Captain Stern

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Captain Stern
クスノキ館長 Captain Kusunoki
Captain Stern.png
Captain Stern in the anime
Gender Male
Hometown Slateport City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class
Generation III
Games Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
Anime debut The Spheal of Approval
English voice actor David Wills
Japanese voice actor Mitsuaki Hoshino

Captain Stern (Japanese: クスノキ館長 Captain Kusunoki) is an oceanographer who lives in Slateport City in Hoenn.

In the games

Captain Stern is very popular in Slateport City. Due to his occupation, he is responsible for a lot of the town's livelihood. He constructed the S.S. Tidal, a ship transporting people to and from Lilycove City and Slateport City. He also built the Oceanic Museum, and runs Stern's Shipyard.

He ordered the Devon Goods from Rustboro City. Team Magma or Team Aqua will threaten him in the Oceanic Museum to try to recover the Devon Goods, which are plans for a new submarine engine for Stern's next project— Submarine Explorer 1.

After gaining access to the HMs Dive and Surf, the player can go to the Abandoned Ship in hopes of finding a Scanner. In exchange for that item, Captain Stern will offer either the DeepSeaScale or DeepSeaTooth in return, both of which are to be obtained in order for Clamperl to evolve.


Oceanic Museum

"Yes? If you're looking for Stern, that would be me. Ah! Those must be the parts I ordered from Mr. Stone of Devon. Thank you! That's great! We can prepare for our expedition now."
"Wh-what? Who are you people?"
"You're… Ah, okay, you're <player>… Anyway, that was a tense situation! Thank you for saving us! Oh, yes, I almost forgot that you even brought the parts from Devon!"
"Whoops! There's no time to lose! We have to set out on our ocean-floor expedition really soon. Thanks again, but now I've got to go! Feel free to wander around and check out our facilities, though."

In the anime

Captain Stern's only anime appearance came in The Spheal of Approval.

Captain Stern is the curator of the Oceanic Museum. He was introduced to Ash and Max when Marius battled them and lost; Captain Stern stepped in and mentioned he had been looking for Marius. As the curator of the Oceanic Museum, which Ash and Max attempted to enter, he offered to give Ash and Max a tour. The museum had many sculptures of Water-type Pokémon and models of submarines.

Captain Stern used underwater exploration vessels to explore the ocean, gather rare artifacts, and study sea Pokémon in their natural habitats. Captain Stern then showed off his latest find, a volcanic rock formed by underwater volcanoes, supposedly created by the legendary Pokémon, Groudon.

While the kids went to go get ice cream, members of Team Magma broke in and stole the stone.

Ash had confronted the member of Team Magma when Captain Stern caught up to them, and he sent out his Sealeo, which used an Aurora Beam. The blast caused the thief to drop the case and Marius caught it. Captain Stern told Max and Marius to run for it, and they escaped via the sea using Spheal. Ash, however, refused to run and continued to fight. After another flurry of attacks, the case opened and the stone broke. Team Magma got half of the stone; Pikachu got the other.

Later, Ash apologized to Captain Stern for letting Team Magma escape, but Stern was grateful to just keep half of the stone so he could study it.


On hand

Captain Stern's Sealeo
Captain Stern sent out Sealeo to take care of Team Magma. It battled with their three Mightyena by teaming up with Ash's Pikachu and Corphish. When Captain Stern told Ash to take the briefcase with him, Sealeo continued the battle on its own by distracting all but one of the members.

Sealeo's known moves are Aurora Beam and Blizzard.

Debut The Spheal of Approval

Given away

Marius's Spheal
Captain Stern gave this Spheal to Marius. It was sent out to deal with Ash and Max when he assumed that they were thieves. Ash used his Pikachu to battle Marius's Spheal. However, what ever command Marius gave to it, it would attack its own Trainer instead of the target. It began to respect Marius after trying to escape Team Magma.

Spheal's known moves are Body Slam, Water Gun and Blizzard.

Debut The Spheal of Approval
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Satō
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 星野充昭 Mitsuaki Hoshino
English David Wills
Brazilian Portuguese Fadu Costa
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Montero

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Captain Stern

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Captain Stern appears in a supporting role. Ruby came to Slateport to enter a Pokémon Contest when Team Magma attacked, looking for Captain Stern. They kidnapped Stern, Ruby, the Pokémon Fanclub President, and Dock.

Team Magma wanted to use Submarine Explorer 1 to reach the Seafloor Cavern, the deepest part of Hoenn's ocean. However, a special starter developed by the Devon Corporation and transported in the Devon Goods was needed. Ruby saved Captain Stern but ended up drifting away in the submarine. During the conflict, Stern ended up being poisoned by a Torkoal.

Later, Captain Stern was able to inform Norman, and Gabby and Ty of Ruby's location.

When Kyogre flooded half of Hoenn, Stern helped evacuate the people of Slateport into ships.

Captain Stern is apparently friends with both Steven Stone and Wallace.



Language Name Origin
Japanese クスノキ館長 Kusunoki-kanchō クスノキ Kusunoki, Cinnamomum camphora.
English Captain Stern From stern.
French Poupe Literally means stern.
German Brigg Literally means brig.
Italian Remo Literally means oar.
Spanish Babor Literally means port.
Korean 해양 관장 Director Haeyang 해양 (海洋) means ocean.
Chinese 庫斯諾吉館長/库斯诺吉馆长 Director Kùsīnuòjí Phonetic Transliteration of クスノキ Kusunoki.

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