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The captain is the character of the day in The Lost World of Gothitelle!. He was not given a name in the Japanese version or the dub.

He first appeared in an illusion created by Gothitelle of when he was young and the captain of a water taxi which transported passengers from the outskirts of Pinwheel Forest to Castelia City before the Skyarrow Bridge was built. On board is his daughter, Sally who gives snacks to passengers and a Gothitelle who helps. Ash, Iris and Cilan appear in this illusion and board the ferry.

He later appeared in Sally's flashback where he closes the ferry business after Skyarrow Bridge was completed. He is then seen moving with Sally and Gothitelle went to work at Sally's uncle's restaurant. After Sally leaves home Gothitelle is left with him at the restaurant. When Sally returned home after studying medicine, he told her that Gothitelle mysteriously disappeared.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高口公介 Kōsuke Takaguchi
English Marc Thompson
Norwegian Simen Sand
European Spanish Eduardo del Hoyo

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