is used as part of Operation Brighton. This Styler allows a Ranger to befriend a Pokémon under hypnosis, unlike previous Stylers. It is a Fine Styler powered up with shards from the Tears of Princes. Getting power from the actual Gems themselves allows this Styler to befriend even Pokémon who have closed up their minds.

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

The new Styler featured in Guardian Signs

In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs a new type of Styler is introduced. This styler is designed similarly to a watch. Unlike other Stylers, it lacks a name. Like the Fine Styler, it possesses the Power Charge ability. It also has a Voice Nav., that will advise the player from time to time throughout their adventure and seems to have a personality of its own, first shown during Nema's upgrades to it, and last shown when it broke the fourth wall near the end of the Heatran Mission. This Styler, due to Nema's upgrade, is capable of utilizing Ranger Signs. After seeing a sign, the Voice Nav. will tell the player to record the sign into the Styler and from then on the Styler can use Ranger Signs to call on Pokémon.


  • The Capture Styler was originally intended to be called "The Capture Loopy-Looper", when Professor Hastings first drew up blueprints for it.
  • The Vatonage Styler's ability to befriend hypnotized Pokémon seems to extend only to those controlled by Gigaremo units, as once a Vatonage Styler is used to capture Pokémon controlled by Miniremo units, the Pokémon are still automatically released on the spot.
    • However, it is noted that the player automatically releases any Pokémon directly controlled by Team Dim Sun, such as the Sinis Trio's Magmortar, Rhyperior and Gallade, while using other Incredible Machine controlled Pokémon normally. So, it can be implied that the player also releases Miniremo controlled Pokémon immediately after their capture, like they do with the others.
  • The Capture Styler rivals the Pokédex in sturdiness and immunity to all conventional dangers that could be recreated by Pokémon attacks, ie. water, fire, electricity. It is even shown to be able to work with interference to radio signals in Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis. Solana says that this is because it is hermetically sealed to prevent any conventional shock or damage from reaching the Capture Styler's inner workings.
    • However, in the second Ranger game, Crawford says that the crazy heat is interfering with his Styler.
    • In the third Ranger game, seawater got into the Styler and interfered with some of its functions.
  • If the Styler is reduced to 0 HP because of damage from the Pokémon it is trying to capture, then the Capture Disc will explode.
  • In the original Ranger, the more times a player loops a Capture Styler line around a captured wild Pokémon, the more experience points will be gained.
  • In Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!, Ben lost his Capture Styler when he fell in a river, which was retrieved by Team Rocket. When James tries to use it, it will not work. Ben says that not only do you have to bond with the target Pokémon, but a Ranger's Styler can only be used by the Ranger assigned to it, and no one else.
  • The part "Styler" maybe a reference to the DS Stylus, which is used to control the Styler.
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