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If you were looking for the TCG card of the same name, see Captain Pikachu (Pokémon Center promo).
Captain Pikachu
キャプテンピカチュウ Captain Pikachu
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Friede Captain Pikachu.png
Friede's Pikachu
Debuts in HZ002
Caught at Paldea
Gender Male[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location With Liko and Roy
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pikachu Ikue Otani

Captain Pikachu (Japanese: キャプテンピカチュウ Captain Pikachu), also referred to simply as (Japanese: キャップ Cap), is Friede's partner Pokémon and his second known Pokémon. He sits in the chair on the bridge of the Brave Asagi, the Rising Volt Tacklers' ship, and is responsible for navigating it when Friede is not present. Captain Pikachu is usually seen outside his Poké Ball.

In the anime



As revealed in HZ018, Captain Pikachu was living in the Paldea region, but dreamt of flying and kept trying to do so using his Volt Tackle. One day, Pikachu met Friede, who offered his friendship, but Pikachu didn't accept it. However, Pikachu changed his mind when Friede offered food and help in making his dream come true. After being able to fly successfully, Captain Pikachu accepted Friede's request to be his partner and was caught. Captain Pikachu's dream of flying using Volt Tackle inspired Friede to approach Ludlow and Orla about constructing the Brave Asagi and forming the Rising Volt Tacklers to fly around and explore the world.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Captain Pikachu and Friede

In HZ002, Friede used Captain Pikachu to battle against Amethio after he and his group had boarded the Brave Asagi to coerce Liko to come with them. He battled against Ceruledge, but the battle was ultimately halted by Liko, who felt responsible for all the trouble happening around her. In the next episode, he once went up against Amethio's Ceruledge. This time, however, it was merely a distraction so that Liko could sneak around the Explorers's hideout for the moment and find her Sprigatito, who had been taken hostage by the group. Once they reunited, the battle ended with Friede and Captain Pikachu making their escape.

In HZ007, Captain Pikachu partook in a training battle against Roy and Liko, going up against Fuecoco and Sprigatito. By using Double Team, Captain Pikachu avoided getting hit as his opponents attacked his duplicates, tiring themselves out in the process until they became unable to battle.

In HZ016, Captain Pikachu battled against a Trainer's Bisharp aboard a ferry. He and Friede were looking for Spinel and Liko's pendant when this Trainer recognized and challenged them. Despite this, the two Rising Volt Tacklers did not take long to figure out that this Trainer and the one they were looking for were not one in the same, and Captain Pikachu finished off his opponent quickly.

In HZ022, Captain Pikachu participated in a battle against the Explorers. However, when a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball appeared, Captain Pikachu battled it, but got injured. Fortunately, Captain Pikachu was rescued by Liko and Roy and left the Galar Mine in order for him to recover, while his Trainer and Charizard stayed behind to battle the Explorers. In the next episode, Captain Pikachu meet up with Friede at the Motostoke Pokémon Center, after recovering from his battle with Moltres. Captain Pikachu then battled Moltres again in order to calm it down, which they were able to do and the Legendary Pokémon return it to its Ancient Poké Ball.

Personality and characteristics

Captain Pikachu and Charizard

Captain Pikachu is often seen with Friede and shares a close bond with him. He is shown to be diligent and responsible, as he seems to take his position of captain seriously, being easily distinguished from the rest of his species for wearing a captain's beret outside of battles. He has a habit of standing on his tail. Captain Pikachu is shown to be protective of the Brave Asagi, as seen in HZ005 when he attacked Roy after he caught him sneaking around the ship.

Captain Pikachu is intelligent and powerful, and has been shown to battle on equal terms with Amethio's Ceruledge several times. In HZ016, his intelligence was at full display, as Captain Pikachu managed to figure out from the battle style alone that his opponent was not the one he and Friede were looking for.

Moves used

Captain Pikachu Double Team.png
Using Double Team
Move First Used In
Thunder Punch HZ002
Double Team HZ002
Volt Tackle HZ002
Thunderbolt HZ018
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Captain Pikachu Pokemon 2023 Expression Sheet.png Captain Pikachu.png
Concept art of Captain Pikachu from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[2] Art of Captain Pikachu from Pokémon Horizons: The Series

In the manga

Captain Pikachu in the Pocket Monsters manga

Pocket Monsters

Captain Pikachu was first seen in HZM1, He was first seen on the Brave Asagi shortly after Friede and Liko boarded the vessel.

Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Captain Pikachu and Friede in Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

Captain Pikachu appears in the manga Pocket Monsters ~ Liko's Treasure ~

In the games

Captain Pikachu on Friede's Shoulder on Charizard's disk

Pokémon Mezastar

Captain Pikachu appears alongside Friede and his Charizard in the Charizard (4-1-024) disk.


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese キャプテンピカチュウ Captain Pikachu
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Kapitein Pikachu
France Flag.png French Capitaine Pikachu
Germany Flag.png German Flugkapitän Pikachu
Italy Flag.png Italian Capitan Pikachu
South Korea Flag.png Korean 캡틴 피카츄 Captain Pikachu
Poland Flag.png Polish Kapitan Pikachu
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Capitão Pikachu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Capitán Pikachu


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